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Creative Outlier Air V3 True Wireless Earbuds $59.95 Delivered (was $99.95) @ Creative Australia


Boosted to power up to 40 hours of total playtime with 10 hours of battery life per charge, Creative Outlier Air V3 tops the series in its battery performance. We've raised the stakes with our newest Noise Control features, customizable touch control buttons, and quad mics for calls clarity, all engineered for the best true wireless experience.

Powered by 6 mm Bio-cellulose drivers and upgraded with Bluetooth® 5.2 technology, the Creative Outlier Air V3 is certified water-resistant with an IPX5 rating, so you can enjoy immersive audio wherever life takes you.


"The Outlier Air V3 are the best earbuds Creative has released and are right up there with the best earbuds available for under £100." - EXPERT REVIEWS

"The first Outlier Air was a big hit because it offered many great functional features at a low price. The new Creative Outlier Air V3 continues in the same vein, giving users the needed true wireless earbuds feature set such as ANC and Ambient Mode to stay relevant in 2021, while keeping a low price. In fact it is even lower than the first version, now coming in at only S$99. Competition is stiffer these days, but the Creative Outlier Air V3 continues to offer lots of value for the money that you’re paying." - TECHJIO

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Twin pack also available: https://au.creative.com/p/bundled-offers/creative-outlier-ai...

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    For anyone interested. I bought this from the store directly. Very similar to this post.
    Cons, the case is large and doesn't connect to two different devices at the same time. My 3-year-old Tao Tronics did. Whichever started playing audio first, held the connection.
    So, not sure why 5.2 Bluetooth matters…

    Would recommend buying from Amazon. Will come faster.

  • I bought them from this deal back in April - same price. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/696688

    Gave them to my teenager… she seems happy enough with them. Never tried them myself.

  • Very tempted - anyone got these and can comment on the ANR?

  • +1

    I bought these when they originally came out for $89.95
    Spoiler alert: I doubt they have ever been $99.95

    Very happy with them, I use them for walks/run/gym with both phone and watch.
    Ambient mode works better than the Galaxy Buds+, noise cancellation works well with some reduction in traffic/general noise - does not get rid of everything.

    Regarding active noise reduction, the description I gave in the original deal still holds: Imagine you have someone outside with a leaf blower over the road and you realise you have the window open and are distracted by the noise - Active Noise Reduction brings the noise down as if you closed the window, so it is less intrusive (but still there) and you can hear the music/podcast etc more clearly.

    Ambient mode means you can hear (a little) of your surroundings - not as much as when you take the buds out, but you hear something, especially high pitched noises like birds, rattling keys etc.

    Voice messages "Ambient Mode" "Active Noise Reduction" "Off" are kind of annoying, and the touch controls sometimes need another go.

    Case is mega chunky, and poor orientation with the buds upside down (IMO) but has wireless charging. My work around is to use the case upside down when getting the buds out for more natural orientation.

    Still, I have used them almost daily since last September, will use them tomorrow and think they are great.

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