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Specsavers: 20% Cashback (22% with ANZ Max, Capped at $40) @ Cashrewards


Stack with $50 off $199 with code SAVE50

Don't forget to have yourselves a great day.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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    Sorry can’t read it.

  • should be able to stack with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/706713, no?

    So 2 packs of Dailies Total 1 = 250.
    - 50 (Specsavers)
    - 40 (Cashrewards)
    - 50 (Alcon)
    =110. bargain :)

    • what's alcon?

    • And 60% back from my insurance!!

    • +1

      I tried to fill in on https://www.alconreward.com.au/ but "Unique code does not exist." when just putting something in field.
      Does anyone know if the unique promo code is actually unique or just unique to Specsavers or each Specsavers store, so multi-use code? Please share if you know it, thanks :)

      • +2

        This is the reply I got when contact Specsavers

        "sorry, I don't have that code. I would recommend that you fill out the form on this link below and they can advise on how to get a promotional code https://www.alconreward.com.au/contact-us"

        • +3

          I also contacted Specsavers (by phone) and they said they weren't aware of any such promotion.

          Sounds like Alcon may have approached specific optometrists only and been lazy with the Terms and Conditions page

          • +1

            @Increase1: I've emailed Alcon and asked them. I get the feeling that Specsavers/OPSM might not be on the deal

            • +1

              @Choc83: Terms and conditions suggest the unique codes are handed out on cards when you visit the optometrist (for contact lens fitting etc.). Although it says online stores of companies with a also physical store (online only excluded). This definitely should include Specsavers as it did in their last cashback promo.

          • @Increase1: Or perhaps they're using potential consumers for negotiating like Zip is with their one time use credit card numbers.

          • @Increase1: Is there any way of contacting Specsaver HQ? From the website only individual store phone numbers are listed.

    • From https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12328106/redir

      I read through the terms and conditions.

      One needs to get an unique promo codes from the optometrist. I'm not sure someone can be fitted in less than two days.

      Also, personally, in the last quarter I had an eye test so I'm not sure if I can get another free one so soon.

      Otherwise $50 cashback is $258 value for $158 cash spend if you also take advantage of this Ozbargain deal.

      A three way stack with this deal it would be $258 value for $118 cashback as per replied to comment.

  • Is there a way to order more than 2 packs of the same lenses in the one order?

  • +1

    Have been waiting for this, great time to stock up. Cheers OP.

  • Discount is on contact lenses only? If so, it should be in the title.

  • +1

    Good deal, shame i ordered yesterday! The SAVE50 code can only be used once.

    • Same! :(

    • Ahhh! What if creating a new account?

  • I bought glasses from them yestersay :(

    • This is for contacts only, so don't feel bad!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, will stock up on some contacts, should see me right for the next 12-18 months

  • Can you still claim from private health fund if you order online? Anyone has experience?

    • +2

      Yep, can still claim. Have not had any issues, you just forward to invoice to health fund to claim.

      • Good, the 20% cash back will cover the gap I am going to pay.

  • Can this be used instore or online only?

    • +1

      Online only.

  • +1

    Oh crap, I just ordered yesterday due to my health fund resets at the end of financial year and I didn't want to wait till the last day incase there were any issues.

    • -3

      I think you're mistaken. Health fund rebates follow the calendar year, not financial year…

      • Mine follows my membership year.

        • Curious which fund are you with?

          • +2

            @Miyagi: Some follow the financial year, some follow the calendar year. Not all are the same, and wouldn't be surprised if there were some that followed a membership year either.

          • @Miyagi: GU Health

      • No, it depends on the health fund. AHM follows financial year. Sadly i didnt use my optical in 2020 as i completely forgot about it with covid and lockdowns etc :(.

  • Will the cashback work if I pay directly with my health fund via Medipass?

    Edit: OK I tried it myself, it did track perfectly fine.

  • +2

    Even with a discount spec savers is a total rip off. Check https://www.clearly.com.au/ as I find the glasses there are superior quality and way cheaper. That's just my opinion though.

    • This is very true, I wouldnt buy glasses from Specsavers, i think when they first opened they were a discounted operation but now they are super pricey just like OPSM and the others. Clearly is way better and what i use for glasses. Contacts i think there are more competition and a lot closer in prices.

      • Can you claim on health insurance?

        • Yup, They are one of the recognised companies. There are cheaper online ones but i dont think you can claim on them

  • +1

    Thanks heaps for this, luckily I was too busy to order yesterday and got this

  • +1

    useless pricks knocked me back last time even with widget logs & screen shots… claimed the sale originated from non-cashreward link… oh yeah

    • So screen recording is best?

    • Yeh CR standard has dropped quite a lot also quite dodgy. My other CB platform is growing quicker now.

  • ANZLENS … compare before you buy even with BOTH discounts!!

  • Thanks for this, was ordering $200 of free lens today to use my health insurance before it resets tomorrow :)

  • +2

    thanks OP.

    Paid $156.00. got back $140 from HBF and $31.20 cashback.

    $15.20 PROFIT

  • +2

    Cashback still hasn't tracked for me. Paid with my registered ANZ card for Max as well.

    • +2


      • +2

        Me too

        • +1

          Raised a missing cashback claim a few days ago and it just got approved.

          • +1

            @ufwpd: I raised missing claim a few days ago myself and am still waiting for a response

  • +2

    How long does it take for cashback track with Specsavers typically?

    • +1

      I had an order on 30th before 8am when no-one else would have been shopping and it tracked within 7 minutes. I was so gutted that if I only waited a few hours it would have been 20% cashback instead, but was trying to be proactive since my fund resets FY.

      My partner did their order after 8am so when 20% cashback at 9:47am and it still hasn't tracked. So will be waiting the 7 days (around 7th Jul) to submit enquiry. Since notification "1 to 7 days" so the click history enquiry button should be available by then. Is good to see we are not the only one (based on the comments), so most likely their issue.

  • +2

    No tracking…

  • +2

    my cashback hasn't been tracked yet either, hopefully in a day or so

  • +2

    Mine tracked within 10 mins.

  • mine tracked now.

    • +1

      mine still hasn't, just submitted a claim

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