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Bonus 20,000 Rewards Points (Worth $100) with Purchase of a New Car Insurance Policy @ Woolworths Insurance

EDIT, use the REW20K code as CARX03 has expired

Third time I'm using this code (CARX03), always marked expired but comes back active each year somehow.

Works for 3rd party and 3rd party, fire, and theft too (not just comprehensive).

More expensive than Bingle ($100 gift card brings it closer to par with higher excess) but cheaper than all the other insurers I tried.

or credits to Maichu https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12336502/redir for this code REW20K which gave me a better price and 20,000 rewards points (worth $100) instead of $100 egift card.

Any woolsworth insurance (and mobile) comes with 10% off groceries once-a-month at Woolsworth

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  • Don’t they price match?

  • Never received it . Used that code couple of times.

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      in fact, i got 2 for the past two year because they screwed up. they sent one in the mail, and another in an email after i complained I didn't get it past their cut off date.

      did you make a complain? It's excessively long - like 45 days past the 14 day cooloff or something like that from memory/

      • I had exactly the same experience

      • I got 2 as well, they sent me the first one and then, months later, sent me another one by mistake. I also had a claim last year, paid the excess and never heard from Woolworths insurance again, they just sorted it.

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    Couple of years back I tried quotes with and without code. Without code pricing was better.

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      Did this last month and can confirm it's cheaper without code.

  • Used be $150

    • $175 eGift card for getting 2+ months of comp through Heritage Bank with AAMI. Final day for offer end of June. Quotes pricey though.

  • +1

    I got it for home insurance deal after 2 weeks last time if anyone wants to know.

  • Coles $200 cheaper for me including GC :(

  • NRMA is cheaper by 500 (includes loyalty bonus of 12.5%) for me compared to Woolies :(

    Good deal if for others premium is competitive.

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    If you can make use of the 10% off groceries once a month, it really adds up to be fantastic value.

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      But WW mobile includes that and for a lot less

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      I thought everyone gets 10% a month of groceries?

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    Recently purchased car insurance and found Woolies wasn't even in the competitive ballpark (cost and cover). YMMV.

    • I just churned from budget direct. They were more expensive without coupon. But 20k pts made them cheaper by like $10. 10% off monthly shopping convinced me to churn.

      • While the discount on groceries was tempting, I found the PDS for my cover to be inadequate. I'm glad I took the time to read it.

        • Would be keen to hear more about what was inadequate?

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Low market valuation and coverage limits, high excess, few value adds, high price to name the main ones.

            • @chrisandrew: Thanks, it's context dependant I guess. You got me worried. It's only my 2nd year insurance on new car with low km (thanks covid) so covers were pretty similar, for me.

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                @ShouldIBuyIt: If you haven't already, do read the PDS that was included with your policy - particularly the exclusions, limits etc.

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                  @chrisandrew: Just putting it out there - got rear-ended by an uninsured driver (not at fault). Woolworths only covers up to $3000 with third party. My old insurer RACT would have covered up to $5000 and for a lesser monthly instalment.

                  I was a bit worried when the original repair quote was for $2980!!! Just for a "minor" bumper repair. Lucky it came to $2700 in the end, so didn't have to pay anything except for inconvenience.

                  Read your insurance limits!

  • hi people, what about home insurance? we are with GIO & woolworths for our cars, i'm comparing different companies for Home-Insurance

    • Plus for a limited time you’ll enjoy 10,000 Everyday Rewards points!§ Make sure you enter your Everyday Rewards card number and promo code HR10K when you apply online.

      Worth trying code HR20K …

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    Using promo code REW20K will give you a better price. However you get 20,000 rewards points instead, equal to $100 spend at Woollies (and partners)

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      ^ this.
      The reason being you get a 15% discount with the points and only 10% with the gift card

    • thanks for this - added to the post. this gave me a better price.

  • No existing customers

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      Multiple members confirmed you can still get it as a renewal or new policy , for e.g here and above comments

  • Thanks

  • This deal might be perfect for Butt Scratcher. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/709509

  • +1

    "More expensive than Bingle" On the contrary, I use Woolworths for three of my cars because they are cheaper than Bingle. The $100 card is always a bonus.

    • reading comments here - YMMV is an understatement.

      some of the other insurers much cheaper for others were MUCH more expensive for me - its bizarre.

      $100 card, +10% groceries once a month is a pretty good perk.

  • $114 for me to move to Woolies, got a quote with my current insurer ING, $91…I'm not moving

  • Anyone knows when the rewards points will show up in my account? Already paid but no points yet.

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      Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full.

  • Where to enter the code? I am lost :(

  • I just compared my existing Suncorp insurance with Woolworths, with all the extras
    the only change is that i have my home and contents with suncorp.
    Suncorp - 850
    Woolworths - 1442

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    The code REW20K still works , just tried it now.

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      Thanks, updated the post

  • Should be Bonus 20,000 rewards points (worth $100), not 10,000

    • thanks, typo fixed

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    Read somewhere that only allow to link 1 policy to Everyday Rewards? IE. Can't have multiple policy with 1 Everyday Reward account, and getting the multiple 20,000 rewards points?

    Have already moved 1 car over, drive less pay less comprehensive (5,000km/year). Came out cheaper when rewards points taken into account, than Austpost (QBE) with cash rewards. Everybody else more expensive.

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      Get multiple everyday rewards. You get the 20k pts and 10% off once a month

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    Fyi, signed up on 24/06 and got my points today. Yay

  • I just did a quote for my car and house insurance and they're quite expensive. The house insurance quote was on par with NRMA which is the highest.

  • I just switched my insurance to Woolworths. Although the premium was high, 20000 points make it worth.

    The code is still working

  • +1

    I got my bonus points. policy started 18th July 2022, points awarded on 10th August 2022.

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