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AmEx Statement Credit - Spend $60, Get $5 Back up to 2 Times @ Ampol


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $60 or more, in one or more transactions, in-person only at Ampol by 31/07/2022 to receive one $5 credit, up to 2 times. Limited to the first 35,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Received on all supplementary cards as well.
Can anyone adivice when Ampol will have 5% discount on AmpolCash gift cards? Thanks

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  • +6

    Unfortunately looks targeted 😞

  • +9

    Looks like shrinkflation to me. Used to be $10 at a time, now you have to go back twice!

    • Yes, and f*** Ampol. I have never seen Ampol to be anywhere close to the prices of other servos. The biggest difference I've seen is about 48c/L. So I'd rather fill up somewhere else rather than pay premium price at Ampol to get a measly $5 discount.

      • +2

        The Ampol near my suburb is one of the cheapest. The 4th cheapest according to Fuel Watch. The price difference being $0.02. The $5 discount would put me $4 in front for a 50L tank if I filled up today.
        The Commbank $10 cashback at Ampols is definitely more enticing.

        • BP and Shell normally take the prize for most expensive!

  • got it on my qantas ultimate amex

  • +2

    Thank you for the pain relief pills.

  • Disappointing it’s only $5 cashback. Supps being included is great, received on Edge and Explorer. Received $10 offer last time on same.
    Amex maybe just trying to counter Commbank offer etc.

    • +2

      Chome user here - nothing for me.

  • didn't get it with my explorer

  • non on my ultimate card, so sad.

  • +1

    Got it with my qantas discovery card.
    Will double stack with the Toyota ampol offer

  • Does Ampol sell gift cards in $60 denomination?

    • +1

      No, set value only. $50, $25 available.

    • You can buy non-Ampol gift cards

      • So If we buy Gift cards also from Ampol we get $5 back?

        • +2


          I purchased AmpolCash physical gift cards in the last AMEX/Ampol cashback deal and received the cashback credit within a couple of days. Other people purchased non-AmpolCash gift cards at Ampol in the last deal too and got their cashback.

          There is also no term in the terms and conditions that says excludes gift card purchases.

          Keep this in mind: this offer is in-store only, and the process for purchasing fuel and paying for it in-store is the same as buying a bottle of milk in-store or purchasing a gift card in-store.

    • +3

      AmpolCash physical gift cards are sold in $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500 denominations, but not all locations will stock all these denominations at the same time.

  • +1

    Combine with 4 cents off per litre docket. It all helps.

  • Got it on my explorer, will combine with my Toyota 4c.

  • Got it on QFF Discovery + 4 supps. Time to load up on Amazon GCs.

  • Really cutting back on the cashback amount

  • A bit confusing title, didn’t see it’s for Ampol until the end of title LOL

  • Doesnt seem to be available on platinum edge

    • I got it from my PE

  • +12

    A quick reminder:

    • EG Ampol / EG Caltex / Caltex Woolworths locations are excluded from this deal, as those are operated by EG. EG sells fuel supplied by Ampol and are a licensee of the Ampol trademark (and a sub-licensee of the Caltex trademark), but have opted out of these kinds of cashback deals since late 2020. These locations appear on the Ampol store locator as either Woolworths Caltex or EG Fuelco Ampol. EG locations also use either EG or Woolworths branding on the convenience store, but do not use the Foodary or Starmart brand on the convenience store.

    • Ampol Woolworths Metro and Ampol Woolworths MetroGo locations are included in this deal, as those are owned and operated by Ampol, not EG. These locations use the Woolworths Metro or Woolworths MetroGo brand on the convenience store.

    • The ~80 Ampol locations that are not operated by EG and are still using the Caltex trademark are included in this deal. These deals appear on the Ampol store locator simply as Caltex. These locations usually use the Starmart brand on the convenience store.

    • Locations that use the Caltex trademark and have nothing to do with Ampol are excluded from this deal. These locations do not appear on the Ampol store locator, because Ampol has nothing to do with these locations. Instead, these locations are either operated by Chevron (the owners of the Caltex trademark) or licence the Caltex trademark directly from Chevron with no involvement from Ampol. There are currently five of these locations across Australia and these locations appear on the Chevron store locator. These locations usually also use the Starmart brand on the convenience store, plus these locations sell Techron fuel.

    • Nearly all Ampol locations only sell AmpolCash physical gift cards (which can be redeemed at all Ampol locations1 and all EG Ampol / EG Caltex / Caltex Woolworths locations across Australia). However, one of the Ampol locations in my area also sells Amazon AU, JB Hi-Fi, BCF and some other gift cards.

    • This offer can be stacked with a number of fuel discount offers (excluding Ampol FuelPay).

    1. PIN verification must be set up on an AmpolCash physical gift card before it can be redeemed at an unmanned location. PIN verification can be set up either at the time of sale (by asking the staff member to let you set a PIN) or by contacting the AmpolCash team using the contact details on the back of the AmpolCash physical gift card. 

    • +6

      so confusing!

      • +2

        I don’t know why someone negged you, because the whole situation with EG, Ampol, Caltex and Chevron is really confusing.

        It will become much more straightforward once Ampol and its franchisees (including EG) stop using the Caltex trademark at the end of this year.

    • I filled up at a Woolworths Caltex station during the last offer and received the discount and cashback

      • Did the AMEX statement report the transaction name as EG Fuelco?

        I made a purchase during a previous AMEX deal from a location reported to AMEX as EG Fuelco. AMEX told me that transaction was ineligible, because EG Fuelco = Caltex Woolworths, and Caltex Woolworths was excluded.

    • Hi WM, care to share which Ampol sell Amazon GC if you are in NSW?

      • Apologies, I'm not in NSW!

        • +1

          All good - thanks anyway!

  • Not available on Velocity Escape. Got it on my standard Elevate and DJs Amex cards (and supp cards)

  • $5 is just slightly better than purchasing an egift card from GroupAdvantage/RewardGateway.

  • Got it but they selling #98 at 243c

  • Got it too

  • Damn, no luck here

  • Is the offer link is correct?.. it goes to apply for new credit card.

    • +2

      I wouldn't bother opening the link as this is something that will appear on your app. We just had to enter something on the link to be able to post a deal.

      • Check with the app as well, but I could not find this offer

        • Oh too bad it means you're not targeted :(

  • Any chance Ampol will do 5% off on their in-store AmpolCash gift cards like before.

  • Not on my $1450 p.a. Platinum. It's now on 'death row'!
    I guess the $60 figure was picked by the 'bean counters' at Amex to make it difficult for buying GC's but I am sure that an OzB'er will come up with a brilliant workaround!
    EG. Spend $36 FUEL less Toyota 4cpl on fuel $1.8 to $2.5 per litre (Fuel spend equals approx $35.4 to $35.2), plus a $25 GC.

    • +2

      I guess the $60 figure was picked by the 'bean counters' at Amex to make it difficult for buying GC's but I am sure that an OzB'er will come up with a brilliant workaround!

      Purchase $125 worth of AmpolCash gift cards in one transaction, or $120 ($30 x 4) worth of Amazon gift cards in one transaction.

      Whenever you see “up to x times” on an AMEX cashback deal, it just means that you can receive the cashback amount more than once in the one transaction. It’s happened a number of times in previous deals (e.g. AMEX’s Black Friday 2021 cashback deal).

      To be fair, I will opt for the AmpolCash gift cards, because 98% of the time I purchase fuel from EG.

      • +2

        Wow thank you, this is new to me!

        • Me too. That makes it a lot simpler. I'll try to "Win One for the Gipper" and report back !

          • +3

            @Peck: FYI I bought $125 worth of AmpolCash gift cards in one transaction and (eventually) had $10 cashback credited to my account.

            Hopefully it worked for you too!

      • +2

        Purchase $125 worth of AmpolCash gift cards in one transaction

        98% of the time I purchase fuel from EG.

        Should have read this earlier and done this myself!

        Was silly enough to buy LPG a few weeks ago at an Ampol Woolworths MetroGo store at a few c/L higher cost than elsewhere, including some Woolworths Caltex stores a fair bit further away, before grabbing a $25 AmpolCash GC at the same time to get me over the line and got my first $5 back.

        It was already tricky enough having to call up a few Ampol stores in my vicinity beforehand to ensure that they still sell LPG, only to be told that they in fact don't, contrary to the info on the Ampol store locator, before settling at this store.

        Just tried to do this again at the same store, and the store attendant told me that he can't sell AmpolCash GCs because apparently there is a server error, despite having absolutely no issues last time (just had to set up the PIN), and pretty much seeing all the denominations hanging on the wall on my right through the night counter. Thought about the latter part of your fine print/footnote number 1 here, and wondering if I could be bothered to start an argument in the middle of the night with no one else behind me. Ended up grabbing some 91 at a still highway robbery $1.799/L (when current Sydney prices have dropped to as low as $1.549/L) and scanned the NRMA 6c/L off to arrive at exactly $60, after managing to stop the 91 pump at 7.53L (plus the 45.58L of LPG at $1.029/L). Take that!

        Hopefully the agreement with EG will still be in place the next time this promotion runs. That way, I will just take my time burning the GC(s) at $125 - or just over the minimum spend of whatever new crazy number the AmEx boffins will come up with - with the cheapest EG locations as they often sell LPG at lower prices than Ampol locations. Otherwise I don't think I can be bothered with this, especially as Ampol seems to be pulling themselves out of LPG over time altogether, and I can just grab cheaper fuel elsewhere without all this hassle, including many EG locations.

        • Isn't it fair to say that service stations are generally moving away from selling LPG these days (not just Ampol)? For example, I just did a check of service stations selling LPG vs U91/E10 around Sydney, and it looks like ~70% of service stations selling U91 and/or E10 are not selling LPG.

          My rule of thumb for cashback offers at service stations is to purchase gift cards (where permitted and possible), because it means you don't actually have to reach the minimum spend within the offer timeframe. I always do this for the Ampol cashback deals, but I don't do this for the BP deals, because those deals nowadays are restricted to BPme only, which rules out any purchase of gift cards.

          Btw, you don't need to actually set a PIN if you are only going to redeem it at attended locations (i.e. at a location where there is a staff member in the convenience store). If you swipe an AmpolCash physical gift card at EG, you can press Enter without entering anything to authorise payment; if you previously set a PIN on this gift card, you don't need to actually provide it to authorise payment. I assume it is the same for Ampol locations. I just set a PIN just in case I end up going to an unattended Ampol location, because it is a massive hassle to set a PIN after the gift card has been purchased.

          I don't see the physical AmpolCash gift card arrangement between EG and Ampol ending unless their Fuel Supply Agreement is terminated. Considering EG and Ampol agreed to stop legal action against each other and uphold the agreement in April 2022, I'm confident you'll be okay to use physical AmpolCash gift cards at EG in the medium term.

          • +1


            Isn't it fair to say that service stations are generally moving away from selling LPG these days (not just Ampol)?

            Agree WM that is happening in general, but some appear to be shutting up shop much quicker than others. Case in point: Shell aka Coles Express aka whatever it is known in other states and territories. They ramped up LPG prices significantly for a few months before pretty much removing all their LPG pumps AFAIK.

            As an aside, I find it disappointing that we just follow the practices of other countries without considering and valuing the unique opportunity/resource that we have. Even with the LPG tank in my large sedan's boot (there are toroidal tanks and other alternatives that can take up far less boot space), the remaining boot space still compares favourably against most small hatches albeit without the option of losing some rear passengers for additional undivided depth - again, not an issue at all with toroidal tanks for instance. Cleaner burning also means no carbon build up issues AFAIK - engine still feels hardly worn after 200,000km+, and the normal epicyclic gearbox still shifts well enough after a fluid change. Being less energy dense does mean a shorter range compared with 91, but the fill up time is barely longer and therefore still way faster than BEVs (and therefore no need to plan my life around these fill up times/locations/costs etc.), and the lower price means my $/km is still better than with 91 even if I use less 91 for the same km. Will keep doing my bit to reduce my CO2 footprint and nasty emissions by driving this same car for as long as I can.

            Btw, you don't need to actually set a PIN if you are only going to redeem it at attended locations

            That is great to know. I might give that a go the next time I am presented with the same barrier, and report back.

            I don't see the physical AmpolCash gift card arrangement between EG and Ampol ending unless their Fuel Supply Agreement is terminated.

            Cheers for that. I guess ultimately time will tell, but I am all for supporting smaller and/or a greater number of brands to maintain and encourage competition for obvious reasons!

  • Not as good as the recent AMEX ampol spend $70/$10 credit offer but any cashback on fuel is welcome.
    Offer saved to my card. Thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    Had to "View More Offers" at the bottom of my list to find the Ampol one - CPA Gold Amex (no annual fee)

  • Less than previous offers but I’ll take it. Will have to wait for low cycle before I commit to $60 spend.

  • hopefully my ampol foodary station will be eligible!

  • Has anyone got their statement credit back? Just wondering what the typical timeframe is for credit to be credited.

    • 3 to 5 days.

    • +1

      Mine took 14 days to be credited to my account. Usually it only takes 4 days, so I'm not sure why it took so long this time.

  • +1

    Anyone know how to use the welcome offer 6 cents off /L in the Ampol app?

  • Save the Amex card in the app and pay by app link card still qualify cash back?

    • If you mean Apple/Google/Samsung Pay then yes, paying via those methods is still eligible for the statement credit. You cannot use PayPal or Zip/After/Latitude/OzbargainPay. Those count as third party payment processors.

      • Sorry for the confusion. I mean if i pay through Ampol mobile app instead of pay over the counter!

  • +2

    I followed what someone mentioned earlier, and bought $100 and $25 Gift Cards in the one shop, and got 2 x $5 back. Last day today!

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