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eufy Security Dual Cam Wireless 2K Video Doorbell with Homebase $359 + Del ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi / Delivered @ Amazon AU



Eufy Security Dual Cam Wireless 2K Video Doorbell

Key features
Dual cameras, one for monitoring people and one for monitoring parcels
Built in AI with Human Detection provides instant notifications
2K Resolution captures more detail in crisp 2K clarity

Key Features

Dual cameras, one for monitoring people and one for monitoring parcels

Built in AI with Human Detection provides instant notifications

2K Resolution captures more detail in crisp 2K clarity

Free Local Storage. No monthly fees, all data is saved to local storage on the Homebase 2

180 Day Battery Life. 1 Charge = 6 months.

Military grade encryption keeps your data safe and protects your privacy

What’s included:
Video Doorbell Dual (Battery), HomeBase 2, Screw pack, mounting bracket, Micro-USB charging cable, Screw hole positioning card, 15° mounting wedge, Detaching pin, Quick start guide and brand card, warning sticker

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  • I do have 24VDC cabling done at the bell location. Also have a data point at the location. Would that be beneficial for this ? I think power can be used to charge this but no use of data point ? Can someone please suggest. Cheers !

  • I have the unit, data is no good.
    You should have 8-24V AC (NOT DC).
    You indicate you have DC, so that wont work.

    Look at page 10 of the manual

  • How easy would this be stolen?

    • Not that hard. All you need is a SIM eject tool and you take the whole unit off. I guess being that its wired might be a little harder.
      i have the wireless version and found a case that goes around it that blocks the release hole so will take that little extra to get off but wont stop anyone from just trying to rip it off etc. Then again you have the same issue with all video doorbells though…

    • Put a secondary camera in close proximity to get footage if someone tries to nick it.

    • It stores footage on the base so unless they break in and steal that too, you will have video evidence.

  • There is a wired version in the US. Their Facebook told me:

    At this point in time, we will not be getting the wired version of the dual camera into the Australian market.

    • I thought I read on the Amazon add for this model it can be wired as his the terminals on the back.

      • The one I linked is wired only. The one in this post is battery powered that can be constantly plugged in and charged.

        See this video for the difference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDK6uZE3ltc

        • Eufy Video Dual CAM 2K DOORBELL (Battery) with HOMEBASE 2, Black and White, E8213C12 https://amzn.asia/d/2vFPNPF

          Half a year of coverage from one charge or non-stop power supply via a wired connection

          • +1

            @B122345: Yes, the battery model can be constantly wired in as I mentioned in my reply above.

            If you watch the video I also linked in my reply, there are size, notification speed, cooldown and other differences between both models.

      • The benefit of the battery version is you can have it wired, and in a blackout both the Doorbell and the Homebase will have a backup battery so the Doorbell will continue to record. There is no extra wired ability possible though because the Battery Doorbell even when wired runs off the battery so the wired connection just let's the battery discharge to a certain % and then auto-charges it back to 100% over and over.
        You need to fine tune this setup though because I have heard those with heavy motion detection and video recording find the wired power cannot keep up and the battery eventually discharges to 0 requiring it to be removed and charged again just like if it was not wired.

        The benefit of the Wired version, as stated below is the increased ability due to infinite power usage as it does not rely on the battery power. It can record a buffer of video constantly to show a few seconds before motion is triggered, and I imagine a few other benefits from the infinite power supplied.
        The downside of the wired only version is if there is a blackout, the Doorbell will lose power instantly and not record anything.

        So as you can see there are pros and cons for each model.

    • +1

      I called the AU distributor last week and was told that the wired version was "discontinued" – which doesn't really make sense. I'm told they have no plans to bring it here.

      The wired version has faster responsiveness. It also has pre-roll recording, so it's more likely to capture people approaching and not just the backs of their heads as they leave.

  • I really want the wired 2k pro model they have in the states, I think it was exclusive to bestbuy it has onboard storage and 24/7 recording.

  • imo all eufy camera are unless they fix the security flaw where if someone steals the camera and reset within the proximity of home base, it will erase all footage for that camera from home-base, I bought the single lens version but then immediately returned it and bought ring instead.

  • +1

    can now stack with $50 cashback when using Zippay and spending over $300

  • Is the wired version available anywhere or would my best bet my the used market?

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