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$5 off $6 Minimum Spend @ Subway via Eatclub (Selected Stores)


No expiry date recieved in the email.
Unsure if targeted, but recieved on all of my Eatclub accounts.

If you hadn't heard the news, you can now grab your favourite foot long via the EatClub app.

To celebrate, use the code SUBWAY to get $5 off your next order. Open the EatClub app and search for your nearest store.

Only applicable to Subway orders of $6 or more, for new and existing customers.

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    meh, lets see which franchise honors it.

    • +5

      They use ANY excuse not to honor them!

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      To play devils advocate, have you guys ever considered how bad being a subway franchisee can be? And the costs associated with running the franchise. They probably run on extremely tight margins and hence do not honour them. Watch the John Oliver Last Week Tonight episode on Subway franchising, its an eye opener.

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        Before you buy a business, you research it.

        Most Subway franchises are garbage, only met one store owner who was decent enough in 20 years.

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          Owning a Subway franchise was once a seemingly profitable venture.
          The numbers would line up, creating a demand to buy a Subway franchise.
          Its only in this past decade - decade and a half that Subway has sunk beyond recognition.
          So yes, in hindsight you can share your seeds of supposed wisdom. But most franchisees didn’t know at the time of what was to come.
          And now before you go around blaming these franchises for the decline of Subway.
          I would strongly suggest you to go and do some ‘research’.

          • +1

            @Gervais fanboy: Even franchises that start off well end badly. Most of the time it is those in power who get too greedy. I struggle to find a franchise other than MacDonalds that last.

            • +1

              @netjock: That’s a very simple way to look at it.

              So in your opinion Subway franchisees are more ‘greedy’ than McDonald’s franchisees ?
              They are both in it to make money, aren’t they.
              If you are alluding to most Subway stores offering a substandard meal and not operating under high standards, it’s due to the lack of oversight from the corporate.
              McDonalds audits it’s franchises to the extent that they have nearly 100% operational control of all its stores.
              Coz if left alone, most McDonald’s franchises would do just as badly as your typical Subway store.
              Now there’s secondary and tertiary factors involved but for the sake of not writing an overly long comment, I’d have to stop here.

              • -1

                @Gervais fanboy: Why doesn't Subway audit themselves then?

                • +1

                  @iNeed2Pee: Great question

                  Why is the corporate at Subway not doing their job
                  Let me just ring up with CEO and find out for you. One sec

                  • -1

                    @Gervais fanboy: Could it be that by auditing each store costs money?
                    Money they do not want to spend, even though it could be a good way to please its customers and have a consistent standard?
                    Thats why I think Subway is a let down in that regard. Just my opinion


                    Send him a pm.

                    • +2

                      @iNeed2Pee: Ok, it’s possible that Subway avoids any active oversight to ‘save money’.
                      But this is the corporate that you are now referring to, I haven’t once defended them at any point.

                      You were earlier talking about the franchisees and thats what I tried to correct you on.

              • @Gervais fanboy:

                So in your opinion Subway franchisees

                Those in power = franchisers get too greedy

                Example 7-11, Retail Food Group etc.

                In a franchise arrangement it is usually not the franchisee that is in the position of power.

                • @netjock: Okay

                  And my point was that it would be naive to assume that one set of franchisees (Subway) are more greedy than another set of franchisees (Mcdonalds).

                  The success/failures of those two sets are defined by the company that they are working with/for.

            • +1

              @netjock: KFC? Dominos? Hungry Jacks? I guess you haven't heard of any of these. Not to mention all the petrol stations

              • @Jackson: Petrol stations? You got to be joking right? The same ones that under pay Indian overseas students?

                Domino's / Hungry Jacks / KFC there certainly isn't an annual franchisor gratitude day march.

                It just seems like you are looking under any rock to say franchising is greatest thing since sliced bread. I'll let you play that game.

                • +1

                  @netjock: Try not to make assumptions, I was simply stating facts previously, that those places exist and have been established for decades. How many KFCs and Hungry Jacks have you ever seen close down? Over the years I have known a few people who had servos, and they were making about 200k per year, but some double or triple. Not bad for a job that doesn't require any quals/education. Maybe those salad days are over, I haven't looked into it in a long time.

                  Hungry Jacks does a roaring trade, almost as good as maccas. Just go there on any particular day, the places are full and there's a line at the drive thru. It can't be that bad

                • @netjock: To your first point
                  I am an international student who has been working 80 hour weeks and have worked at a load of servos. The only ones that under pay at the moment are United, Liberty and some independently owned.
                  But the majority of them such as Coles, Woolies, Bp have always paid the minimum wage/industry standards. FYI 7/11 was reprimanded years ago and has since been paying its employees fairly.

                  Now just because no one makes the money that McDonald’s does, it doesn’t mean that other businesses aren’t highly profitable too. You’d be surprised by the amount of money your average Domino’s and KFC franchise owner makes.
                  Also, this is how the free market operates, well run businesses outlast poorly run businesses.
                  Btw I don’t think that @Jackson here is trying to make a case for the franchisee business model to be the ‘best thing since sliced bread’. Just that, they aren’t as bad as you were initially alluding to.

          • -1

            @Gervais fanboy: No worries, I will do my research and report back.

            • +1

              @iNeed2Pee: lol no worries

              • +1

                @Gervais fanboy: I apologise for - vote. I have revoked because I jumped the gun.

                I did some research about the store I went to, I guess it wasn't just me. Which makes me feel better.
                This was from a review:
                "Refusing to accept vouchers from the Subway app. Very dodgy operators. Have reported to head office. Best to steer clear of this one, plenty of other subways around."

                My local now are very good and I have always supported them.

                • @iNeed2Pee: No worries, I figured that after reading my most recent comment you revoked it.
                  I wasn’t trying to publicly have a personal go at you so i quickly trimmed my comment to just three words.
                  Anyways, it’s all good brother.

                  So your original point was about how Franchisees should do some research before buying a store. I replied to that point of yours and now you have switched subjects to how one Subway store isn’t accepting Subway app vouchers.
                  I don’t know what to say to that. Coz this is a totally different point to what we were discussing above. I have got nothing to say to that.

                  • +1

                    @Gervais fanboy: Yeah fair point, the research comment was just for those franchise owners who set up shop then try to cut costs which piss off the consumer. (which is the declining of coupon codes as I have experienced)

                    The garbage franchise comment was just based on mine and friends experiences with Subway.
                    Positive thing like I said was that we ended up finding a decent subway where the owner really treats its customers like customers. (Hopefully that lasts)

                    • @iNeed2Pee: Listen I too think that most Subway stores are in a ‘garbage’ state at the moment. I never disagreed with you on that.

                      We were only debating one thing -Whether a Franchisee is to be blamed for its decision to buy a Subway franchise.

                      To my other argument with @Netjock about who’s to blame for the collapse of Subway as a brand and business.

                      As much as I believe your poor experience with one Subway franchise and their wrongfully denying that coffee promotion/app voucher, its hard to use that as a base for why Subway in Australia has now flopped. I am sure there’s a plethora of small factors like that which when put together become a genuine factor for Subway’s decline. But are all/most of those flaws down to the Franchise or the corporate.

      • +1

        Subway is enormously better value for money than any other eat out option, and generally more satisfying in my experience, so yeah I imagine they're running much more tightly in terms of finances than most places.

        • At regular price they are not particularly good value compared to any local fish&chips shop for example. Much more satisfying meal for less. When it comes to deals they hardly beat the value of Dominoes.

          What irks me the most: 6 inch is simply not enough to be full, not even with a cookie. Foot-long is too much. If they invent the 9 inch, I might take my business back to them.

          • +1

            @team teri: The variety of veggies you can get on a subway makes me not feel like I'm putting myself in an early grave so much. Takeaway chips are more in line with just buying snacks imo.

      • I'm a massive John Oliver fan and thought the segment was very interesting, but it should also be noted a lot of the main problems outlined are specific to American regulations and things aren't as bad here. Although there are definitely a lot closing down

      • +1

        That would involve my senses of vision and hearing being assaulted by John Oliver so no

    • +4

      All of the ones that have voluntarily elected to go on the EatClub platform?

      It’s all done and paid for in App too, so there’s no way they can reject it.

      • +3

        Exactly, I am just baffled by the surety with which people are talking over here when they clearly don’t understand how it all works.

      • This is not true. My experience of hating them started when they had a buy one get one free deal.
        They chose not to accept the offer even though the app stated it was part of that location.

        The manager was a rude person when I showed them the Subway app.
        I remember them saying "we can't afford to do that".

        So why register for it as you are alluding to?

        • +2

          You literally order with the coupon and pay for it all on the app.

          There’s no capacity to reject the offer at the restaurant because the transaction already occurred.

          You just go in and pick up your food.

          • @1994tvmoviez: In all fairness, I think he’s confusing/muddling together your point about the EatClub app and his personal experience with the Subway app.

    • You pay via the app, how can they not honor it?

  • +3

    Only certain stores are showing for me, mainly ones in inner Melbourne suburbs.

    • Yep, same for me.
      Thanks, but no thanks.

  • +1

    From prev experiences, having such deals is one thing and a subway franchise honouring is another. Best luck to me

    • +1

      and offering showing up on your desired subway location is another thing

    • +4

      ‘Honouring it’
      What are you on about ?

      You place an order via app and thats it. A franchisee doesn’t have any discretionary powers in that,

      • +1

        No I'm off about it. Order was never received last time. Showed order placed in app. Only one employee was working and he was a student by the looks of it. He couldn't do anything but to stand and apologise.

        • But you put that down to ‘Franchisee not honouring it’ ?
          When it was a clear case of incompetence on their end.

        • probably another student manager came to him to say "Do not honor this deal, I have been told by my boss" yeah ??

          • @USER DC: Or maybe it was an intergalactic being that morphed into that ‘student’ employee… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

            Btw @IpGem did quite clearly state that there was only one person working at the store.
            Are you Ok

            • @Gervais fanboy: yea that only person in store probably got direction from another person via phone/message or any earlier meeting with that other person

              Anyway who knows exactly what happened. I aint too sure

  • +4

    Didn't see any in NSW.

  • +1

    If you apply it in in-app order and paid for then it should be honored?

    • I couldn't find where to put the code in the app

      • Click on the Restaurant > Redeem > order and pay in app > Do you have a promo code (At the bottom).

  • I wouldn't eat subway even if it was free

    • +3

      not even to ask for more lettuce?

      • well they never put enough lettuce or capsicum on my subs, Always so little of both.

  • Eatclub not available in ACT unfortunately.

  • +1

    Zero results returned when searching for Subway in Perth.

    • Yep looks like not available in WA

  • +2

    OP has more than one eatclub account? Why?

    • Why not ?

    • +1

      Sometimes they issue targeted discount codes.

  • Mine in Melb CBD was honoured (stacks with 30% discount), but as expected, they were light on the ingredients.

    • +1

      Redeemed the deal at the Customs House Lane store. Footlong meatball was packed ready to go on time. Fillings were acceptable, slightly lighter on ingredients than biggest ones ive had, but $12 down to $3.42, good enough! Lettuce was fresh too lol

      • Same store - I had barely any lettuce. Probably had half the chicken. but for $4 I can't complain

  • 35% off stacked with the $5 off, $2.69 for a turkey footlong. Wow. They were a little light with the ingredients but for that price I don't care.

  • Two "offers" appeared in my Subway app about a year ago when I first got it, and I've never seen any offers since. I use the app maybe 1-2 times a month. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Only one time use ?

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