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$10 Spicy Burger Box - Pickup Order or with $25 Delivery Order @ Red Rooster


Spicy Tender Burger, 1pc Fried Chicken, Regular Mash & Gravy, Small Chips & 375ml Drink.

Start your order here, choose Pickup or Delivery and enter the code to bring up the item


  • CC1001 (Pickup)
  • RR1001 (Delivery, minimum order: $25)

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  • +3

    When did Red Rooster turn into KFC?

    • +7

      Maybe it'll be spicier than anything KFC sells…

  • +1

    Hopefully the burger comes with lettuce and not cabbage.

    • +1

      Lettuce and Cabbage mix, same as KFC

  • Is there anyway to add more than one box?

    • +2

      Only if you want delivery.

      • I see. Thank you.

    • +2

      The minimum order of $25 is for delivery. It’ll still be $10 for both dine in or delivery :)

  • +4

    Had this. I feel spicier than hot and spicy from KFC. Prob less hot than zinger.
    I thought the fried chicken was going to be spicy as well, and asked about it - actually a 50c upgrade. Overall, was ok for 10 but not for original price which is about 14.

    • Zinger IS hot and spicy innit?!?

    • +1

      Good contribution but tis still hard to work out how spicy RR would be then as kfc can be really spicy at some stores but pretty mild at others, & also seems to depend on individual visits. So i guess the local kfc store must make their own h&s breading otherwise it would all be the same level of spiciness. I guess i will have to take a risk & find out how hot RR is & give it to a mate if i cant it eat it lol, i can only eat mild stuff

  • +2

    LOVE a good spicy box

  • +2

    You can upgrade the burger to a triple for $2

  • +3

    Red Rooster near my workplace doesn't even do online orders, and that includes in-store pickup through the app, so make sure your local store actually allows it

    • Yes, had this experience trying to order pick up at the Charnwood, ACT store just now. “This store doesn’t have a menu” or something similarly laughably incompetent.

  • Any expiration??

  • Getting "Invalid voucher code"

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