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Crucial 16GB (Single) DDR4 3200MHz CL22 SODIMM Laptop Memory $69.97 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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    I shoved two of these in a laptop a while ago, they function… I don’t really have anything else to say on these…

    • I recently spent ~$370 on 4 CL18 desktop sticks - I could have taken the performance hit[/s] and wouldn't miss the disco lights on one of the pairs for $230 less..

    • You share the same mentality as my ex-wife

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        How's your current wife and her boyfriend going?

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          Thanks for checking in. We have our ups and downs but we are collectively staying strong.

  • Delivery kills the deal.

  • is this site safe to buy a computer component ?

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      I have bought a few items from them.

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      You'll be fine, there have been many deal posts from this store on OzBargain

    • Thanks

  • Sorry , how do I know if this ram is going to fit on my laptop or compatible ?

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      Use the compatibility checker linked in the OP.

      • Thank you

  • Is it single ranked or dual ranked? Can it be used to replace a dual ranked one.. any ideas??

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      Probably single but could be dual.

  • Can someone recommend me a 32gb kit for a legion 5 pro please.

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      I have 2 of these in my Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, works fine, got mine from eBay. Same model as this deal, and this deal

      • Does that mean, RAM being single ranked or dual ranked doesnt really matter and both of them can be used to replace the existing RAMs interchangibly? For example, single ranked RAM to replace a dual ranked one with same specs otherwise? Thank you !!!

        • Honestly, imo the difference between single and double rank is negligible when it comes to laptop RAM. It is also the specification that is very rarely shown anywhere until you've bought it, so makes it difficult to determine whether you are buying the one that you want.

          The things to look out for firstly is the right connector (DDR4 SODIMM) and size you want (16GB).

          Then you look into the frequency (3200MHz) and class (CL22 (some laptops with BIOS that support XMP can use CL18 but Legion 5 Pro does not support it)) and finally make sure that it is x8 and not x16.

          I pointed out in my previous post that Crucial RAM with model CT16G4SFRA32A (the one in this deal) are all either 1Rx8 or 2Rx8.

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