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[QLD, NSW, ACT] Rashays - Free Pizza 9:00pm-11pm (1 Per Table, No Minimum Spend)


RASHAYS spin the wheel giveaway!!! Free pizza 🍕 from 9 pm till close, dine in only!

  1. One pizza per table
  2. Dine in only
  3. Only available for DINE-IN on Friday 1st July 2022.
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  • +15

    is this the place owned by that clown/anti vaxxer/anti masker?

    • +2


      Yes, I won't be going there in a hurry…

        • +14

          No it hasn't been proven that it was an overreaction unless you prefer a lot more dead people. Lockdowns weren't lifted until vaccine targets were met and luckily came about after the disease had mutated into the omicron variant. I've been through the economic and medical modelling. We have data from places where there were and weren't lockdowns that have similar societies to us with regards to population density, access to healthcare and age groups. The comparison modelling clearly indicates that lockdowns were not an overreaction. Trying to compare a lockdown during an unvaccinated period during an earlier outbreak of Covid to now is irrational.

    • +13

      Chill dude, he's a nice dude who cares about his community. Not the brightest person but seems to be a well intentioned caring person. You also need to keep in mind some people are pro-choice and not necessarily anti-somethting if they decide not to enforce a state government 'rule'.

      • Chill dude, he's a nice dude who cares about his community.

        By encouraging anti-vaxxers…

        What a great guy….

        Mods, I've found another of SlavOz's burner accounts…

        • +12

          Why does everything always have to become political?
          It's a bargain. Don't like it? Don't spend your money there. Pretty simple.

          • -3


            It's a bargain.

            That's not for you to decide.

            That's why we have voting and a comments section…

            • +10

              @jv: I see more upvotes than downvotes. Doesn't that mean that it's considered a bargain?

              • -4


                I see more upvotes than downvotes.

                10 upvotes for 40 views.

                Only 25% people seeing this post thought it was a bargain. 75% didn't…

                • +10

                  @jv: You made me laugh. There are still more upvotes than downvotes. You sure seem to enjoy arguing don't you?

                  • +5


                    There are still more upvotes than downvotes

                    Can only downvote under certain conditions… So downvotes are not a good indicator of a bargain.

                    You need to look at the number of upvotes as a ratio of number of views of the 'supposed' deal…

                    • +3

                      @jv: I downvote rubbish deals when I see them buddy, so I'm pretty sure I know how easy it is to do so. I "need" to do nothing of the sort other than look at something and think "Hey! That's a good deal. I want one of those at that price/under those conditions". Pretty sure that's how most sensible people use this site.

                    • @jv: Could you please provide an equation and example?

                • +11

                  @jv: I have veiwed many posts on OzB and probably forget to vote 95% of the time.

                  • +3

                    @mrtee: I don't think that your 1 vote would make any difference to most of the real bargains…

                • +4

                  @jv: jv, growing up, did your parents use you as a basketball?

                  • +1

                    @Yaals: No, they both played tennis

                    • +7

                      @jv: Were you the net?

                    • +11

                      @jv: That's why you like to make quite the racquet!

      • +8

        Living in South Western Sydney during strict lockdowns was horrible for most people there. We did not have a proper park for the kids to play in within 5kms, also restricted to 1hour out of home and kids get sick of watching TV. We live in an apartment that is not north facing, so we did not get much sunlight, and did not have a common area in our building. This was the reality for many people in SWS, and the media was judgement as hell.
        There was much blame put on SWS for having high cases, but in fact they were 11-12th on the list but other areas did not go in to full lockdown.

        The above may be one of many reasons why the owner of Rashays saying he'll protest by not opening until everyone was aloud to dine in at restaurants.

      • +2

        You can be a nice dude and care about your community and be well intentioned and it still won't change the fact you were an anti-vaxxer / anti-masker who actively caused harm.

        You can't judge people by their intentions alone, actions matter.

        Now, that doesn't mean I won't eat at his restaurant. I have a Rashays down the road from me and will probably go tonight.

        Also I do however support him in the incident where one of his employees was eating and someone called the cops on them.

      • +14

        Anti vaxer or not, ask anyone whos ever worked for him, hes full of crap. Everything he does is for publicity

        If you think hes a genuine guy then his media team has you fooled

        • +1

          Lol leaving my last job I interviewed someone for my position, he used to work for an IT company who did consulting for Rashays… So one of the reasons he was leaving said IT company was that they instructed him to set up a cracked MS RDS servers for this mob because they or (he) didn't want to foot the licensing bills… So none of what ended up in the news surprised me about the owner/company…

      • +7

        He used the "vax" an excuse to delay opening his restaurants to minimise staff cost as most people were not going out to dine.

      • +1

        I agree he is just making his stance who cares

    • it sick it piss

    • +1

      not a real vaccine mate

    • +2

      Guess MSM buzzwords don't garner the same number of internet points as they used to. Glad people are starting to wake up.

    • +9

      yep screw this whole company and their attitude during the pandemic

    • +18

      Yep! That's the place alright - condoning no mask use by employees at his places of business which were all in the NSW COVID19 hotspots last year.

      The guy is, objectively, an bonafide muppet.

    • So I'm assuming you apply the same level of scrutiny to every other business you interact with, and call them out just as loudly for their transgressions? Or is this just an opportunity to pump up your virtue credentials?

  • +7

    If you get a Rashays, shouldn't you see a doctor?

    • +1

      Been there for years now, haven't had this need yet

  • +30

    Their frozen pizzas are probably approaching their expiration date. Nasty.

    • -1

      They are all made fresh btw

  • +2

    I have generally found their pizza to be of a poor quality. Very few toppings. Only purchased it because it was halal, i would only try them again if it was free with no minimum spend

    • I find a lack of consistency with the food, especially the pizza. But in general the Carramar store is decent and I often purchase Pizza on Tuesdays from them. I've had experiences where toppings were low and very salty, but decent-good (imo) most of the time. I see it as a cheaper alternative to Crust Pizza, and sometimes on par with Crust (depending on who's made it).

  • +1

    Issue with them is staff dont always seem to know about offers. Telling them about an offer and them finally discounting the bill makes me feel like im ripping them off..would be nicer if staff just applies discounts as offered without having to argue

    • +5

      They try to charge you full if you don't know I feel for ignorant customers who gets ripped off

      • +1

        Yeah went in for an offer once (forget what it was), had to tell them about the offer when paying, then they had to go and ask someone (possibly manager) about it, they then looked it up, agreed to the discount. Left a bad taste in our mouths! (Pun intended)

  • +12

    FREEEEEE CRRRRAPPY PIZZA!!!!!!!! …provided you spend $40 on drinks.

    Hard pass.

  • +9

    They're free for a reason.

    • So that hundreds/thousands of people spend sometime (like us) mention "Rashays" for some time.
      Plan worked!

  • +6

    do they still do free ivermectin toppings?

  • -2

    Can only assume the business is still running cause of religious marketing, such brainwashing gimmick

  • +4

    Is this in response to the top comment posted in r/Sydney about the worst place to eat in Sydney today?

  • +7
  • +16

    Their food is crap… don't waste your time. In addition to that its run by a bunch of anti-vaxxers.

  • +2

    Ignoring the owner's antics, why is the restaurant hated?

    It's just mid food that's mid priced in my experience.

    • +6

      So glad I didn't get the vaccine.

      The dead unvaccinated people don't agree with you…

      • +1

        The dead vaccinated people will agree…

        • Who are about 10 times less likely to die than the unvaccinated ones..

  • -1

    REEEE anti-masker!!1!!

  • +20

    Facebook says no conditions
    Stores say minimum spend

    Bait and switch, owner is a muppet, neg is valid.

  • +2

    Rashays booking team told me no min spend, no doggy bags. Never tried their pizza, seems like a good time.

    • Cool, which store?

      • Narellan, but think that's for all stores mate. Although local staff may interpret conditions differently, not sure. Best to call

    • If you go i suggest checking with the staff about the offer before sitting down and ordering to avoid issues

  • Brahhh free pizza brahhhh come on brothers sisters

  • +2

    Haters gonna hate. I'll enjoy free pizza !

  • Dine in only.

  • +1

    Local store says dine-in only, but no bookings available, so impossible to avail of the supposed offer.

  • +4

    this bloke is always on FB live. he says he's humble and likes to supports local businesses then proceeds to film their restaurants clowning their empty seats…there was a video where he said he suggested he wasnt too big for the smallest of tasks so rather than getting a Sparky in to replace a light globe, he went to bunnings and did it himself….a light globe. a light globe.

  • +3

    Rashays lol as if you'd go there, their "kitchen" is a wall of microwaves and a freezer room

  • bonus offer, free side of covid with every meal, bargain!

  • I rang to make a booking
    1 free pizza per customer
    No takeway pizza (I said what would happen to 2/3rd of an uneaten pizza? I guess they would bin it / I asked what would happen if customer brings own takeaway / not much response on that so I guess that is fine)
    If a large family turned up,e.g., 10 people, then 10 free pizzas with no minimum spend

    I will pass as dinner after 8:30pm is very late

    • One of the latest FB post says 1 free pizza per table.

      Is it still a good idea to call in to book for a table given that it’s 8.30?

  • Good deal. 🍴

  • It's called off !
    Apparently they're not ready. Moved it to Friday.
    @mod please update

  • Can't believe people here still supporting the covid narrative and judging those standing up against tyrannical mandates despite now Australian courts ruling in the favour of common sense

  • +3

    Deal updated. Tonight cancelled due to the lack of stock. Well played Rashays, won't be seeing me at any of your restaurants now. What a shambles…

  • +1

    Can't support an anti vaxxer

    • +2

      Are you anti pizza?

      • +1

        These clowns would cut their nose off to spite their face, if it meant being able to virtue signal / whine about people who hold conflicting opinions. It's a free pizza, regardless of your opinion on the dude who owns the stores, free is free = a good deal last time I checked. The negative votes are invalid because they're essentially political statements.

        • -1

          It's a free pizza, regardless of your opinion on the dude

          Some people have morals, others don't…

          • +1

            @jv: And it's not your place or entitlement to decide what is moralistic or otherwise. Again, it's a free pizza, judge the deal on it's merits as a bargain, not through the lens of your political ideology.

            • +1

              @The Judge:

              And it's not your place or entitlement to decide what is moralistic or otherwise.

              Yes it is.

              your political ideology.

              I said moral, not political.

              • @jv: Don't want a free pizza? Cool, but there's no need to harp on ad nauseam with confected & mock outrage.

                • @The Judge:

                  there's no need to harp on ad nauseam

                  You've made 4 comments in this thread… That is 0.7% of all your posts since joining OzBargain.

                  This thread is only 0.02% of my posts…

                  Your commenting ratio in this thread is 4,857 times higher than mine…

  • +6

    Ridiculous made a booking at 7 obviously just before they ‘postponed’ it. Double checked over the phone they told me 1 pizza per table and I would see them at 9. Get there at 9 only to be told it was postponed. No update on my booking even though it was confirmed over sms and I told the booker on the phone that it was the reason I was coming. Horrible communication waste of an hour and a half going there and back.

    • 😲

      How dodgy

  • -2

    Isn't tusk the company that was anti mask, etc?

  • Obviously postponed as they’re getting stingy with real busy Thursday night shoppers. Most will be drinking at nicer places tomorrow

  • Why no Melbs?!? 😭

    • Because we are their degen core audience

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