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½Price Motorola Edge 20 Fusion $249 | Samsung Galaxy S22 $499, Oppo Find X5 $699 with Telstra $69/M 12M Plan Port-in @ JB Hi-Fi


Motorola Edge 20 Fusion 5G 128GB (Electric Graphite or Cyber Teal)

The Motorola Edge 20 Fusion is possibly the lowest price of $249. There’s no requirement to sign up for a Telstra plan :)

  • Previous Motorola Edge 20 Fusion deals

The following mobile phones with port-in to Telstra 100GB $69 per month for 12 months mobile plan (page 11-13 of the upcoming catalogue):

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 ($499 upfront) - minimum cost $1327
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ ($799 upfront) - minimum cost $1627
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ($1099 upfront) - minimum cost $1927
  • Oppo Find X5 ($699 upfront) - minimum cost $1527
  • $400 off any iPhone - minimum cost $828

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  • +11

    think the Pixel 6 Pro was a better deal

    • +6

      Agreed. Paying double upfront for the 22+ is absurd

    • +2

      Still waiting for a deal outright on Pixel 6 pro

  • +6

    I feel robbed by signing up to their $99/m (with 20 monthly credit) for 24 months.

    Can easily turn - Samsung Galaxy S22 - into a $1147 gift card. Taking into consideration the $499 upfront, means the plan comes with GC worth $648. Not to mention the possibility for a $10/monthly credit.

    • That is the whole point of contracts unfortunately. I also got the TV from the good guys and kind of regretting it.

    • how can you turn s22 into a 1147 gift card?

      it can be sold online for 800

      • By returning it to store before opening. I did that with mine when i signed up for $99 plan(with $20 off)

        • I signed up over the phone and didn't bother going into the store. Really should have done so in hindsight.

  • -2

    Or $20 monthly credit

  • Just asking I have managed to get Oppo Find X3 pro for $650 from a friend who works in Telstra. Is that a good deal?

    • +4

      still one of the best phones on the market

    • +1

      Can you get me one too please?!?!

      • +3

        I was told it was the last one hahaha

        • damn, I was going to ask the same thing hahahaha

  • @OP: I'm a bit confused. Is that Moto phone's price now at $249 outright? Or I'll need to subscribe to Telstra for 1year?

  • +6

    The Motorola Edge 20 Fusion = absolute bargain.

    • how does it compare to say a poco x3 pro?

      • +2


        • +2

          thank you i will wait out for the next sale for poco x3 pro on ozbargain

          • +1

            @smeng: With the Motorola you get an Australian warranty, with the Poco you don't.

            • +2

              @HigoChumbo: Thank you for reminding me of this cheers

              • @smeng: one of the reviews I read said there were all sorts of slows and bugs on this phone. Spec wise it looks good for the price though. Oh and they said all their photos were blurry due to slow shutter/crap camera

                • @Jackson: thank you, i have decided to wait for the poco x3 pro to be on special again thank you

    • +1

      Agreed, I paid ~$500 for it a year ago, banger of a phone

  • So who has been able to get the $10 monthly plan discount from the last deal, does it still work ?

    • +1

      I got a 20$/month discount last week

      • how did you get that?

        • I signed up, then used the chat in the app to request a port in discount

  • +2

    Great price for the Fusion 20. I paid $350 last year with sale and gift cards.

    Crappy below average camera is the major weakness.

    • +2

      Thats a damn deal breaker for me, 'below average' that really sux, saving $249 …

    • +3

      Does Gcam work with it? Does it make any improvement?

      • Just saw this comment now while scrolling through, my mum has this phone and the back camera is fine.

        Selfie camera is really not great but yes you can install Gcam to improve it dramatically.

        Was worried we couldn't being a non-Snapdragon phone but seems to work great!

        • What Gcam have you installed? Is it a straightforward process?

          • @JetLi: Not too sure which version to be honest, I grabbed this for mum towards the end of last year/early this year I think so it's been a while.

            I saw this comment on the next page so worth trying this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12347150/redir

            Also yes very straightforward, just download and install the APK like you would any other app :)

            You can still tinker around a bit with settings but otherwise you're good to go as soon as you install it.

            • @mangobango: Thanks, am a noob when it comes to APK etc. So installing a Gcam (for selfies) won't prevent you from using the stock camera app for other photos using the rear cameras?

              • @JetLi: All good!

                Correct, it's just a separate app, you can have them both installed at the same time and just open up the one you want whenever.

  • +1

    I am seriously considering the fusion 20 but concerned about the camera.

    Anyone recommend an alternative to the fusion 20 with a significantly better camera (but otherwise similar level specs) for up to $350 (maybe $400)???

    • Tcl 20 pro 5g, it was $399 at bigw few weeks ago. With shop back, down to $360. Much better camera.

      • I probably lean towards TCL20 Pro 5G, shame i missed that deal few weeks ago :(

    • I had the fusion 20 for a week. Returned it for a realme 7 5g. Much better phone at the same price. Camera is decent. Doesnt lag horribly on shutter like the moto did

      • How did you return after using it for 7 days? And from where did u buy it?

        • I bought it from jbhifi.
          They agreed the phone was not fit to function.

  • Will the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion be an upgrade from my Pixel 3 camera wise?

    • No

      • Cheers

    • It will be comparable with gcam. I have seen the YouTube videos and it not bad.

      • Apart from the camera, will everything else be an upgrade?

        CPU/RAMfor example?

        • +1

          The cpu will be much more efficient and the ram is much bigger. The screen will be an upgrade.

  • +4

    just HODL - you will get the s22 for free soon, it was like this last year

    • +2

      For free? Do you mean when signing up for a contract?

      • +1

        I reckoned the deals will be even better in 2 months time when iPhone 14 comes out, they always do that.

        • -2

          Wait for a few more years, someone might pay you take it off them.

      • +1

        yes, you can get s22 for free on 24 month plan now through HN but soon you will be able to get this deal with free s22 (same terms - 12 month contract)

  • Has anyone found a way for a current Telstra customer to get a discount or deal similar to this? From memory you have to port out for over 30 days otherwise

    • +2

      sign up to this new plan, then get Telstra to swap numbers, then cancel your original plan with the new number, and keep the new plan with your existing number. Done it about 10 times over 3 years

      • +2

        They changed the game now.
        They have a system is able to detect if your number is" old"enough or not .

        • +1

          It's insane how hard they want to (profanity) long term, existing customers in the arse on these deals.

          It's so ridiculously easy to get around by porting out to one of the networks that use telstra for 30 days before you go shopping for deals.

          If anything it just motivates you to get the (profanity) off telstra direct as soon as your contract expires and goes month to month.

  • +1

    The best deal I recall on Telstra was the free Note 10 Plus at JB Hifi on the $100/month plan, where you could cancel their plan the same day you signed up and only pay a $595 fee and keep the phone.

    • Wow! When was that?

      • +1

        Year and a half back now. What's more is that Telstra never even billed me for the handset, despite calling them up a couple of times about it. So yeah, awesome deal!

        • @t3chshopper - can we still do this with the above plans such as Samsung Galaxy S22 ?

  • Thanks OP, bought two for my in-law's. They'll be a great upgrade from their aging Samsung S9's!!

  • +2

    Edge 20 compared to my ass old Samsung S9: Worse camera, worse performance and no wireless charging….guess ill keep looking.

    • Battery life?

      • Edge 20 battery life is very good, my friend has the s20 using them for work all day, later in the day his was 20% and mine was 68%

    • +1

      Samsung has lost its game. I have not used one since S7 edge. Even oneplus no good anymore

      Google Pixel is the way to go otherwise Oppo or Xiaomi best bang for buck

  • -2

    always restart itself

  • hows the Motorola phone, i really need one, my poco f1 died, sometimes , restarts its self, turns off, and battery drains in an hour and got really slow as well.

    • +1

      for $250 it’s a bargain …..5G, large oled screen, australian warranty , no contract, etc ….. says android 12 due april so either has it or should get it…..i’m thinking of getting one as a spare phone…. moto do very clean android versions for the purists.

      • Bought it for my son 2 months ago, great phone.

    • I bought one this morning, doing the apps install/recharge now.
      First impressions; very impressed. Fast response, great screen, I even like the Moto gestures to navigate the apps (which can be reset to the 3 button convention I am used to).
      Got the $10 discount for signing up to JB's membership program, very happy for the price.
      I mentioned to a mate who rang me what it cost and he if off to his local to check it out

      • Is the camera as bad as other comments say? Because yea this seems like a real bargain

        • I have only taken a few indoor pics to test it out. It seems OK, but I have just installed Open cam on it, which I am more used to.
          Might sniff around for get a Gcam apk to try out

  • +1

    Thanks OP, picked one up :)

  • +1

    what will be a decent upgrade from Samsung 9 Plus

  • +1

    Paid $449 for the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion in April, so this is a great price for a great phone.

    • Does it feel solid?

      • +4

        Yep, feels premium in the hand and looks it too. It has a great oled screen, and stock Android with a couple of moto apps. My son loves it and thinks it looks like an iPhone from the back. He loves the teal
        colour of it too. At this price it's really a no brainer, I don't think you'll find anything comparable.

        • I am thinking about getting the TCL 20 Pro, not sure whether i should wait or just buy this phone instead. thank you!

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Purchased the Teal colour at 8pm this evening for $249, so the "Tomorrow" banner on the heading could be deleted.
    Saved another $5 with today's Shopback challenge, plus a further 2.5% cashback, when buying a $200 JbHiFi gift card. Phone price effectively $239 by the end of it all.

    • +1

      No worries!
      The tomorrow banner has to be there because of the Telstra phone deals :/

      • +1

        Ahh, understood. Apologies for being narrow focussed.

        • +1

          No need to apologise, hope you enjoy your new Motorola! :))

    • Don't forget the jbhifi perks voucher to get the extra$10 off

    • can i use 2 jb gift cards at same time ??

  • Would the Motorola edge 20 be an upgrade over an Oppo A52? Just looking for a decent phone for around $300 to replace my old Oppo A52 which is getting a bit laggy

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