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Access to The Good Guys Commercial (& Expired JB Hi-Fi Solutions) for Rest Superannuation Members


Reposting this beauty as it's been over six month and alot of people still don't know as it hasn't been added to the ozb wiki https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362

This deal is for Rest Superannuation members only and grants access to Good Guys Commercial and JB Hi-Fi's Solutions websites, which offer discounted products from their stores.

For Good Guys Commercial:
Link: https://rest.com.au/why-rest/member-benefits/the-good-guys-c…
Access available until 31st July 2022. Requires individual registration. Terms & Conditions: Available to all Rest members. Offer available from 01/06/21 - 31/07/22. Members must register for The Good Guys Commercial and orders must be placed through The Good Guys Commercial portal or through the service team.

For JB Hi-Fi Solutions:
Dropped from the program.
Link: http://go.rest.com.au/jbhifi
Access available until 1st October 2022. Terms & Conditions: Available to all Rest members. Offer available from 01/10/21 - 01/10/22. All orders must be placed through JB Hi-Fi Solutions portal.

The link and expiry attached to the deal is for Good Guys Commercial. You can also access both via the Rest mobile app: hit 'Menu' in the bottom right corner and then select 'Rewards' from the list. Both should appear there.

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  • Never heard of JB Hi-fi Solutions, are they a store like TGGC? I looked at the site and was a bit confusing

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      Yes it's education pricing/commerical pricing

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      from experience TGGC is typically a better option, better prices and more choice

      • +1

        same parent company

        • +1

          We know, they still have different prices between TGGC & JBS in my experience.

  • -1

    Anything good of note on Jb solutions? Are the new 14” and 16” inch on there?

    • +59

      14" and 16" what? Dildos? if so, no

      • +3

        Probably shouldn't have upvoted this comment, but absolutely cracked me up. Well done, sir.

        • +1

          Same here. Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee at the time.

      • Biggie would go the 16"

    • +13

      Lads I meant to put “MBP” in my comment but y’all downvoted me for missing a word , I’m heartbroken

      • +13

        You missed the most critical word, that's simply .

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        Massive Black Punisher. Yeah, I've seen that model. Looks… filling.

        • +1

          Its called the Mobile Black Panther

    • Cheaper to wait for a 10% off or student pricing through apple mate.

      • Access available until 31st July 2022

        Hey OP, does this mean this is a temporary access, and accounts will be disabled after 31st July? Or does it mean we just need to apply for access before 31st July and we can use the account afterwards as well?

        • +1

          This deal has almost been active for two years so either access for new members expires 31st or all accounts lose access so will have to wait and find out

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    Good Guys Commercial is also available to financial members of a majority of Australian unions through https://www.unionshopper.com.au/ (among other benefits)

    • Shoprite too (for those who have heard of it)

      • Is that direct access or only by requesting a quote? I have Shoprite but haven't seen anything about a TGGC log in.

        • +1

          They are one of the companies that (attempt to) price beat for Shoprite. No direct access.

  • So can you sign up for one of these super funds and just not put any money in it? literally just sits there doing nothing for no charges?

    Just trying to find the cheapest easiest way to get into GGC

    • Yes I've been a member of Rest Super for over 12 months. I was originally going to switch my super to them but didn't end up doing so in the end. My membership with them has stayed active without me having any super or other products with them.

      • So i can literally just sign up to Rest and I'm good to go? Is it a whole process of giving them paperwork etc? or just click a few boxes and you've got a username

        Also does the GGC ever expire? or I'll just have it forever? its not like a yearly thing I have to keep re-activating and stuff through other super funds?

        • Nothing too elaborate from what I recall. Didn't have to submit any docs or anything, just like signing up on any other site. MAYBE a driver's licence number to prove your identity? But my memory is a bit hazy sorry.

          Not sure about the second question, I only just signed up to GGC now to have a look.

          • @ausmisc: I just signed up without any proofs of ID or TFN. birth, name, address only.

  • A quick glance at JB solutions isn't even close to as good as the Samsung Education Store pricing for phones. Discount of about $50-100 vs $300 or so on Samsung ES

    • Agree it's mainly for access to GGC that's worth it.

      Comparison is Flip 5 GGC $100 and JBC is $135

  • The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator.

    Anyone else experience this kinda issue with Rest Super?

    • Oops! We couldn't find the page you are looking for.

      The address may have contained a typo or the page might have moved (404 code error).

    • I have the same issue. "The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator." Have you found a solution to this?

  • +5

    I regularly use Harvey Norman Commercial, JBHIFI Solutions and TGGC for work and I can strongly say that JBHIFI is woeful. Pricing nowhere near as competitive, limited stock and terrible customer support/account managers.

  • +1

    thanks OP,

    all set up with access to TGG commercial

  • Thanks OP - finally set up with a TGGC account - Only to find out my Bambino Plus is $500 - dammit.

    • Same here. My sister wants to get it for her new place. Ive seen it for 361 in the past!

      • A lot of times their retail specials are cheaper than their commercial prices.

  • Doesn't seem to be any good deals on a heat pump dryer 😭

  • Note that Rest may close your account and transfer you to the ATO (https://rest.com.au/why-rest/about-rest/news/protecting-your…). Not sure if this will affect your access to TGGC

  • Discounts are actually better through Australian Retirement Trust through JB Solutions

  • +1

    Can vouch for JB Hifi Solutions that they are absolute crap. Terrible UI and darn similar pricing compared to their original website. If you want genuine savings look elsewhere

  • will they close your jb/good guys acc after the offer 'expires'?

    • Still working just purchased something yesterday

  • I have access to jbcommercial.com.au, is this the same as jbsolutions?

  • any good iphone deals?

  • If you order from TGGC via a Rest created account, do they email the invoice directly to you?

    I've used it via another group and was a slight PITA in that the invoices always got sent to the group admin and would have to contact Good Guys each time to get a copy sent since you can't download a proper tax invoice from the account.

    • +1

      I got the invoice in my email, but the billers details shows as Rest Super, not your name

      • Cheers, yeh the other one is the same, invoiced to them but at least it's one less step.

        Maybe because we create the account ourselves. The other guys you had to ring them and they set it up for you. Got all the other emails, order processing etc but billing email was set to their own.

  • Access to The good guys commercial has been extended until 31/12/23

    • Thanks requested mods to change 👍

  • Link does not work. Same error encountered message.

    • Use the rest app

      • Did and the same error.

  • Done registration with REST, anyone got an idea where to get the Validation Code to create an account with goodguys commercial? Also, JB needs the organization code, which number I shall use from REST?


    • I only use the app, maybe install and login that way then go Menu > My rewards > click Good Guys then reveal code,

      Don't bother with JB GG seems to be always cheaper

      • Thanks! will give a try with the a try

  • Seems the code doesn't expire to Dec 2023

  • Still showing up on the app valid to Dec 2023.. not sure why people are expiring it ?

    • Only JB solutions

      • Shows GGC in my rest app..

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