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Hisense 65U7G 65" 4K ULED Smart TV $796 + Shipping / C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


This is a great price for this tv, i got it for $950 delivered about 2 weeks ago. I know its not the same model as the US one but I am very happy with the picture quality for which i purchased this tv for.


With Hisense QLED Quantum Dot Colour and Full Array Local Dimming, the Hisense ULED 4K Series U7G TV offers smoother, more fluid picture quality that bursts with colour, clarity and striking contrast. With premium features such as Dolby Vision™ HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio, TV-bingers and movie-buffs will find deep satisfaction in the superb audio-visual experience. With AI Picture Optimisation technology, the ULED 4K Series U7G TV automatically identifies and optimises image quality, regardless of what source it’s coming from. That means whether you’re watching an old movie or ripping it up in Game Mode, you’re guaranteed the best picture quality possible. With the latest version of Hisense’s VIDAA U5 smart operating system on board, searching and navigating is pretty much instantaneous.

*As models may vary from country to country (even though products may have the same model number), please check the specifications. This is the Australian model.

Key Features

65" (3840 x 2160) screen

QLED Quantum Dot Technology

Full Array Local Dimming

Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos

Bluetooth Voice Remote

Google Assistant Ready

Bluetooth Voice Remote

PVR Recording

Built-in Wi-Fi

Bluetooth v5.0

4 x HDMI ports

2 x USB ports

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    Tgg has this marked as a clearance model it looks like but gotta say this price looks pretty good. I got A 65p7 a few years ago (ozbargain favourite), and it’s still going good - tempted to get one of these for my garage gym hmm….

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      I had a hisense k700 which i sold recently and upgraded to this one. I love how bright it gets for dolby vision and hdr content, i can actually see that really dark content now. I don't game so couldn't care less about 120hz and hdmi 2.1 etc.

      • Really? I found that Dolby Vision videos are really dim.

    • I got 65p7 years ago also, I noticed Hisense has gone downhill in quality since.

      I recently got my grandparents a 55" Hisense tv and got the model with the added JBL speakers because they are both deaf. I paid a few hundred compared to mine, I got bigger screen (10") and my standard H.K speaker tear through the jbl's.

      • got 65p7 years ago also, I noticed Hisense has gone downhill in quality since.

        dang lucky this went out of stock then :'(

        oh well i kinda wanted a projector for the gym anyway

  • This is wait for what we new models will be released?

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    • +6


    • +2

      You might wait all your life.

    • +37

      What the (profanity) did I even write

      • +1

        It dyslexia perfect sense made

      • +1

        I must have dyslexia, cause I instantly read "This or wait for the new models to me realeased"

        • pretty much what I attempted to write (except be not me) without rereading the phones auto correct

    • +2

      I read many times, still don't understand

    • +3

      Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

      • +3

        Have you ever had a dream…

  • Anyone knows how this comes to TCL P615 which is same price at TGG.

    • Hisense better

  • How would this compare to the Kogan QLED?

  • +2

    Not available for delivery :(

  • Just tried to order one "The basket is not available for delivery to your selected address. Please remove the item(s), or enter a different address."

  • No stock in VIC :(

    • Yep sadly it looks like its gone, still available in and around Sydney.

  • What does the QLED marketing jargon equate to? Not oled or anything?

    • Nothing more than a Bright LCD panel.

  • +2

    FYI I have the U7G 55" model, picture is great when you are directly in front but gets very washed out at moderate angles (30 deg +).

  • +4

    Hisense have the worst customer service and repair teams I’ve ever experienced let alone heard about. Wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to go through their processes if anything were to go wrong

    • +1

      OK. I've had the complete opposite experience with my R7 when it had issues shortly after purchasing a few years back.
      Service guy made few trips to my house to replace an internal part each time before Hisense just sent him out with another TV for me.
      Times must have changed

      • We had 5 visits from Hisense’s subcontracted repair techs over 2 months. they just replaced the same part (PSU) 4 times without actually investigating/fault finding (issue wasboot loop and turn on/off by itself). 4 months of arguing with Hisense on “repair” costs we gave up after a decent financial loss to Hisense/“repairer” and ended up taking it to a local electronic repairer who immediately found the fault, replaced the part and only charged us $25.00 - TV hasn’t faulted since!

        • what was the part?

          • @Jaff: I don’t actually remember now - it was 2 years ago now. The techs swapped out the main board + PSU to no avail and the local repairman replaced something else that fixed it

    • +1

      Like the guy below bricked a Hisense with a software upgrade a few years ago. Guy came out that day happened to have a replacement motherboard for same model changed it on the spot before the other half even noticed it ever broke.

  • Great price! I picked this one up also about 2 weeks ago for $900

  • +2

    not this model though but bought a 75' hisense 2 years back, loved the tv picture quality though hate vidaa os.. no Prime not many apps. using firestick, fine for me but elderly at home struggle to operate.. never again custom os..

    • I actually don't mind vidaa. It runs fairly zippy and has plenty of apps like Netflix, prime, Disney, kayo etc. Some people love it or hate it though. I know earlier versions of it weren't so great.

  • 😭 I really want to buy this but not available for delivery to Dubbo (2830). Disappointing.

  • Nice!!! Shipping costed extra $59 to Macquarie Park. Will be cancelling 58A6H from TGG.

  • How bright is this compare to the models like the samsung QN95?

  • +1

    How does this compare to the old 65Q8??

    I bought that about a year or so ago and it's been fantastic!

  • Got this for the bedroom at around this price with that additional 10?% off code from JB a couple of months ago, plus a voucher I had, and it has been a great purchase. The OS/menus are fast enough, connectivity if fine, App selection OK (I've just bought a Firestick 4K for it). All in all great 65" for the money if you can find one in stock somewhere!

    • Is 10% off code still valid? Where did you find it?

      • No. A couple of months ago I noted.. it was stacked on top of sitewide sale from memory.

  • Thanks OP. Got one. 65 inch is the same price as the 55 inch. Anyone able to confirm if this is a VA or IPS panel?

    • +1

      Very very likely VA

      • That's what I was thinking/hoping. But nothing on the spec sheet.

        • I never saw a IPS Hisense tv. Usually LG uses this panel.

  • What is the actual power consumption? Can'f find it on the spec sheet.

  • Link's not working anymore. OOS?

  • Deal is dead, link not working

  • Anyone try playing xbox on these Hisense TV? Any input lag?

    • I have my XB1X connected to my R7 on game mode and no lag noticed.
      Would say it be the same with this model

  • Anyone know how this compares to the Sony Crystal or QLED?

  • If anyone is still looking to get onto this deal, I just purchased at the Miranda store. Salesperson shared 25 units in warehouse stock available for delivery.

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