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Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse $48 (RRP $114) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Has been a little cheaper in the past. But great bang for buck on a super light weight gaming mouse. What are OZB's thoughts?

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  • +1

    Great mouse and razer has good support.

    Had a gummied up mouse button (from dust?) contacted support, told me to show them a video and then told me to cut up the label on the underside (but not destroy the mouse) and then shipped me a new mouse which arrived within 3 days.

    Got the new mouse kept in the box, ordered switches from aliexpress (10 for 1 dollar yes only 10c a switch) replaced the switch and the old mouse still works like new, albeit with a cut label on the underside.

    • +1

      What was the point of cutting the label?

      • +7

        So you cant redo the claim

    • Can you tell me where you got the switches from?

  • My skates felt weird near the sensor on my black variant but was absolutely fine on the white variant, guess there might be a qc issue. Needless to say, its a great mouse, really light and i like the shape coming from a g305.

    • Good to hear. I always felt the g303 was the perfect shape for me but needed wireless so have g305 a try. It felt a bit off but adapted considering it cost $200+ for a g303 wireless. So happy to give this a try

  • Razer Viper Ultimate wireless with charging dock was available for $69 a few weeks ago on EBay with $20 Plus voucher. Hdld for now

    • +2

      Very very different mice, not really comparable as the shape is so different. Yes. I have both.

      • What are primarily using for FPS?

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          I have a stupid amount of mice and I must say my best fps performance is usually on the G305 or Orochi, it must suit my style and hand size more.

          Atm I'm using a Razer DeathAdder Wireless and it's fine (much bigger) but doesn't feel as agile as the smaller mice.

          I have the Viper Ultimate but the shapes a bit weird for me and it shits me that I keep accidentally clicking the sensitivity buttons

          • +1

            @Dvbargain: What would you say is the best for someone with large hands ? Bit worried the ultimate won’t suit me and worried the orochi is too small.

            Thanks for the help by the way.

            • +1

              @Nomad2233: The G502 is a great medium sized one.

              G900 is rarer and older now but it's like a specific shape and size which can actually be quite cool.

              The one I used recently which sounds good for you is Steelseries Prime wireless. Expensive but very comfy and has all the right gamer specs too

              Otherwise wait for next sale and go DeathAdder Hyperspeed.

              • +1

                @Dvbargain: I've read the DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed has better clicks and build quality overall too, good suggestion and mouse to keep an eye out for

                • +2

                  @Handymancan: Yeah that's the one I got for $68 or so delivered with Amazon the other day. Solid mouse.

            • +1

              @Nomad2233: At the moment I'm using a Viper 8K and it is much more agile with better performance coming from a Deathadder and I have medium to large hands.

              Personal preference but from my experience:

              Larger & heavier, less agile, more comfy?, all rounder go with deathadder
              More agile, lighter, better click feel?, performance orientated go with viper

              You would have to get both to see which one you like the most, can't go wrong with either. You could opt for the Deathadder V2 when its on sale but I found that the Viper was a massive upgrade in performance for me.

    • +2

      Bro you got the time to HODL for a mouse?

      • I was using a razer viper mini wired before but switched to the viper ultimate wireless as I got my new setup

        • Is the viper ultimate a lot bigger than the viper mini?

  • Drains the battery in a couple months probably because I never turn it off.

    • +2

      Confused whether you're saying thats a positive or a negative

      • +1

        Just an observation. It's for you to choose. I have never owned a wireless gaming mouse. The wireless mouse I have owned had a very decent amount of time with battery. It's the microsoft one it kind of lasts like a year or so.

        • -5

          You're comparing a gaming mouse with a shitty office mouse.

  • Good cheery little mouse. I have used between Mac, PC and even iPad.

    • I'm looking for a mouse for my daughter's IPad Pro. She wants a mouse where the scroll wheels work on the iPad. Is this mouse ok for that?

  • +1

    Recommend this to folks with small hands (follow glove size). It's marginally too small for me (medium). But.. it is a personal preference.

    It's is fine for occasional use. But not for a full workday.

  • Too bad they don't make software for Mac.

  • +1

    I got this for about $39 in a previous deal and have been holding out for a good price on a second. (and will pull the trigger at this price)

    I use this for my office mouse once per week when I go in, and for on the couch when gaming on the TV.

    Really happy with it. It's small but I have never noticed it 'feel' small when using it. Fair to say I have medium sized hands I guess. I use the 2.4ghz over the BT.

  • +1

    Solid little mouse but if you want the lightest weight (AAA lithiums or rechargeables) you'll be being paying for batteries or recharging often

    • +1

      Yeah. It does go through batteries quite quickly. But pretty light, 64g

    • +1

      Good thing amazon have the AAA eneloop pros on sale too for $18. Recommend people buy a pack to go with this mouse. You get a solid 2 weeks per battery, charge 4 and just swap as needed. Mouse weighs 70g with this combo. Avoid the AAA lithium rechargables, they're light but shorter battery life and the mouse just suddenly stops when they run out of charge, they don't have a regular voltage discharge curve, it's just 1.5v and then 1.1v when the lithium cell is out of charge, so you don't get any warning/low battery alerts.

      • I tried the AAA eneloop pro/ladda 900 @ 13g (same thing I have both), I think I only got a week out of it. I also tried AAA lithium rechargables which weigh as much as AAA energizer lithium at 7-8g. That got 5 days use. The single use energizer lithium AAA lasts 2-3 weeks. Expensive. I got fed up of changing batteries to save weight I bought a pro superlight. 61g, lasts 3-4 weeks, built in battery charges quick. But yes different price level. And I am too used to <70g mice.

        • Issue I have with something like a g pro is the non user replaceable battery, you'll get 2 years out of it before its capacity starts dwindling. It's expensive to replace it every 2 years, eneloops relatively are cheap and I have a lot of other devices around the house that use em. :)

  • Fantastic mouse for on the go. One of the only really portable mice with 2.4ghz wireless and bluetooth :)

  • I keep an Atheris in my work bag as an emergency mouse. Would it be worthwhile to get the Orochi V2? I had the first one and wasn't a fan of the shape.

    • I suppose it’s true that in most emergencies you just point (and click), but it wouldn’t hurt to have an emergency keyboard on standby as well

  • basilisk x or this?

  • Sold out! Now only get the option for third party sellers.

  • +1

    Missed out on the Amazon one too…but managed to get it from eBay with $10 off voucher for $49 sold by Wireless 1!

    • And the white variant is for the same price. Just annoyed that it has to use a credit card at checkout for the code to work.

      • Yea I got the white one too looks really slick.

        But yea no Paypal.

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