Need a New Multifunction Printer - Budget $500

Hi guys,

I am looking for a new printer as my Epson Inkjet has just stopped printing black altogether. Budget is $500 tops for a colour laser that also scans. I am looking at the Brother LC3750CDW for $469 from Officeworks but I have a feeling this isn't a great deal. I am also unsure of whether it will work with generic toner given I leave it at the firmware it comes with.

I'm mostly printing black and colour documents with very few photo prints. I go through about 1000 pages per year.

Any recommendations would be great, thanks.


  • Brothers are generally excellent and are quite tolerant of generic ink & toner. My B&W bother laser has been faultless for the last several years - it'll sit idle for months and still work without an issue. What makes you say firmware might be an issue?

    I do wonder if a separate scanner & dedicated printer might be a cheaper combo? …Although with flatbed scanners being $150+ (!?!) that doesn't seem the case. Otherwise perhaps a B&W laser with a cheap inkjet under $100 for occasional colour printing?

    • What model do you have?

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        It's an L2350DW. $120 with cloud print, before that got killed of by Google

        We have two at work, which were so reliable and frugal on toner I got mine for home, and had absolutely no issues at all. Rare to even get a paper jam.

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    I know that you said that you want a laser printer, but I purchased an Epson EcoTank ET-2850. I picked it up for $448 but it is now cheaper - $438 at the Good Guys I have only had it about a month but it seems to be alright and the genuine ink is only about $15 to replace.

    • Are these as reliable as lasers though? Every inkjet I've had in the past has crapped out very quickly.

      • As I have said, I've only had it a month, but the reviews seem favourable. They also give you a 2 year warranty straight off the bat, most printers I have seen only have a 1 year warranty.

      • I still have my Canon MG6860, I have had it for 5-7 years; it is a spare now, sitting under a spare bed.
        Actually, I bought a Canon (I always buy Canon) TS 5160 on the rcommendation of
        Go and have a look, it is an Aussie company.
        If you chat to Lumir (I talked to him a few months ago), say Bear says 'Cooee'

  • I need a new printer too and am looking at the same one as you, but the Brother Wireless Colour MFC Laser Printer MFC-L3745CDW is $330 on the Good Guys Commercial website. Not sure of the differences between that one and the MFC-L3750CDW.

    *Edit. Just found out.

    Q. What is the difference between MFC L3745CDW and MFC L3750CDW?
    A: The main difference is that the L3750 has double-sided scanning but the L3745 does not. The L3750 is exclusive to Officeworks so they may be the best ones to ask for any other differences..

    also, the MFC-L3750CDW includes the ability to print directly from and scan to a USB drive.

    • According to the specs only the 3770 does 2 sided scanning.

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