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Optus Realme C21 Phones with SIM & $30 Recharge $139 Delivered/ C&C/ in-Store @ BIG W


Has been cheaper, but seems to be current best price for this phone.

Locked to Optus network I think.

6.5" Mini-drop Fullscreen
5000mAh Battery
Instant Fingerprint Sensor
13MP AI Triple Camera
NFC Enabled

Free $30 recharge. Recharge applies when you activate the included SIM.

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  • $127 at Target, but doesn't seem to be stock anywhere near me:

  • Beware these might not be possible to unlock, optus unlocking page does not recognize mine (purchased last year) as locked at all

    • I usually use optus network (eg Coles), so probably should be ok, right?

      • Yes unless you'd like to travel abroad and in this case you will only be limited to those countries that have a roaming agreement with Optus or your chosen Optus reseller

        • Just contact Optus via Chat if in fact locked as many are not. They will give you an unlock code for free.

          • @Borg: Contacted more than a week ago, they sent a request to the appropriate team and still no response. Keep waiting…

            • @alenpln: if you contacted them through chat, they deal with it right then and there.

              • @tdw: they said they cannot help through chat and asked to call them; I called; they filed the request and said to wait for about a month

    • +1

      i got both of mine unlocked by optus for free, no questions asked. use chat for best results

  • also check out the Blackview A70 Pro, was ~$140 on banggood a few days ago should come down again when they restock

    has one a75 core that is much faster

    in the ~$150 range you should be able to find something with a73/a75 cores that are almost twice as fast as the a55 cores on the C21

    if only the C3 was still around that was too cheap with its 2 a75 cores

    • The other phones I'm looking at are Motorala e32 $183 or TCL 20B $177 (plus I might get another $20 off with JB Hi-Fi Amex offer). These seem a bit better spec I think, but cost a little more. (If I bought C21 from Big W would also use 5% off egift)

      • +2

        i recommend just googling the processor, for android you want fast cpu cores anything with an a7 in front gives you 'big' cores that are almost twice the speed on the 'small' a5 cores

        eg 2 a75 cores(good): https://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_moto_e32-11485.php
        a53 cores(slow): https://www.gsmarena.com/tcl_20b-11261.php

        last time i went looking you can generally find a75 cores on chinese phones in the $150+ range

        • +1

          That's helpful. I'm out of touch with the technical differences. Maybe I should go with Motorola e32 then, since seems like much better CPU.

  • Isn't it same as this deal?


    My brother got me one and did an IMEI check which said unlocked. I think this post also had previous comments confirming the same

    • Yes, I saw that deal, and tried phoning a few WW stores, but couldn't find any stock within reach.

      • Apparently went down to $29 at one point with $30 sim

    • Yeap and if needed can contact Optus via Chat Support on their website and they will give you an unlock code for free.
      Question Is: Are these phones worth $139? I paid $49 and considered it a bargain.

      Case: I grabbed one of these for $7.99 on Ebay as RealMe don't have any cases for them. Does the job but would have preferred if softer as it is hard rubber.
      For Realme C21

  • Good deal

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