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Hisense 120 Inch Trichroma 4K Smart Laser TV 120L9GSET $5299.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Probably worth the Costco membership given shipping is free.

I've been researching for a new home cinema setup and I think this is the #1 option for anyone wanting a 120" sized screen. This uses Ultra Short Throw (UST) Laser projection so no expensive bulbs to degrade or replace over time. It also comes with special 120" Lenticular Ambient Light Reduction (ALR) screen, which allows you to use the projector in a bright room (without this type of screen you'll be restricted to dark rooms only).

The Hisense L9g Laser TV is also the highest rated amongst its competitors according to YouTube review here https://youtu.be/kNI4pBYGPj8

I'm keen to know what the community thinks in terms of value, size and performance of this type of setup, so please share in the comments. Is there a better option to get a 120" setup at this price point or image quality for a non dark room?

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    First responder day also coming on Thursday. Make it a sweet deal.

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      diff models.
      L9 is triple Laser, L5 is not.

    • JB don't sell the 120 inch Triple Laser (yet)
      only the 100 inch version

  • *(Costco Membership Required)

  • Price including screen?

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      You really can't add a $100 device to make it whatever you want when spending $5k+?

  • Does L9GSET come with HDMI 2.1?

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      Answer my own question, US model has HDMI 2.1, but Aus model missed out for some reason.

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        Hisense does this all the time - exactly the same model numbers specifically to fool people outside the US given that's where all the reviews are done. It's the main reason I didn't buy a Hisense this week when buying a new TV, it's a VERY shoddy business practice.

        • Their products are at poor quality, warranty and after sales support are difficult and non existent

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      Unbelievable, Hisense capped the model in Australia

  • No 3D either.

    I would go with a Xiaomi for that reason.

    • which model?

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      What year are you in, 2007?

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    got baited clinking on this link, saw the 120" tv and was like wow at this price too. then read that it's just a projector

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    Seen some bad reviews for this. Been looking at a projector myself but it seems they have downgraded the AU version of this quite a bit.

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      really? where?

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    Review from JBHIFI

    I am not really sure why the GENIUS at hisense decided to downgrade AU version. Looking down on us much?
    A lot of the review is based on the US version, so BUYER BEWARE!
    AU version - No HDMI 2.1
    AU version - NO E-ARC capability
    AU version - NO WISA speaker capability
    AU version got VIDAA OS vs US version got Android - Google TV. What the heck?
    AU version - only got USB 2.0, US got 3.0

    What happened Hisense? Why do you do this??

  • Lots of the Australian reviewers say it's not an ALR screen

    • That's not good. A UST ALR screen will greatly improve the image quality. Explanation here https://darkenergyscreens.com.au

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      I put one together yesterday. Definitely is an ALR screen.

      • how long did it take 😅
        any tips for me 🙏🏾

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          Assembly is pretty straightforward with the instructions (youtube video is better). Just take your time making sure the springs are hooked on properly and the corners are aligned evenly.

          Took me just over an hour by myself but definitely would recommend two people if available.

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    If I were the op I’d have a look at the Fengmi T1. Which is supposed to be a pretty good triple laser UST projector and can be bought for about $3400 AUD, although it doesn’t come with a screen. According to the massive thread over at AVS forum (https://www.avsforum.com/threads/formovie-fengmi-t1.3228269/) two good sellers to look at are Quanzhou Ruichi Technology Co. Ltd on Alibaba or NothingButLabel who have their own website and an Australian warehouse. Another alternative is the Xiaomi cinema 2, but the Xiaomi is only dual laser. Both are potentially much cheaper competitors to the Hisense L9G and the Samsung LSP9T.

  • Avoid this sketchy brand please.

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    Wait.. So this is a projector? How can you possibly get away with calling it a TV..?

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    dont buy this brand in Australia, dont reward bait and switch tactics.

    I got stung buying a TV last year that was the same model as the reviews but not the same TV.

  • Just so we're clear, this is not a TV (as claimed in the title). Being as it's Hisense, though, they probably call it one. Don't reward the shonky.

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    It’s not a TV and it’s not the same model as in reviews. Avoid!

  • It is a TV because it comes with an inbuilt TV tuner. However!, the US model is superior

  • Is only me or its really out of stock? Can anyone confirm?

  • So this is projector only? I need to get a separate screen?

    • Comes with 120" ALR screen

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