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[eBay Plus] Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 $656.10 Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay


First of all, it's not the lowest price, even not a good price comparing to previous price. But comparing to recent price, $656.1 is a reasonable price for the heat pump dryer with good reviews, especially after recent price increase and if you want to use it during the winter.

Ebay indicates "Limited quantity available", so not sure how many left, but it has been sold 14 units today. The delivery date is Mon, 4 Jul and Wed, 6 Jul to Melbourne, but which is Next day on their own website, so not sure if I can received it tomorrow or two weeks later.

PS. The code is for single use, so if you have other items that want to buy with the same code, check which save more, or try if you can pay all together through the shopping cart.

Update: I just received SMS and E-mail said that the delivery is booked for tomorrow, so for the estimate delivery date, it's better to check their website directly.

Update 2 at 22:25: it's back in stock with "More than 10 available", so hurry up if you missed it in the afternoon.

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  • +8

    Very happy with mine, can only recommend it!

    • Ditto, also bought one for my daughter.

      Really happy with them

  • +1

    Doesn’t post to me in SA, weird.

  • +1

    Bought it during last sale, recommend

  • +2

    Got this from Aldi, badged as a Stirling, but it's the same machine. Really solid unit, hasn't missed a beat.

    • +1

      How much was it at Aldi? Do you have the model number?

      • +1

        If they get it in again it will probably be the same price as last time. Aldi seem to be the only shop that hasn't jacked white goods, e.g. Recently their dishwasher was 299 which has been the same price for years (at least since it was 329)

      • +2

        Trust me, you would gladly pay someone $50 to have it delivered and lifted up into position for you. Moving and lifting 50kg is not fun even for 2 persons.

      • $599, pretty sure it was the SHPD7 (had to look it up in Aldi forums). They released an 8kg model for 2021?

    • Is "solid" code for really heavy?

  • +2

    I have this model and highly recommend it. Happy to try and answer any questions people may have.

    • +1

      Can you please comment on time it takes to dry. Usually people keep complaining that heat pump dryer takes way longer to dry than vented.

      • +2

        Sounds pretty obvs now but mine stopped drying properly a few weeks back. Cleaned the second lint filter and now it's a beast again. Recommend good dryer and energy efficient

        Remember it's heavy and will not be hung on a regular wall bracket

      • +2

        @Kalol - It does take longer as it takes maybe 10 - 20 minutes for the heat pump to come to temperature. I generally don't overload my dryer so find a load of laundry for me dries in about 90 - 120 minutes.

        Since everything has come up to temp, it makes more sense to dry other loads.

        My traditional dryer used to consume 2000w/h and this consumes around 1400w/h, once it's heated up.

        Other benefits, is that it doesn't dump a tone of extra humidity into my laundry.

        • How often do you empty the water?

          • +3

            @andresampras: All my clothes are spun at 1,000 rpm in my washing machine. The water tank on the dryer needs to be emptied every 1.5 - 2 loads, depends on what you're drying.

            I don't think this is an issue, it takes me 20 seconds to slide the tank out and tip it down the drain. Whilst I'm doing this, I also clean both filters. I can do all of this in less than 1 minute.

          • +1

            @andresampras: I guess you could install the drain hose and forget to empty the water.

        • +1

          'Other benefits, is that it doesn't dump a tone of extra humidity into my laundry.'

          This is arguably the best feature of heat of pump dryers. Power savings are great and all, but no exhaust AND moisture capture is where it really shines.

        • "My traditional dryer used to consume 2000w/h and this consumes around 1400w/h, once it's heated up."

          Just wonder, is it seems like not much power saving once you add up heated up time ?

          • +1

            @jiancoek: It doesn’t use that much power to heat up. The air initially is warm and after 10 minutes or so, it’s hot. There’s a massive saving.

            A traditional dryer still takes time to heat up as well.

            If a traditional dryer takes 90 minutes (hypothetical) it’s used 3kw. Plus it’s also adding moisture to my laundry.

            If this takes 2 hours (estimate) then it’s used 2.8kw. I am still saving on energy and not making my laundry all hot and humid.

            I also run my loads back to back and therefore save on more time and electricity.

      • +2

        I have a different model, but my first heat pump. The electricity price is much lower (The Powerpal app puts it at always less than 10c an hour, usually less than 5 cents an hour, often 2 cents an hour) where my old conventional dryer reported up to a dollar an hour price increase). It’s slow compared to my previous conventional dryer - 3 hours for approx 5kg in a 7.5kg rated unit usually.

        But it doesn’t turn my laundry into a mould farm/ sauna, and as long as I make sure I check the lint filters properly it’s not too difficult to make sure o have stuff I need dry.

        • +1

          2c an hour.. I don't think so..

          I would like one of these but the time spent drying is ridiculous. Yeah it would be nice not to have to deal with humidity but if you need washing dried quickly, these just aren't viable..

          • @Maz78: @maz78 - Can you elaborate further on your comment?

            I don’t find any difference between this and a traditional dryer.

            There is a rapid setting you can use, if you need things done quickly.

            A full load dries In less than 2 hours for me. I’ve yet to find a dryer quicker (apart from a commercial one).

            • @StonedWizard: I have a 40min quick/hot dry on my "standard" dryer.
              My bro has a heat pump and I put my shirt in there and 20 minutes later it's still wet. (Even on quick/dry/hottest setting).

              I can throw a business shirt in my drier and have it ready in 15.
              You're not getting sheets/towels dried in a heat pump in any quick time…

    • Have you tried bedsheets or quilts / doonas?

      Do they dry well? Have read lots of reviews of heat pump dryers simply rolling large items into a warm, damp ball

      • I allow more time, and probably a repeat cycle, for a doona. Yes, also have to watch out for one bulky item being rolled into another.

        • What helps is closing your doona cover first

      • I haven't tried the ""EXTRA" setting but I find that I need to do an additional "Warm 30" for bedsheets after "Auto". I might try the EXTRA setting next time and see how it goes.

        • Extra is now my default setting as was finding auto needed a little extra more times than not when it was at least 60% or more full.

          • @twitch1979: Have you tried STANDARD? I've only done Auto and Baby care settings, LOL.

            • +1

              @docpol: When i first got the machine I tried some of the other setting but found they were not great then moved to auto, however I was finding some of the fuller loads needed a bit more so just go with extra as standard now and haven't had any problems with clothes being damaged.

      • +2

        I bought this from last sale and returned almost immediately as my unit's door can not be closed rendered it useless and bought the BEKO one with reverse tumbling and moist sensor, worked a treat with bedsheets and I often overload it too (way over 7kg that it's rated to). You might want to look into something with reversing tumble if you don't want your stuffs to roll into a ball.

        • I got mine and it was dead on arrival. Even the repair technician was bamboozled. Returned for refund

        • +2

          Also have the BEKO 7kg and it's awesome. Went with that one because it's a heat pump, was on sale, and not too deep to stack on top of my washer with a mat in a tight laundry cupboard. Overload it with whatever, set it to 2 or 3hrs, then walk away and it shuts off before time when its done based on dryness level. Wife tells me all the time it's the best thing we've ever bought for the apartment. No more driving to the laundrette when it's too cold to hang washing and more motivated to get some smaller loads on during the week.

          • @JBxrm: was wondering about how to stack on my F&P washer… what sort of a mat did you use? I know that the dryers are very heavy so am not sure how I need to stack properly to avoid any damage to either of the units.

        • Is this the BDP710W?

          • +2

            @ProspectiveDarkness: Yes
            Currently on sale for 790 I think it’s more of a deal than this dryer. You can immediately see the difference in quality.

            • @ntb: Thanks for that, I'd checked their ebay store for this model previously but didn't see it, looks like they only recently added it.

            • @ntb: Thanks for the tip - bought a BDP710W on the back of your comments. Arrived today.
              So far really impressed. Dried a full load of towels in 2:15 on the cotton extra dry setting. Reverse tumble is great. Nice and quiet - couldn't be happier.

              $772 delivered with 5Y warranty, made in Turkey.

              What program do you usually use?

              • +1

                @moreBeanz: I always set it to extra dry since with the sensor it will continue drying or stop halfway anyway.

      • @andresampras - Yes, I regularly wash sheets and doona covers in it.

        For a king fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases take no more than 2 hours give or take. TBH I run it in the day time whilst I'm working, so don't care too much how long it takes.

        I've posted above, that a good way to save on running costs is to run back to back loads. As the heat pump has already warmed the air and that means it's working faster.

        • Thanks, good tip re. back to back loads, makes sense

          • @andresampras: No problem, in terms of your question about tangling.

            It can put things into a ball, but every now and then it will rotate in the opposite direction. When I wash sheets/large items I untangle them and make it into a rectangle. I find that this stops it from bunching up too much.

            Keep in mind, this is much cheaper than comparative heat pumps. I've had mine for 2 years and would hands down recommend it at this price.

            • @StonedWizard:

              When I wash sheets/large items I untangle them and make it into a rectangle

              Could you explain this please - what do you mean 'make into rectangle'?

              • @andresampras: I untangle it, open the sheet/doona up but shape it to be vertical instead of horizontal.

                If you just dump it in there, it will tangle and take longer to dry. But once it's dry. I find that it doesn't tend to tangle as much.

                • @StonedWizard:

                  shape it to be vertical instead of horizontal

                  Having trouble picturing this. Do you mean you fold it up into a thick stack?

                  • @andresampras: It's hard to describe unless you have one.

                    You just shape it into a vertical rectangle instead of a ball.

                    If the sheet is curled too tight then it forms a ball. If everything is loose, then it doesn't tangle as much.

      • They do an excellent job, if you remember it’s limitations. A single super-king sized doona cover or a fitted sheet and a couple of pillow cases works fine in mine, but a flat sheet and a fitted sheet will just be a damp ball that needs a second run through.

        I have an 11kg washing machine, and a 7,5kg heat pump drye - so I have to remember the dryer won’t take a full load - when I wash my sheets, I throw whatever isn’t in the dryer over a drying rack while the first bits go through the dryer.

        My old dryer wasn’t great with king size or super king size linens either. I love the super king doona to sleep under, but I have some regrets when I’m washing the doona cover or trying to buy a decent doona cover for it.

        • Interesting, I have a 9kg front loader and do a king size flat sheet, fitted and 2 pillow cases.

          It does bundle up but every 30 minutes or so I just un ball it.

          Once it’s around 50% dry, I find that it tends not to ball up.

          Is yours the same?

    • Got it delivered already! The external hose came with the dryer is optional right? I don’t really want to install that hose

      • +1

        Yes, you don’t need to use the hose. You can have it vent directly into the water holder.

        • thanks for answering :)

  • Thanks, needed for this winter.

  • Bought mine during last sale too. Still going strong!

  • Have this model for about 18 months now, has always worked perfectly.

  • +2

    Bought ours a year ago. It’s been economical, reliable and fairly gentle with clothes. Allow a couple of hours to dry a mixed load.

    Coming from not owning a dryer (although I’ve used standard power-hungry ones before in rental/travel situations), the added convenience is great.

  • So I’ve got the condenser version of this and when drying things with a strong smell (pet bedding, clothes washed with extremely fragrant softener) the smell spreads several rooms away. Would a heat pump dryer do a better job of containing it?

    • From what I have heard, yes. I heard the condensers are no where near as good

      • Thanks, guess it’s time to start saving :D

  • I wish these could be installed upside down. I have a shelf I can place it on which can easier hold the weight but need the controls to be flipped. :(

    • Heat pumps are typically not designed to be hung

      • So I’ve heard :(

        • Yeah I would imagine putting it up on a shelf would be a tad dangerous. These things are hefty.

  • Anyone have any idea whats the difference between this one and the other cheaper version ?


    • +1

      This one is vented.

    • +1

      The one you linked is vented.

    • +1

      It's a different type.. Vented dryer vs heat pump dryer. Look up for the differences. You will need space for a vent (e.g. window) if you want to buy it.

    • +1

      vented vs heat pump

      vented needs to be installed next to an exterior wall

      heat pump can be installed anywhere and is more efficient

    • Thank you all

  • +1

    Whilst definitely not a cheap price, in this era of crazy high inflation, this price looks ok. Given this situation, I am forced to call it a bargain. I have been using it for a few months and happy with it. This was the cheapest heat pump dryer in market when I bought it, from memory.

    • I tried to find the 600 dollar ozbargain favourite Bosch dishwasher recently, nothing under 800. That's some premium

  • +1

    I bought this late January and i'm extremely impressed with it. It works much better than my brother's name brand dryer which cost him 2-3 times the price. It's less "fancy" looking as his but imo it dries better and quicker. The auto button is also a godsend and takes all the guesswork out of it, you press it and it turns off when it's dry.

  • +2


  • I have one and it works great, I leave it on Auto and everything comes out dry

    I did have to return the first unit as it leaked water from the get go and we had no idea where it was leaking from, Appliances Online picked it up and swapped with a new unit

  • Bought this in last sale as well. Does the job well, uses about 750 watts when drying, What I do wish it had was a countdown timer but for the price I paid at the time I can't complain.

    I did find drying time is noticeably reduced if you put in a load as soon as you take out a dried load (and clean the filter between loads of course).

  • +11

    Warning, too convenient. Stopped hanging clothes on sunny days because I can't be bothered anymore.

  • +1

    Can you just stack one of these on top of a Bosch front loader?

    • +1

      I got a Bosch front washer, and my washer top surface size is quite small. I bought a Beko heat pump (slightly more expensive) as I have checked on the net and sales person, most of them wouldn’t recommend put a larger dryer on top of the washer.

      • Thank you

      • Also bought the BEKO 7kg heat pump after obsessively researching what I could stack on top of my small Haier washer, universal kits etc. Ended up just stacking the BEKO on top with a standard stack mat and has worked amazingly. Just be extra careful where the weight of the four feet are sitting on your washer when you first stack it.

    • +3

      We put ours on a Britec dryer stand. https://www.britec.com.au/

      Sure, it’s another $295, but it decouples the dryer from a vibrating and possibly size-incompatible washing machine.

      We also bought the straps to secure the dryer to the stand, but they’re totally unnecessary and we haven’t used them.

      • fantastic, didn't think of a stand.

        would've been great if they had a drawer just underneath, at least as an option

        edit: or some height options. But I guess sturdiness was the primary concern.

  • oof i can wait it out to see if it comes down again

  • Is the drum painted or stainless? Hard to see in the photos. Thanks.

    • +2

      I think it’s galvanised.

      • Thanks! Will give it a miss in that case!

  • new churner credit card hasn't arrived as yet….to buy, or not to buy

  • +2

    For SA buyers, this is eligible for the YESS energy rebate too - $262. I filled it out last year for this exact dryer and it was nice and easy.

    Great dryer btw.

    • Thanks for this tip!

    • Yup, I ended up paying <$240 for the dryer from the afterpay deal after the rebate and discounted GCs. :)

    • Now if only it shipped to SA

      • +5

        The crack pipe he’s clearly been smoking.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, purchased eBay plus member for this lol. Great unit, second purchase.

    • +1

      Got an email saying scheduled for delivery tomorrow lol!

  • Random question about all heat pump dryers. I've notice some brands mention the performance isn't as good if it's placed in a cold room. Does anyone in the southern states (cold) run a heat pump in a cold laundry or garage and have any issues?

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