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Crucial 16GB (Single) DDR4 3200MHz CL22 SODIMM Laptop Memory $78 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Cheapest ever on camel3x I believe… Great for all those recent laptop deals…

You can check the compatibility here I believe: https://www.crucial.com/upgrades

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Have this exact RAM in my Nitro 5 3060. Works great.

    • Just bought yesterday and installed in my Dell Optiplex 5000. Works like a charm!

    • I put it into two all in ones for a client recently and it works perfectly. Unfortunately the weak CPU is still a significant bottleneck, but those machines needed all the help they can get.

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      Showing $89 for me

      • Well it was when I replied

  • Will it work for the following:

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q i5-7500T mini PC Intel® Core™ i5

    Internal memory type DDR4-SDRAM
    Memory layout (slots x size) 1 x 8 GB
    Memory clock speed 2400 MHz

    Clock speed is different to the one listed.

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      I would like to know too as my hp elitedesk 805 g6 memory uses 2666Mhz and currently has 1 x 8GB stick. If I buy this 16Gb ram stick would it still be compatible with the existing setup in terms of different ram capacity and frequency.
      Update I found the specs on hp website which says it actually uses 3200Mhz ram

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        Crucial actually have a quite good product selector on their site: https://www.crucial.com/store/advisor. Results for your machine depend on what form factor you have as there's a big difference between the two: the SFF takes desktop DIMMs; the Mini PC takes laptop SO-DIMMs.

      • website says supports up to 3200

      • my old acer laptop came with single stick of 4gb Kingston 2400mhz , running at 2133mhz

        i added in another stick of 8gb Adata 3200mhz , no problem

        now totaling 12gb ram running at 2133mhz on dual channel flex mode

        no tweaking or whatsover needed , not that laptop bios has any advance settings avail for tweaking either

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      Crucial actually have a quite good product selector on their site: https://www.crucial.com/store/advisor. Results for your machine: https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/lenovo/thinkcentre-m910q-tiny

    • +1

      When you mix faster RAM and slower RAM both sticks will run at the slower RAM stick speed. Focus on the type (DDR4) and voltage. The crucial configurator shows that DDR-3200 MHz RAM works on the Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q so I'd say it's compatible.

  • Suitable for dome Intel NUCs too!

  • Thanks op, purchased to replace my 8gb ram sticks

  • Nice price. I have 2 of these in my legion 5 pro and they work perfectly.

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    Dual rank?

    • -1

      When dueling they normally rank equally

      • The dual ranked ones are ranked higher at dueling than the single ranked ones

    • I'd like to know this as well

    • Mine is dual rank

      I bought it from ebay and they both have the same model number.

    • Its crucial, not much chance it'd be single rank

    • Recent review on Amazon said they got single rank but it was a 2x16GB kit.

  • I need 8G for my son's laptop for dual rank .

  • My 8th gen NUC supports DDR4-2400 1.2V
    I assume buying this faster memory, would default to lower 2400 speed depending on the profiles on the memory?

  • Just bought a nitro 5 - was going to take the 5-year old (1x) 16gb 2400mhz stick out of my old laptop to replace the nitro's 8gb 3200mhz but now thinking maybe I should just buy this instead…

    • don't get tricked by the extra few hundred mhz, it makes no different on a laptop, unless your laptop can overclock it.

      • Alright yeah will switch the ram and test it out

  • Damn, I only just bough 2x8gb for like 110. Could have almost had 32gb for a small amount more

    • Never look on OzB within 2 weeks of any purchase!

      • Doesn't that mean you'll never be on ozbargain? haha

        • I guess so - or just learn to get over buyer's remorse.

  • Will it be comaptible for our hp Pavilion 360x convertible , if anyone knows plz. The link above asks about the series that I do not know ehat series my laptop is. Thanks heaps

    • +1

      You should be able to find details on the bottom of the computer somewhere or in the Windows Settings / System / About tab.

      Google to find the Crucial memory website details for your model of computer based on what you find.

    • +1

      I only found ONE option going through the crucial website to find your laptop…


      pavilion x360


      obviously you will need to double check with your physical laptop model too

      • Thank you @codexd,
        On Crucial website says your laptop supports maximum of 8 GB but my laptop has two seperate ports for Rams to go in..
        Crucial website says, I should purchase Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM instead but I want to take benefit of this deal with 16 GB ram.
        Will it work on my laptop. Laptop was purchased in May 2020?? Many thx

        • This deal is for DDR4 RAM, if your laptop takes DDR3L, it is not compatible and won't fit into your laptop.

          Check the model/serial under your laptop and google it to confirm DDR3L is the correct RAM.

          • @CodeXD: Thank you so much.. so if its DDR4, 16 gb or 8 gb both will be fine right??

            • +1

              @Hmjm: No… some laptops can only take maximum of 8gb stick.

              That option I listed on crucial specifically says "About your Pavilion x360 Convertible (Intel 5th/6th Gen)" if you bought it in 2020 then it might not be the right model selected.

              What is the model number listed under the laptop?

              • @CodeXD: It says: Model : 14-dh1143TU

                My laptop doesnt turn on, so not sure about which type or what size RAM do I need for this.. would you plz be able to help?

                • +1

                  @Hmjm: If it doesn't turn on… then I probably won't be spending more money on it…

                  Anyway, if you still want to get this RAM, then Yes, it is compatible with the model you have provided according to crucial website.


                  CT16G4SFRA32A is listed as Compatible memory

                  • @CodeXD: Can I search it with model number somehow which Ram will fit this. Hp people are of the view that it is due to RAM but since it has gone out of warranty, they cant replace it for me.

  • CL22
    no thanks

    • That's standard for SODIMM and you won't have to use XMP to run these at the advertised spec. A lot of laptops won't allow XMP profiles.

    • $78
      yes thanks

      There's also 2666mhz CL19 for $74. Might be the better option if your system only supports the lower clock speeds.

    • is lower CL , better?

      • +1

        Yes. Although it coincides with memory speed too. The higher the memory speed the harder it is to get lower CL. Basically more speed and less CL is best. There's subtimings too but that's more for manual tuning. Lower CL has an impact on some programs and some games but so does memory speed. A 3200CL14 is almost on par with 3600CL16 (there's a formula to calculate the overall bandwidth).

  • If anyone is interested I ordered one of these during the sale and it arrived today.

    My model number = CT16G4SFRA32A.C8FF
    Check of HWinfo shows it had 4 memory bank groups = x8 RAM

    • Crucial lists these as 1Rx8 or 2Rx8.

      Can you use CPU-Z and check what rank it is? Under SPD tab, right column that says Rank.

      • CPU-Z states its Single Rank

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