How Much Do You Make Annually?

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Recently graduated and landed in a job, I have a big way to go, but just wanted to check how much does a OzB make per annum.

Thanks in advance for votes.

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  • +187

    Nice try ATO.

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      Not pressing like due to 69 - but, like

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      pressing dislike to maintain 69.

      comment to express like

    • Nice try OzBraggin…

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    So in your mind no one makes less than $50k or more than $190k? 🤔

    Pretty sure some of my mates make over $190k…but I don't think they're on Ozbargain, so maybe you're right…

    • +75

      If you want to find the people making more than 190k and posting it online, you need to pop over to whirlpool.

      Their lowest pay bracket is 200k pa.

      • +1

        And they aren't driving camry's ;)

        • +3

          Yes they are, just ask for advice in their automotive forum.

        • +6

          One Ozbargain regular that I know earns >$300k and drives a 17 year old Xtrail. Not everyone on a good income wastes it on "investment grade sportscars".

          • @CacheHunter:

            Not everyone on a good income wastes it on "investment grade sportscars"

            In fact, since spending a lot of money on more car than you need is so unwise, anyone who thinks about their spending at all will drive a waaaaaayyyy cheaper car than their peers.

            You'll see a lot of ozBargainers with high incomes and old Toyotas.

          • @CacheHunter: Can't take the money with you. 300k ($3,600/wk) is probably at the level where you can easily get something a bit nicer without breaking a sweat. good on them though.

      • -41

        Whirlpool isn't a bargain forum. Of course people are still lying but there is a general possibility that they are telling the truth when they say they earn $300k+, albeit a very small one.

        The only reason most people come on Ozbargain is to find cheap deals and ways to save money. That itself rules out the possibility that anyone is earning anything above $100k tbh.

        Like honestly, some of the hoops I see people jump through on here just to get a free pizza is absurd.

        • +70

          The only reason most people come on Ozbargain is to find cheap deals and ways to save money. That itself rules out the possibility that anyone is earning anything above $100k tbh.

          I come on here to get entertained by peoples outrageously controversial opinions in the forum section when I’m bored.

          Thank you for your contribution.

          • +8

            @El cheepo: Thank you. Always nice to hear from a fan ❤️

          • +2

            @El cheepo: haha I know people who earn well over 100k

            The manager who use to sit next to me, would bring his dinner leftover… not even nice dinner leftover… for lunch

            Early 30s? Owned his own home, an investment property and was looking at another investment property as the first was mostly paid off.

            They didnt negatively gear

            These type of people rarely paid for anything, everything was either something like the left overs, corporate card, or freebies like snack/lunch from the office

            Anytime there are leftovers from a meeting, the 200k big earners are one of the first to jump at it

            • @Baghern: I have quite a few well of friends and colleges earning the big dollerydoos and they are exactly the same.
              I’ve even stood in line with one waiting for free zambreros at a store opening.

              Just because a person has money doesn’t mean they don’t like a bargain.

              Hell, if saving money wasn’t that important to the mega rich running big corporations they’d pay their employees more.

              But why pay more when you can pay less and get the same thing.

        • +18

          The only reason most people come on Ozbargain is to find cheap deals and ways to save money. That itself rules out the possibility that anyone is earning anything above $100k tbh.

          Another 'fact' brought to you by SlavOz

          • @SBOB: So nice of him to leave his GP thread to share his wisdom and generalisations of people earning over 100k.

          • +1

            @SBOB: Disagree, I'm off the top end of the poll options and still stop by (and know others in a similar position). It's not the monetary savings, it's that it's a fun game to play.

            Well, that, and my wife manages to spend it all so no amount of money is too much to find a good deal.

        • +17

          I grew up in housing and am now somehow on $150k base wage + bonus.
          While I’m certainly more liberal with takeout and groceries, I still hate paying full price.
          If there’s a chance of a bargain, you best bet I’m going for it.

          • +3

            @Flight88: I think its true that those who came from nothing as opposed to being born into wealth certainly do place more value on a bargain, even if their income increases substantially. You never forget being poor, and you never want to go back there.

        • +16

          I didn't realise that once you earn over $100k you stop looking for ways to save money. Guess I'm in the wrong place.

        • +11

          many of us like to keep what we earn and use Ozbargain to further that end, my earnings are for my benefit not to line the pockets of other businesses. I think quite a few on here will be earning well in excess of $190k+ (myself included). being money smart doesn't end just because you can afford to waste more.

        • +1

          They are a lot of niggardly rich people. Most wealthy people don't wear high end brand name clothing & expensive jewelry and drive luxury sports cars (perhaps a higher end SUV though). Despite being affluent they still put a lot of effort into haggling and penny pinching.

          Truly poor people don't purchase $900 Lego Death Stars and $1,500 graphics cards (2 of the more recent front page deals).

          • @Thaal Sinestro: Uhhm … can he say that?

            • @saboofa: I think "penny pinching" has racial undertones but I'm not sure…

            • +2

              @saboofa: Yup, niggardly dates to 1334, and has no association with race whereas the other word is alot more recent.
              Niggardliness is a great word.

              A few letters make alot of difference, consider the people from Niger.

              • +1


                consider the people from Niger.

                I think you mean African-Amer

        • +2

          Nah man, bargains appeal to people of all salary brackets. Nobody likes being ripped off.

        • +1

          The only reason most people come on Ozbargain is to find cheap deals and ways to save money. That itself rules out the possibility that anyone is earning anything above $100k tbh.

          Uhhh I got news for you buddy. Some of the most frugal people I know are millionaires. And if you want to believe that no-one is on a 6-figure salary (which isn't much anymore) to make yourself feel better, go for it.

          Edit: just saw that this is slavOz. this will be fun.

          • -6

            @dchurch1: There's a difference between being frugal and being on Ozbargain. Millionaires usually work too hard to spend time on online forums, let alone search them for bargains.

            Like I said, the combination of extreme tight-assery and generous amounts of time spent posting here seems to comfortably indicate that most people are not in senior management positions at mega corporations or running their own business.

            • +3

              @SlavOz: There are a fair few OzBers that don't particularly care about being extremely frugal or saving a couple of bucks on some fastfood tbh.

              We're here for the deals and to do some retail therapy with some frivolous purchase. Having a discussion thread under each deal also gives a sense of community and the discussions can be quite valuable and is always quite fun to go through.

              Also, am in management at a mega corp. :)

              • +1


                Also, am in management at a mega corp. :)

                Hey me too. High 5. we shouldn't be here apparently.

            • +1

              @SlavOz: Millionaires work too hard to spend time on online forums.

              Another baseless generalisation brought to you by SlavOz.

              • -3

                @fnx renegade: How exactly is it baseless? Most people working a regular 9-5 (even while WFH) don't have time to post online with family and other shit going on in the background. That's why forums tend to have a very small number of participants relative to the entire population.

                Someone earning $200-300k will probably be spending even more time on work. It's absolutely absurd to think the average or even sub-average person on that salary is going to have time to kill.

                • +2

                  @SlavOz: Ah yes I see where the issue is, you are basing your position on an assumption that more $$ = more hours of work.

                  You have no evidence to support that the average person on 200 - 300k works so many hours per week that they have no "time to kill".

                  Honestly it's a pointless discussion if you genuinely believe that to be true.

                  Best of luck to you.

                  • @fnx renegade: 100%

                    I’ve never worked harder than when I worked in a call centre for $40k/year.

                    I’ve also never felt more stupid than back then.

                • +1


                  Someone earning $200-300k will probably be spending even more time on work.

                  Lol good one. Do you think someone earning $300k is working 120hours a week or something?
                  Work effort and compensation have almost no relationship in many skilled and salaried jobs. Money has more correlation with knowledge & capability. As you go into more skilled roles, businesses place more value on capability than grunt.

                  Which is fair enough, because once you're above say, $80k, what kind of idiot is going to want to work their way up to jobs requiring proportionally more effort and stress? Someone clever enough to be worth some money is probably clever enough to value their time and health too

                  • @crentist: lol that sounds like a sugary way of describing bludging.

                    Most jobs with high skill and competency demands usually involve more work by nature. When you're being paid $200k to manage a team of subordinates and get campaigns rolling, you're not going to get many 7.5 hour days. When you run a business, good luck working anything less than 60 hours a week. Talk to a restauranter and tell them its all about competency not time…

                    And yes, there are people stupid enough to work their way up to CEO where 70-80 hours a week is the minimum.

                    What you're describing is the typical seniority mindset where people who've been at the same company for decades end up in high paying jobs and then confuse their loyalty privilige with thinking they add immense value.

                    • +2

                      @SlavOz: Mate if your idea of skilled workers are sales team leaders and restaurant owners, while thinking that anyone highly trained, educated, or experienced must be a bludger if they aren't spending their lives constantly running around like a headless chook, I think you're around the wrong people.
                      What you're describing there is unskilled workers putting in a good effort. Working hard, but not smart.

                      I was talking about the difference between the value of work and the value of knowledge, like the old story of the handymans invoice. But demand, and therefore the specific skill and knowledge, is important, and plenty of skilled people work very hard because what they know isn't particularly valuable.

                      And the high value of certain knowledge is something I see among friends, with high paying jobs often being quite cushy.
                      eg I know a guy whose job is to fix rare breakdowns in critical infrastructure. Very few people can do it, so the work mostly involves watching movies, taking naps, meeting friends, and occasionally springing into action.
                      And I know clinicians running their own practices because they wanted to work 3 days/week, and they still make ~200k.
                      And senior technical guys who mostly work from 11-4 with a siesta in the middle, and are cashed up enough to consider retirement by 40.

                      Personally, I've changed from one technical industry to another, after seeing those guys and realising I was often putting in more work than any of them, yet they earned more than anyone in my building.

                    • @SlavOz: The more I earn, the more stress and worry I have to deal with.
                      I agree there is a tendency to do some extra hours when things go pear shaped, it’s not all CEO hours.
                      I’ve met the people you’re talking about who put in that time, I’ve also seen them get taken out in an ambulance from fainting at work, and subsequently take time off work for their health.
                      I’ve seen successful people put in the 35-45 hours. The caveat is always the timing of these hours. Yea, you’ll have to sacrifice the odd dinner with family, or night out for an executive mixer. It’s all about finding that balance.

        • free food tastes the best! These brackets are also too low for me.

        • LOL. God awful assessment.

    • +12

      make a 250k-300k category and watch that become the most voted number

    • +8

      I also have to question why a "less than $50k" isn't an option, I'm sure they're alot of people that make under that because they work part-time.

      • +7

        33k per annum here.
        Work part time at a supermarket.

        • +3

          Must be new to Ozbargain… You have to add a 0 when answering a salary poll here.

    • Brackets received 0.3sec of thought.

      If I earn 70k, how do i tick two options??

  • +23

    What exactly does a small sample size of unverified answers with no context of what they do achieve?

    • +9

      To make you feel inadequate.

  • +40

    You are obviously new here. The highest bracket will by far get the most votes.

    • +10

      I'm a few steps away from the top bracket, yet I voted for it. Would have voted higher if there was an option.

  • +38

    Recently graduated and landed in a job

    Hopefully not in anything related to statistical analysis or data gathering, based on those poll options.

    • Or anything where writing is a necessity. " I have a big way to go"

      But let's cut them some slack ;)

      • +3

        It's a perfectly cromulent phrase. Really embiggens the mind.

      • ACDC made a few $$ by saying It's a long way to the top.

  • 300k

  • +14

    Define your own criteria

    • before or after tax
    • including or excluding super
    • including or excluding bonuses, RSUs
    • full-time, contracting, or self-employed
    • +2

      Forgot to add

      • any age! You could be just starting out, or in your prime/peak career
      • part time, full time
      • side gigs or not?
      • other forms of income: dividends, rentals
      • +2

        Was going to say the same.

        Not everyone works full time as an employee. It’s not necessarily the only or main source of income for those that do.

        People might also be studying, returning from maternity leave, getting ready to retire.

        My salary would be $135k (+$12.75% super) if I chose to work full time but my employer has flexible work options so with a young toddler I choose to work 3-4days per week most of the time. I can afford to do this now due to years of full time work in the past.

      • +1

        legal / illegal
        cash payments

        • Are you an tradesperson of some sort? :D

          • @eek: Owns a cafe - bacon and egg roll and large coffee for a crisp tenner.

      • One more: if I make exactly, say, 110k, do I vote for the 90 or 130k bracket?

        • +5

          @ozbargainsam 190k +

    • If someone asks you how much you earn it is always the TFR

      • pre tax
      • incl. super
      • incl. all bonuses
      • annual (if freelance / non-fixed certain income, estimated to an annual amount)
      • I always thought my employer was a bit douchey including super whenever they tell me my new income (not a break down, they just quote the amount including super). Is that normal? They also don't provide the updated amount when the required super contribution changes. They pay the standard amount of super, understandable if they're paying more than they have to. I never include it when I'm asked my income.

        If I included it, when super goes to 10.5% I will move up to the next range in the poll options.

        • +1

          It is douchey if they don’t show you the break down before they quote the total remuneration figure.

          Example of not douchey would be,
          - Base Salary 80k
          - Bonus 8k
          - Super 8k
          - Total Remuneration 96k

          Example of douchey,
          - Salary 96k inclusive
          (But more likely, the douchey organisation would be paying 80k inclusive to hide the lower base salary :))

    • +1

      It would be sensible to assume that he is asking about full time salary, before tax, not including super.

    • I think it's pretty obvious when someone asks you what you're on that it's before tax. and 99% of the time it's excluding super.

  • +5

    Can you create another category, > $300k, 98% of OzB members make at least $300k

    • +3

      Every regular knows you put an outrageous poll option as a honeypot for the trolls.

    • Glad this isn't the other forum w__p__l, or else we'd need a $500k+ category

      • Yeah, those guys are delusional, let's stick to talking about high-yield investment vehicles.

  • +2


    • +1

      USD or AUD ?

      • +5


    • +6


      • +6

        bitcoin ?

    • Vietnamese Dong ?

  • +8

    Surely we are all underpaid.

    • +4

      We are, but we cannot afford to let those cafe owners pay us more dammit!

      • +2

        Who goes to cafes anyway? Shelling out $1 for a fancy 7-Eleven coffee is living the high life for any true bargain hunter, so no wonder the cafe owners can't afford to pay much.

  • +2

    Not even on the list

    • your >190k bro solid!

      • +9

        HAHA, <50K honestly

        • shhhhh fake it till you make it bro and you will pulling 190 bags in no time!

          full disclosure: i wish i earn 190k

          • @Trying2SaveABuck: This actually works if you can adapt quickly. I left my previous place of employment back in 2014, joined my current one as a storeperson, told them I did all this extra stuff at the previous place (also a storeperson role.. no different to what I was applying for) and they believed it! within TWO days I was doing data related work at head office.Fast forward 7 years of hard work carving out a requirement for what I enjoyed doing and I now run a data team earning 3-4x what I was when I started.

            Sometimes stretching the truth a little (provided you don't throw yourself in the deep end) can pay off in the long run.

  • OP what's the point of this post? OZB isn't a cross-section of society. If you go to a teachers lounge and ask them what they all make, you'll get much lower than asking on OZB.

  • +6

    Love a good thread where the ozbargain community gather around to compare the size of their package 😆

  • +9

    Tree fiddy.

  • +7

    170-190K is for those who earn <50k clearly.

  • +4

    I get paid exactly $642.10 into my account per fortnight. Can't see an option for ~$17k per year in the poll.

    • +3

      Because you don't really make it? 🤭

      • +1

        Don't they make everyone "work for the dole" these days? lol

  • +2

    The question and options do not make sense. Surely those amounts you have listed are monthly, don’t know anyone on ozbargain that would earn that annually.

  • Like most, if I'm not making $12m a year, it's not worth getting out of bed.

    • +1

      Same reason I never get out of bed.

      • Same.. I've got a nice. big. bed.

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