AEG 18V 9-Piece Heavy Duty 3x 6Ah Force Mega Kit $1999 C&C/ in-Store, Redeem Bonus 30-34° Framing Nailer 2x 4Ah Kit @ Bunnings


Usually I'm wary of big combo kits - too many "junk" tools to boost the piece count, and not enough batteries.

With this kit though (and the redemption) you'd have 3x 6Ah and 2x 4Ah batteries for your tools, and none of these tools I'd consider worthless. The circular saw is a full size 184mm too.

$2k is pricey, but it's got really all the tools a new tradie would need, this kit could set someone up for years. I've had AEG tools for something like 4 years now, still going strong. The battery-only (so no gas cartridges, or air hose/compressor) framing nailer kit available via redemption is $899 on its own.

AEG is owned by TTI industries, same company that owns Ryobi and Milwaukee as well.

Link to the deal on the AEG site.

Deal must be purchased by 30/06. Redemption (via the AEG site) must be claimed by 10/07.

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    That's actually a good deal… all tools seem good.

    • If this deal had been around when I was starting out, I would have shelled out the cash. I've probably spent 2-3x as much building my tool collection slowly with AEG and more recently Milwaukee

      Because I love pain

      $400 - 2x4Ah AEG drill/driver/grinder kit
      $200 - AEG multitool skin
      $200 - 2x 4Ah batteries
      $900 - 2x 3Ah Milwaukee Framing nailer kit
      $800 - 2x 5Ah Milwaukee SDS kit
      $—- - Milwaukee 185mm circular saw kit via redemption

      $2500 and I don't have a reciprocating saw, impact wrench or the light. Not as bad as I was expecting

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    I got a sub compact impact wrench via redemption when i bought this kit

    Then later at a AEG trade day at Bunnings i bought the Fusion 184mm circular saw and was given 2x 2ah batteries on the spot for free plus some merchandise

  • +4

    Dear Santa…

  • You could have fun wrecking a lot of stuff with that lot.

    • No need to be so Grim, Fandango.

  • +1

    I Just got 18V 4.0AH F-RAPIDFIRE 30º-34º FRAMING NAILER kit - and grabbed the brad nailer for fun

    rapid fire is fun

    We use all AEG at work cant complain all good stuff - Force batteries make a huge difference

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