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First Responders Day: Extra 5% off Computers, 10% off Phones, 15% Other Departments (Exclusions Apply, In-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


To say thank you to Australia’s First Responders for their hard work keeping us safe during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re supporting @AustralianRetailersAssociation #FirstRespondersDay by offering an extra 5% off Computers, 10% off Phones, and 15% Off all other departments to First Responders who visit our stores.

This offer is only available to First Responders. First responders include medical and healthcare workers: nurses, doctors, paramedics and ambulance/paramedic staff, police personnel, firefighters, defence force personnel, border force personnel, SES, CFA, marine rescue teams, lifesavers, surgeons and hospital staff & quarantine workers. We ask that First Responders bring a Photo ID which shows their work identity. Alternatively, they can shop in their work uniform. Due to Australian Federal Police (AFP) policy, AFP Members will need to identify themselves using their association card or a digital/printed First Responders Day email from the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA), rather than their AFP photo ID or police uniform.

Not available for online purchases. Discount offer excludes Apple, Dyson, DJI, Gaming consoles, Mobile phone contracts & subscriptions, Miele & Asko agency products, Dell Built to Order, Pre-Paid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties, Installation & Delivery. Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate on price, products are likely to have sold below ticketed/advertised price in stores prior to the discount offer. Offers not available at Airport & Express stores.

About First Responders Day

All participating Retailers: https://www.retail.org.au/firstrespondersday

First Responders Day takes place for one day only on the last Thursday in June, this year being 30 June 2022!

This event encourages retailers large and small to combine their efforts and thank first responders for their courage, commitment and contribution to protecting our Australian community during time of crisis by offering a special discount to these workers at all participating Australian retailers.

Our first responders are ordinary people with an extraordinary commitment to protecting and saving others. Some work in the field day-to-day, some follow the call-to-action to assist during times of crisis, the common thread is our first responders all selflessly dedicate their time and lives to protect and save others.

​First Responders Day is an online and in-store event to encourage first responders to connect with the retail industry so we can say “thank you” for their efforts in protecting our community.

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  • +15

    I am always the first responder when my partner and kids stuff things up.
    Can I get some discount as well? lol

    • +7

      I will allow it

    • +3

      Signing up to be RFS member takes seconds.. training is done in 2 days.. but every time I ask for my ID card the machine is broken.

    • +2

      Partner first responder when she see's items of JBHFI purchases on CC.
      Response facial expression is usually in the form of 'WT'F are these purchases.

    • -1

      Sure you do.

  • +4

    Healthcare worker but not a first responder so it feels wrong to take advantage of these offers. Ideally they should be for everyone I think.

    • +42

      You're not standing in line for a medal you don't deserve, it's a discount that will only cut into the profit margin of a multibillion dollar retailer. As a volunteer first responder, I don't care.

      • +6

        When you put it like that it's not so bad. There's been a lot of that hero American bs lately.

        • +2

          They are definitely still making a profit. TBH, this is largely a marketing ploy.

          If these companies pay their fair share of taxes, etc so that hospitals/police/schools can be adequately resourced and so people aren't overworked and underpaid that would go a long way.

          Gotta be a bit skeptical. End of financial year clearance time. Good way to get good publicity and clear stock.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser435103: This is also true. At the end of the day it's encouraging people to come in and spend money. Good for profits.

            • +1

              @Clear: yeah. will need to wait and see what the deals are like. I'm sure they will be some bargains.

              I work part time in a hospital and not sure if you feel the same but I feel these publicity stunts take attention away from the real need for more money and better management of resources. There's ambulances parked outside the hospital 24/7 these days and that used to be rare where I work. :O

              • +3

                @DisabledUser435103: What JB should really being doing is donating the 5/10/15% saved to emergency services and other organisations that need it. In my state ambulance ramping is a major daily issue. There's never enough beds and with only a couple of private emergency down south it causes a lot of issues.

    • +1

      I’m in the volunteer fire service but working at McDonald’s is a million times more exhausting… where is their medal.

      • +7

        A lot of sympathy for fast food workers there. Part of the reason why I think it'd be more fair to offer these discounts to everyone. All professions have played a significant role in COVID and many have lost their jobs over it.

      • +1

        Everyone works hard. I'm always impressed by the staff at my local macca's. (Maintaining efficiency, putting on a friendly face etc despite how busy it gets and how rude people can be).

        To be fair many of these professions have an element of altruism. People aren't simply doing it for the money. I have friends who are nurses etc who you could pay more to do another job but they really take pride in helping people.

      • +4

        I don't think a McDonald's worker is going to be exposed to the same trauma a first responder will be exposed to… Not down playing a maccas job but they arent going to be making life saving decisions anytime soon…

      • +1

        When was the last time a maccas worker responded to a suicide, death at a collision, family violence, ongoing physical assualts and critical incident decision making within seconds and is then expected to do it again and again shift after shift. The level of trauma exposure is what makes a first responder worthy of said recognition and your comparison is extremely far from relatable.

        In saying that working at maccas is very traumatic and flipping burgers or emptying the fries baskets is very hard…

  • Waiting for a mega thread, also can first responders go to Costco this year or do they still need a membership and just get one-day 'specials'?

    There are a few stores listing their deals through this link but you need to scroll over them to see which URL's include first responder in them, and even then they can be touch and go. I'm hoping for another catalog in the coming days.

    • +1

      There's an upcoming free-week for SES at costco, no membership required.

      • Nice, I'm not SES though

        • +1

          Yeah, I figure it applies to all again if they're doing it again for them.

  • Is a tablet a computer or "other department"?

  • +6

    Discount offer excludes Apple

  • +9

    I thought we called them "emergency services"?
    "First responders" is an American term (or have we imported that now)?

    • +3

      Thank you for your service. The different discounts offered make it tricky to do the math. If only there were discounts on Legos too. I could buy something for Mom.

    • +3

      Pretty sure no one calls defence forces or border force ‘emergency services’. But hopefully they are first to respond to an invasion or whatever

    • +2

      Pretty sure this bullshit day was started by a mate of Scomo. Scomo froths over the seppo culture.

      Remember when Virgin Australia tried to pull some "TYFYS" shit onboard? Yeah nah, that didn't go down well with the Defence Members who were onboard, Virgin promptly stopped doing it.

      It's all bloody unaustralian.

    • +1

      both, we refer to ourselves as first responders in the rfs at times, but the public knows us as an emergency service

  • -1

    What about food delivery services?

    • -1

      You get to deliver to houses with no numbers or lights on after a 20 min wait for food. That's your reward😂

  • Thank you first responders x

  • +6

    "Alternatively, they can shop in their work uniform"

    Hopefully this will do the trick:

    Now I need 15% off an 83" LG OLED to make it worthwhile

  • +5

    Why about us gamers who beta tests games?

    • You da real MVPs, yo!

    • nah man. gotta be an alpha tester!!

  • -3

    first responders should get 50% off 15% or lower is a joke.

        • +5

          Hence the phrase volunteer so they know what they're getting into. Though when I was a volunteer firefighter we did get paid for the major bushfires requiring us to be away from home for a period of time.

          • @Clear: No doubt we all know what we're getting ourselves into, and the material expense of being a volunteer is what we accept for helping our community, learning, making friends, etc.

            Great to hear you had the opportunity to be paid for major bushfire operations! Great work that the team does :)

          • @Clear: I doubt you mean it this way, but whether you expect to be compensated or not for your role in emergency services has no bearing on whether you deserve it in general (up to a 15% discount from a huge corporation) which was the comment in question.

            • -1

              @brosk1s: My point is that if you're volunteering then you shouldn't expect to get paid because then it's not volunteering.

              • @Clear: And that is relevant to a reply stating that many emergency services personnel are volunteers to a comment stating "They don't even deserve it in general. They get paid for what they do anyway" because?

                  • +2

                    @Clear: Are you purposefully being obtuse? What impact does being paid or not have on whether they deserve any good-will discounts or not.

                    • +1

                      @brosk1s: Volunteers shouldn't expect to get paid. It's volunteer work. What's your point?

                      Volunteer emergency services are the same as any others and deserve recognition and are well within their rights to get these discounts. As an 'emergency services' worker I fully support this. You're acting like I'm against it.

        • +4

          And those volunteers almost all pay in some way to be volunteers (other than the hundreds of hours of their time a year) whether it be fuel to/from locations, leave taken to respond, child-minding while away and many other aspects.

          • +1

            @banana365: Right? VICSES doesn't even issue helmet lights. Almost everyone has one. Let that one sink in.

            • @Obsidiate: I've spent silly amounts on torches over the years (WA SES). Admittedly that's because better ones are always coming out and it's handy to do a quick sweep of a footy pitch sized area in a few seconds rather than the few minutes it would take to walk it using the weak helmet lights we are issued.

              • +1

                @banana365: Speaking of helmet lights….I don't need a HP30R V2.0, and it's lowest settings going to blow my nuts off in the truck. But I want A fenix HP30R V2.0.

                I have a HP25R though, that can get across a footy pitch, but I spend 90% of my time with the flood on medium.

                And the IF22A is the tiny backup bag light that throws even further.

  • Due to Australian Federal Police (AFP) policy, AFP Members will need to identify themselves using their association card or a digital/printed First Responders Day email from the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA), rather than their AFP photo ID or police uniform.

    They must have a strict anti bribery and corruption policy.

    • No its because outside of the ACT, they are plain clothes and very often involved in surveillance. They don't have a uniform (that they regularly wear) and announcing themselves publicly puts them at risk.

      • rather than their AFP photo ID

        They carry ID.

  • -1

    Waiting for the posts about how this deal is discrimination

    • -1

      This deal is discrimination. There you go…

  • +1
  • Do winners of ozbargain treasure hunt count as first responders?

    • Probably as last responders with plenty of free time on their hands

  • -1

    Is it applying to dji drone also ?

  • +1

    "Alternatively, they can shop in their work uniform."

    Might rock up in this https://amzn.asia/d/30qtRML

    • Hahha. dont do it.

    • I'll give you money :)

  • +2

    Mark deal as targeted :P

    • Only mods can do that.

  • TV Included?

  • Dear OP, is pharmacist included in the list of your first responder/healthcare worker?

    • Certainly a healthcare worker, but not a first responder. You might need to turn up in your whites to claim…

  • In-store only?

    • Appears that way! :)

      • Should add it to the title or make it more obvious in the OP.

        • Great feedback! I've made the edit :)

          • @MiCCAS: Thanks.

          • @MiCCAS: But the last bit in your current post says it is online and in store event. They are so confusing

  • At least the uniform is an option. After this started during the pandemic, I asked for an ID card from the CFS and it took well over 6 months to get. They just don't give them out.

  • +4

    These sorta posts attract the biggest flogs on OZB.

  • can you stack with Giftcards?

    • Call 000 and ask

      • +1

        They told me to call 911

    • having bought stuff last year at this; yes, you can

      • thank you i am looking at buying a Sony A80J which is 2k at JB now with 15% would make it $1700 plus pay with 10% off GC which would make it $1530 not bad

        • Where’s 10% off GC?

          • @a bs: i bought ages ago when they were sale from coles or woolworth cant remember

  • -2

    Time to play dress up

  • +1

    Can we create a Tag or grouping to track all this deals for our first responders.

  • Does TV get 15% off

    • Appears that way!

    • Sony A80J ?

  • Will the Sony XM5’s be part of this deal?

    • Yeah. Is it?

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