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BlackVue DR900X-2CH-PLUS 32GB $621.75 + $5.95 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Autobarn


25% off BlackVue DR900X-PLUS 4K dual camera dash cam
Front camera: 8 megapixels CMOS sensor recording in 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160) at 30FPS.
Rear camera: 2.1 megapixels Sony STARVIS™ recording in Full HD (1920×1080) at 30FPS.

Hardwire included and no need for PMP like the old S series. PMP can still be used if you want easier control of parking mode as you dont have to connect to the camera if you want to turn park mode on/off.

DR750X- Plus 32GB also back at $486.75

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        I have a Viofo A129 and it's been great and lasts in summer with capacitor instead of battery.

        These pop up on sale here every now and then

        The a129 pro, doesn't mention codec though.
        Dual Channel 4K front+1080P rear dash camDual-Bandhttps://viofo.com/dash-cam/149-viofo-a129-pro-duo-ultra-4k-front-full-hd-1080p-rear-dual-channel-wi-fi-gps-dash-camera.html Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHzSony Image Sensor for Front and Rear CameraFront F1.8 Aperture 130° Wide Viewing AngleRear F1.6 Aperture 140° Wide Viewing Angle2.0 inch HD LCD DisplayGPS Logger (Included)G-Sensor & Motion Detection SupportedAdvanced Parking Mode SupportedQuick Release Mount


  • Can someone recommend me a good front and back dashcam that isnt going to break the bank?

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      viofo a139

      • Most popular on OzB is Viofo A129.

        • but it has parking mode issues so it depends on your actual needs.

          • @ihy: Do the issues also exist on A129 Duo Plus?

          • @ihy: I think the only problem is "buffered" parking mode.

    • I've got the A129 and it's been awesome.

  • Is this all time lowest price?

    • Yes, but it hasnt been out for that long. Might get a 30% off later but i havent seen one of those for a while.

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    Good timing. I’ve been waiting for price drop for a while and couldn’t be happier to purchase one. Thanks

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    I almost got one last time when it got sale. However the sales told me there are lot of issues with it. Most of them will be returned. Does anyone have any issues with it? like overheating issue (especially with 4k Model)?

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      I think these are largely to do with the SD card. Seems you need to have a Blackvue SD card and they aren't cheap

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        Don't overpay for a rebranded "blackvue card".

        What you need is a "SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD" $50 for 256GB, been working fine for well over a year.

        • It seems to come with Blackvue 32gb card anyway

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            @89tnp: 32GB won't last at all, ideally you want the max storage so you can review older footage incase you notice a dent or something a few days later.

        • SanDisk High endurance didn't last long in my 750S. Has killed 2 in already and swapped back to samsung pro endurance without issues.

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    This camera is good, however the mobile App is a let down, I can't playback the videos without downloading it first from phone, there's an option to play directly but doesn't work well.

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      Mine streams fine from the device -> cloud -> mobile when using quick play
      But my internet at home is slow uploads so only download original quality when needed to keep/view properly.

      Same as connecting it directly to the camera over wifi through the app, need to be within range of course, direct connect works great. Fast…
      Good when your in/near the car.

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    I hate that I have to pay $500+ to not deal with a clunky aesthetically disgusting POS dash cam. How hard is it to make something aesthetically pleasing and affordable ffs

  • Roughly how much would it cost to get this installed?

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      $200+. Call the store as they vary due to who they outsource to or call around. There are some mobile guys who do it.

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      My local one quoted me $150 a couple of years back

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        Through Autobarn a few months ago for this model with the BlackVue Battery B124X as well it was $250 installed.

        • Oh That’s quite steep! I got the 900s model installed on my hatch along with power magic pro.

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            @Dreamboy: $200+ is standard these days. I got 4 quotes from autobarn, strathfield car radios and 2 mobile installers and all were over $200.

    • look at youtube videos and diy.

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    i use a samsung pro endurance sd card, works perfectly fine and very affordable

    • Just bought a 128gb Samsung endurance pro for $34
      They don't make 256 unfortunately. What size do you have?
      What cameras?

      • Samsung now make a 256gb Pro Endurance. The whole range has even refreshed

      • 750X with 128GB samsung but I will try that new version soon, i was told the cards always need to be 'endurance'

  • What's the impact to car battery?

  • Is this better value? Uniden Dashview30R?


    • its just a different brand, just like with every product there are varying brands and qualities its not the same product

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    Have been waiting for a deal for a while, and decided I definitely needed to get one after someone did a hit and run on my car recently.

    Was tossing up between this and the 750x, ended up going with the 900. Cheers OP

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