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NordVPN: 96% Cashback for New VPN Plan Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


IT’S BACK! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704547
Last time, I paid ~$7 for 2 years of VPN after cashback

Deal ends 11:59pm Tuesday, 28 June.

For those who decided to sit on it last time.

Please READ this before you purchase:

  1. Use the Cashrewards mobile app for best tracking results. Personally, I never had an instances where it didn’t track with Cashrewards app. I learnt it hard way with the browsers.
  2. Before you purchase NordVPN, make sure you scrolled down and Nord didn’t add any add-on products with additional costs (some add-ons are automatically ticked, ensure it is unticked)
  3. To avoid GST, select non-GST countries such as US. Personally, I used post code/zip code ‘90210’. GST component is excluded from the cashback. At this point, your USD amount should be $78.96 for 2 years. If not, check again.
  4. Use international/foreign-transaction-fee free card like Macq, Citi, 28 degrees etc.


  • When do I get tracking email?
    o Based on my previous experience, you will get cashreward tracking email within 1 hour. If you don’t get this within a day, something has gone wrong, enjoy for few more days and cancel for a full refund

  • When do I get paid?
    o Up to 90 days, should be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How do they classify ‘New customer’
    o It is based on your email address, if you had one before even free trials, use new/another email address.

  • What are some of the things that I can use with VPN?
    o Youtube premium Argentina (only once off required during sign up) ~AUD$2.20 - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix Turkey (only once off required during sign up) - please search for previous posting for more details
    o Netflix US or UK contents (VPN required at the time of viewing)
    o BBC iPlayer (VPN required at the time of viewing).
    o EPL / MLB / Golf / NFL / Tennis via Peacock. AUD ~$7.20 (VPN required at the time of viewing)

Also, refer to TA's comment from last time

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    • +1

      because you didn't select the "standard" plan

      • Yep, my mistake. Ive changed to standard and the correct amount was USD78.96. But now i'm having major issues creating an account. open the Nord app, put in my username which is my email address, I get a message saying that an email has been sent to me.. check and theres nothing anywhere. :(

  • I use surfshark today and its smooth. How does NordVPN compare to Surfshark?

    • I'm sort of in the same boat. I assume everything is subjective. Currently a Surfshark customer.

      In the last week, i've tried Ivacy & PIA deals, only testing removing geo-restrictions to the UK at the moment.
      Ivacy was crap, slow loading of pages, poor throughput and download timeouts. PIA was much better with faster throughput and responsive loading of web pages.

      I know there are concerns about the ownership of PIA but my occasional use case, I don't see much of a risk, nor much of a concern with potential data collection relating to my use.

      Should I take up yet another VPN offer with NordVPN and ditch PIA?

    • I have my Surfshark til October will report back after testing

  • that's what I did…I have bought the NordVPN 2 years package with 96% off (cost of a coffee)
    Although only. India VPN whereas surfshark had 3 India VPNs

  • +2

    Purchased 2 year subscription in April for $106.85 AUD.
    Cash back of $98.73 AUD approved 2 months after. ($8.12 out of pocket)
    Use it infrequently, but always does the job and a no brainer with this cash back.

  • +1

    Thanks, got it and have the tracking back already.

  • +8

    It's easier just to choose Norfolk Island for taxes since no GST but you get billed in AUD hence no foreign exchange fees and their calculated internal exchange rate seems to be way better than USD 78.96 to AUD.

    Mine was AUD $109.44

    • +1

      Thanks for the suggestion

    • Good tip thanks.

      Also I get an error when trying to pay with PayPal "Something went wrong. Try again" As I have a heap of credit on there I wish to use it

    • I did this.
      However the amount charged was AU$132.72
      Cashback tracked AU$123.49
      This is 93%?

      I guess they charge 3% to transact in AUD?
      I swear I chose 'standard'.
      I used Revolut

    • How do you get AUD 109.44, i am getting 95.76 USD with norfolk island

      • Mine was:

        NordVPN 2 year Premium Subscription
        A$109.44/2 year
        GST 10% - A$10.94
        Total: A$120.39/2 year

        Cashback: AUD 101.86

        • +1

          You shouldn't be charged GST.

          • @meowsers: He would if he forgot to select another country other than Australia.

      • It appears you're not using the app.

        A problem with CashRewards site.

    • Excellent tip, I just did this with Google Pay, it charged in AUD as well says NordVPN.London on card, no exchange rate fees

  • Can I just sign up via Cashrewards under chrome browser would tracking work or has to be app? I have no adblockers

    • best to use app to be safe. Feel free to use chrome at your risk of not getting cashback

      • Ah ok I was thinking maybe the mobile version of the website is not great. Cashrewards app has its own browser built-in?

  • I just signed up but didn’t click the activate button.
    Can I leave it inactivated for 2 months until my current subscription on a different email address runs out?

    • I dont recall getting that option as a new customer, so cant comment on that but sounds risk vs rewards doesnt seem to be there. $7 for 2 years, so you are risking $102 cashback for 60 cents(2 months)?

      • +1

        Yup good call

  • I signed up using a different email address to my cash back account. Will this impact the cash back?

    • Nope. All good as long as you signed via CR app

  • Does anyone know how long you have to be a non customer to be classed as a new customer?
    I've seen this deal, and others before. So thought I might try someone new for a bit if I can find any other deals? as my Nord runs out next month.
    Cheers, Sn

    • +1

      If you had acct with Nord before, just use new email.
      There is no period as such that you will be classifed as new customer with current email for Nord

      • +1

        Thank you for your time for the reply. Much appreciated! :-)

  • +1

    Great find OP. I used UP Bank to pay in US and it only cost 109.44 AUD total which would leave a final cost of $4.38

  • Anyone else having payment issues on Nord site? Payment declined using 2 different cards.

    • Likely to be security block from your credit card provider

  • https://www.pcmag.com/news/nordvpns-parent-company-is-mergin...

    Cheap, based in Panama which is good. Likely data harvesting clients surfing though..

  • Does anyone have the Ovpn config files for India. Just wanted to try and config my router to check if it still works.

  • This is weird I don't get a password after sign up are you meant to reset your password ?

    • I set mine when I signed up.
      I suppose you can always reset

      • Yeah I went to activate link and it just goes to login page with no password I can nominate…. That's the weird bit

  • Quick question on Cash rewards. I have signed up for 2 accounts, will I get cash back for both on only once. I did read their terms and conditions and there was no mention of once only.
    The reason I am asking this is because one of them has been tracked and the other one not.

    • good question. No idea on this one. Best to ask cashrewards supprt to confirm esp if you havent got tracked for one of them

      • @hawamahal

        No limit per CR account but makes no sense that only one tracked unless you didn’t generate a new click etc. Best to cancel the one that failed and redo. Cheers.

        • I generated a new click and they were done about 12 hours apart.

  • Pls advise how to select the us postcode to avoid gst?

    • Please refer to post description

    • Just Norfolk Islands pay in AUD as per above post

  • I've never been bothered with signing up to any VPN plans, but superbass sold it and TA's very first comment on this deal just tipped it over for me!

    • I was in a similar situation only a month ago.

      Hope you enjoy!

  • Followed OP instructions, got my tracking confirmed this morning. Used to be 3 years but now 2 years plan, good enough for me I guess.

  • NordVPN just removed India from list of its VPN servers w/o any notification.

    I now have a 90% useless subscription for next 20 months as I connected to India VPN server most of the times.

    They declined my request to terminate the subscription and refund me on pro rata basis citing their T&C, details below:

    NordVPN (NordVPN)
    Jun 27, 2022, 14:24 GMT+3


    Thank you for reaching out.

    As of the 26th of June, our infrastructure is removed from India.

    We adhere to strict privacy policies and no-logging features are core to our operations, principles, and standards. We will do our best to provide an uninterrupted VPN experience even without servers in India.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Best Regards,
    K**** A****
    Customer Success Team

    • Cancel and get refunded.
      Btw, it was long time coming due to restrictions by Indian government. Quick google helps

      • Thanks for the suggestion but as I already said NordVpn guys declined to cancel and refund anything.
        Also, I think Indian Govt. is just the face of corporates suffering due to such VNP services.

        • With Ivacy they sent me this standard response several times, I just kept asking for a refund as per their money back guarantee, and gave some additional context (slow servers, download disconnections) blah blah, it took about 2-3 emails back and forth before they finally relented. They hope you give up and go away. Don't.

  • VPN and Cashrewards noob here. I got this deal from the previous post.

    Two questions

    1. When I bough the vpn, there was the option to connect to an Indian server. That isn’t available anymore?

    2. How long does it take for the cash back to be ‘approved’.

    • +2

      option to connect to an Indian server. That isn’t available anymore?

      Have you read the reply above? Maybe do a google search as in why its not longer available…

      How long does it take for the cash back to be ‘approved’.
      Its in your Cashrewards account details, check your reward tabs.

      • Thanks mate. Should’ve read above.

        I still can’t figure out the Cashrewards thing.

        • +2

          bruh, I literally put the cashreward approving period in my post faq.

          When do I get paid?
          o Up to 90 days, should be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Damn, got caught up with work and missed this offer. Hoping a new one soon.

    Just tested Netflix USA and Nord and works flawlessly. So I think I will stick with what I know works than try someone else now.

    • username checks out

  • +1

    Has anyones cash back been approved yet?

    • +1

      no, no one would have been approved because it normally takes 6-8 weeks and up to 90 days for it to be changed to approved (i.e. you can withdraw money) this is similar to any other cashback sites like Shopback or Cheddar.

      • +1

        Still showing.pendimg. waiting approval. Does that take 6 to 8 weeks to show approval by nordvpn?

        • +2

          up to 90 days. usually 6 to 8 weeks

  • ahhhh poo - missed out seeing this one . Is there any chance there'll be a repeat of this one in the near future/coming weeks?

    • +1

      historically speaking, yes. But, don't know when the next one will be

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