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Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch $398 Delivered @ Amazon


Free delivery, seems to be a good price if you like animal crossing!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP! Price shows as $398 for me.

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    If you're buying to play and dont care about the box being beaten up then go for this.

    If you're looking to collect I wouldn't recommend getting it from Amazon.

    • Interesting, I would say buying through Amazon directly if you have to have something shipped is probably the best option. I've had monitors delivered by them and they still put it in a bigger box padded despite the actual box being padded. I would understand buying on third party on Amazon could be risky.

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    Note: no game included.

    Decision was probably made to persuade existing Switch owners to upgrade from the Switch Lite/ first revision Switch.

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      If they included it I think Nintendo would have jacked up the price like the Monster Hunter Rise edition Switch which included the game but was around $100 more at RRP than the other Switch consoles.

  • do you think it's ok for kid under 4?

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      My boy is about 4.5 and I wouldn’t recommend the game for someone under 4. There’s a lot of speech bubbles for them to try to work out which slows down game play, and it’s not very intuitive for them to work out what to do next. My boy loves Pokémon Let’s Go and mastered it well enough but Animal Farm is just too much for the young age. He loves the Switch though.

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        thank you kipps, do you recommend this or the lite version?

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          the real switch is much better and much more versatile than the lite version

        • Get the full version. It’s great to play it on TV

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        Yeah Animal Farm is quite a big read for a 4 and a half year old boy

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          All Switches are equal, but some Switches are more equal than others.

  • what is different between this and standard one?

    • Looks like it is just themed. So different colours and all that. I don't believe the actual specs are different and it does not come with the game

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        Standard version was $349 few weeks back.

        • I just got mine second hand. Got a great deal

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      Same internals.

      Just Animal Crossing themed for the following:
      - Dock
      - Joycons + Straps
      - Back plate for the console

  • It seems not all of us understood that the game is NOT INCLUDED.
    OP needs to update the post otherwise misleading.

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