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[NSW] Double-Value Discover Voucher: $50 off Booking with One $25 Voucher @ Hyper Karting (Moore Park)


Still got Discover vouchers left over? Here's how you can spend it wisely!

Double your Dine & Discover at Hyper Karting! $50 off your booking using your $25 Discover Voucher. TODAY ONLY!!

Redeem in-store or by calling (02) 8311 4124 before June 30th ends!

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Hyper Karting


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    From the website:

    Main Track (140cm+)

    Is this a minimum height restriction?

    • No its the length of the track

      • @deltaV the track is 410m long

      • hardy har

  • @andreasampras yes for the adult track and also please make sure you pick the right age while booking


    We are proud to be accepting both Discover & Parent NSW vouchers in venue. Unfortunately, we are not able to redeem these vouchers at the online booking stage. As we recommend booking online to secure your spot, please pay the full amount online and advise staff upon arrival that you have a voucher to use. We will then refund the appropriate amount back to the card / PayPal that was used to make the booking

    • Hi @Highmargin

      this is a special we are running over the phone or in person today only so it overwrites the terms from the product listing. You can book future dates but you need to call us to get the deal (02) 8311 4124

  • This is great and very much worth doing. Time of day prices mean you can get pretty cheap runs in off peak times.

    After about 3 races your forearms are burning though!

    • do you even lift?

      • Clearly not enough for gokarting.

  • How much is for the licence and other admin cost to go onto the track? Often this is a cost that you get stung on the day…

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      @Vodafail No licence required or extra fees on the day.

  • Would be good if someone actually picked up the phone. Been on hold for over 5 minutes already.

    • @A female dog Please read the update. We can still do them, please email us.


    Please email us an image of your QR Code (not just the text below it) to [email protected] and we will endeavour to redeem them. If we manage to redeem them for you in time we will respond to you in the coming days to organise your booking with us

    Good Evening

    Please note that the below applies to the 'Double your Discover' redemption offer where you get $50 of value with us per $25 voucher:

    Due to the high volume of calls and emails we have been receiving please email a screenshot of your voucher AND phone number to [email protected] for redemption. We will endeavour to redeem your voucher although we do not guarantee that we will be able to and take no responsibility if it is not redeemed.

    If we manage to redeem your voucher then it will be marked as redeemed in your Service NSW App and you can rest easy. In the coming days (up to 14) we will reach out to each and every person who sends through a voucher that is redeemed and endeavour to book you into race with us. We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes however it is necessary in order to assist as many people as possible.

    Please also note the following:

    • We cannot redeem multiple vouchers from the same owner / account

    • We cannot redeem Dine vouchers

    • We will still be redeeming your voucher for $50 worth of booking with us!Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience!

    The Hyper Karting Team

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      How about if someone has multiple vouchers that belong to multiple users. Can you redeem them and keep it as credit for one account?

    • Is the deadline 11:59pm AEST (Thursday 30/6) ?

      I still have Discover voucher(s)…

  • Very disappointed with this process and company.
    I phoned up but was told it would be better to go in person so I wasted time and effort to drive there. They made me and and at least one other person wait in line for over 45 mins as they kept ushering non-discover voucher people to the front.
    When I was finally served I then was given wrong information about the prices. I was almost charged $118 after being quoted a significantly lower price but luckily caught it just before I tapped my card.
    In the end they booked me in at a higher price than what would have been possible if the person serving had looked at relevant dates.
    I was promised an email with my booking date and times but that never appeared.
    When I returned in person I was basically told that yes the guy got it wrong about the prices but we can't do anything to fix it so just accept it. No actual apology, just a statement that the guy that served me was new.
    All in all not an experience that would see me come back or recommend it to other people.

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