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Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $135 Delivered @ G&W Store on Amazon


Sold by G&W Store but shipped by Amazon.

Seems to be the cheapest price currently for a popular wireless mouse

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just a heads up that the replacement for this mouse, the Logitech G502 X Plus is due to be released very soon, for those willing to wait. Here's a Preview: https://www.reddit.com/r/MouseReview/comments/u2tmko/g502_x_...

    • Holy damn I need that, looks like I'm waiting.

    • They're too similar to justify spending full rrp when it comes out considering it's 10g lighter(or only 3.5g lighter if you take the bottom off the g502) but if it's the same bottom layout you could take another 7g off the new one and make it 97g

      Really needed to be lighter, though I much prefer the shape of the g502 over the g pro regardless of weight with my big ass hands.

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        The G502 Hero and Lightspeed mice have been criticized for having poor-quality switches that fail often. Apparently the G502 X Plus was delayed because of videos (such as from Linus) calling them out for these cheap switches and Logitech may have sourced a better option for this mouse.

        I'm still using a 6-year-old G502 Proteus Spectrum (with the previous-gen, more reliable switches) that has never let me down, but I have friends with 502 Hero's and Lightspeed who have both had their switches fail in less than 2 years. I want to go wireless and I love this shape, but not if I'm going to buy a product that won't last, so I'm gonna wait for the X Plus.

  • Some very tempting options. Hopefully the Razer vs Logitech war sees some decent price drops.

  • Great mouse, I had the wired version. Changed to the razer viper ultimate, because of a good deal and wireless. Would like to change back to a wireless 502 with a decent price.

  • I ordered one of these right before the price went down. Messaged the seller and asked if they could refund the difference. They said yep and to message them once I receive it and they'll process a refund of the price difference. Pretty good.

    FYI it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. I'm still waiting for mine. Ordered 10 days ago.

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    Ahh damnit. I just bought a Razer Basilisk, for $52 from Amazon just for work…

    I already have a G502 Hero….do I really need a G502 Lightspeed just for work?….

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      Yes, of course you do. You have two hands, don't you?

      • one on my mouse… one's…elsewhere… ;)

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      You don't, but you want.

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        pretty much summed up ozbargain lol

  • I just want a Naga hex for big hands and a sensor like this.

    Is that too difficult to make? 😰

  • Cheapest price available from that link is 149$ , not 135$

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      When I posted on 24/6 there was no expiry date for the deal.

      I have now marked it as expired. You can report the deal as expired in the future instead of negging.

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