DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine EC685 $179 @ ALDI


Great price for this little coffee machine.
I got mine 4 years ago and it's still going strong

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    Going through the description, it seems the drip tray is the key selling point, they have to mention it 3 times.

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      Don't forget the anti-drip system!

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    Ye not bad at all. I have one too. Although I missed the sale from Aldi cuz they only brought a few per store. So I purchased from JB on sale for $200. I recommend it for a one to two person household. Anything beyond that is a little annoying as it takes too long to prepare coffee for multiple people.

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    Does it use ground coffee or pods ?

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      • Thanks - Having both is great .

      • Which pods does it use?

        • ESE pods what ever that is. I know they don't take the nespresso pods.

      • It uses ESE coffee pods. Not your regular nespresso or aldi pods etc.

      • Wow, that is fancy.

      • Nice.

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      Wait.. the whole thing exploded?

      Have you told this to Michael Bay? I think this is something he'll be interested in..

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    Product description, 3rd line : Professional filter holder for ground coffee and ESE pods.

    • AH I see said the blind man ):

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    I've had DeLonghi Dedica for 4 years +, great little machine, don't use the steam wand, i use a seperate item for that.
    I have used it 2-3 times a day for the last 4 years and have had no issues, great value.I Suggest purchasing a decent grinder to go with it

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      Hey mate, could you share what are you using instead of the machine’s steam wand ?

      • Ye what are you using as steam wand alternative!

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        Aldi milk frother of course

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          I do not use the steam wand either. I did try to use the Sunbeam Milk Frother but it stinks if I do not wash it with soap right after, so it is not convenient.

          I grind my coffee, and make it. Then pour some milk in, microwave it for 30 seconds (or 40 seconds if it is for two cups) and give it a stir. My coffee is quite nicer than what I could buy from a lot of the coffee shops.

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        I have the DeLonghi Dedica Arte, the steam wand is so much better. There are some hacks on the internet to make the steam wand on this model useful. But for me I just spent the little extra to get the Arte version. The Dedica is a great unit and so compact, makes great coffee.

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    Got it last time Aldi had it about 6 months go..

    It’s good for espresso, the steam wand is fine but not great. I usually just have espresso and only steam milk maybe once every couple of weeks. If I was doing milk everyday I’d probably want to upgrade to something better.
    Apparently there’s some mods you can do to improve the steam ranging from cable tying the rubber tube to replacing the wand with one from another machine, but I haven’t bothered.

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    Good coffee machine for a start. I used mine for around 2 years with a manual grinder to get decent espresso and learnt how to use the steam wand.

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    I use a plunger, can this replace it, or does it only make the short black type coffee? As i only like a splash of milk

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      You can just add boiled water and your splash of milk to a shot of espresso

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      You’re talking about two quite different styles of coffee. Neither is ‘better’ than the other (it’s all a matter of personal preference) but they aren’t directly comparable.

      An espresso machine will give you a small shot with intense flavour, more body, and (when done properly) the creama that sits on top. It also uses a very fine grind, almost powdery, so a decent grinder is a must. Your plunger will use a much coarser grind, and the resulting coffee will be a lot lighter in body, be less bitter up front, and have more aroma in the cup.

      To see what I mean, go to your favourite coffee shop and order an Americano long black which is a single shot with lots of hot water to top it up. I think you’ll find it has a completely different characteristic to your normal plunger experience.

  • according to this it's one of the worst machine out of all he tested.

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      It was 1/2 the price of all the other machines that guy tested for the video.

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      It's a budget machine. At its price point, I believe (I'm no expert on this) that it's one of the more reputable machines out there.

      If you're on a tight budget, I think it's worth considering this machine. If you're not, then you'll get a better machine with more money, no question.

    • I bought one around 3 years ago and been making 2-3 coffees a day with it with a breville grinder and I love it.
      My partner reckons the coffees are comparable to ones she would buy from the local cafe

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      If you're looking at a small footprint machine a Breville Bambino Plus is a much more appealing option

      I got TGG one at the beginning of covid, the auto milk frothing and PID make for some quite consistent results

      • 100% agree.

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    Non Pressurised basket seems to be the go.

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      My parents have the Dedica and matching grinder. I got them non-pressurised baskets from Amazon, end up having to buying a new grinder as well.

      That DeLonghi system is designed for pressurised baskets, if you are thinking of improvements, might as well spend the money to get a better machine to start with.

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        This isn't really true. Non pressurised just means you need a decent grinder regardless of machine, because you're relying on the coffee grind for pressure instead of the basket. Problem is that matching grinder just isn't that great.

        These machines are solid as is, pretty great with unpressurised and a good grinder, and really great with things like the rancilio wand mod (of course, for the money)

        • Agree, I bought the bottomless porta filter from Amazon and I have a good grinder. But don't really notice any difference in the flavour. If you are that much of a perfectionist with your coffee I would buy a more expensive model with pressure/temp control, a grinder and a proper frothing wand. Not a sub $200 unit.

        • Not disagreeing with you, maybe you have got the right beans/baskets going and able to achieve good results.

          What we have found is that with a pressurised basket, we just need to fill it without any precision and coffee will turn out ok.

          On the other hand, since the whole point of using a non-pressurised basked is to improve the extract, so we want to be precise/consistent by weighing the beans and adjust the grind size, etc. But the 51mm portafilter is really restrictive, because of how small it is, finer or coarser grounds vary the height so much, sometimes a double basket is too small, a triple is too large. It's very difficult to get it right and wasting a lot of beans in the process.

          What's why I feel that just stick with the baskets that come with the machine, they are part of the design. With all the money spent and time consumed, they would have better off getting a Barista Express. Or I shouldn't have bought them non-pressurised baskets. :D

  • the delonghi dedica arte has an upgraded steam wand, but it's twice the price.

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    The steam wand is complete garbage.
    Machine is good for espresso like coffee but you need a bottomless portafilter, dosing ring, decent grinder a better tamp and a scale. You'll spend under 100 to get the accessories via Amazon/AliExpress.
    It's a 51mm

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      "you need a bottomless portafilter…"
      Oh FFS! People buying these machines aren't dosing and analysing their extraction to improve puck prep. lol

      • Well if it makes crap coffee out of the box might as well get the gear to try and improve it.

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          Are you talking bottomless or just non-pressurized? Only the latter is really needed to make decent coffee in this.

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        r/espresso then go down the rabbit hole…. you won't stick with a machine like this for long

    • Got any links to back up your claim to buy all that under $100.

      A bottomless portafilter and dosing ring don't improve coffee making, they just make it less mess.
      Perhaps you ment a precision basket and better grinder 🤔

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        A bottomless portafilter can also make it more messy if you haven't got your grind and preparation sorted though… ;)

        • I'd 100% say a bottomless portafilter makes it more messy. One thing to note is the drip tray has holes that line up to the original handle. With a bottomless portafilter it will drip from the centre. So after removing the espresso cup drops will splash off the middle of the drip tray and quite often on to to the countertop.

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    Main issue I have had is the tampering, its very hard to get it at a level were either it has too little and it floods with water, or turns the coffee turns to rock and the basket is hard to twist. Heavily effects the taste

    I remember form last time, people were saying they replaced the basket with a alixpress one. may need to try that.

    • Cheap scales can really help to use a consistent amount of grinds each time.

    • If you are using the standard basket, try using very little pressure with the tamper - just enough to level it off. Different story if using a non-pressurised basket

  • Have had this for about a year now. Great machine. Use it daily to make 2-4 coffees a day. I don't use the steam wand, I just use the $29 Aldi milk frother - does the job for me.

    Tried a bottomless portafilter and non pressurised basket, but can't seem to get the extraction and creama right. Really have to pack it in. But also I just use Airjo expresso grind, cause I don't want the extra cost and hassle of a grinder. So maybe that's the reason it just doesn't work as well as the pressurised basket.

    Either way, great machine.

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      I did the same and couldn’t get great shots. Also use AIRJO preground as I don’t have a lot of bench space for a grinder.
      Apparently to get good crema from a bottomless you need freshly ground beans. Something to do with the gasses that escape during grinding.
      I’ve switched back to the stock portafilter and will try the bottomless again when I eventually get a grinder and use fresh beans.

  • Is this the cheapest machine that will make decent coffee?

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      Most def.. had mine 3 yrs. Bought for $125 off amazon, still going and makes about 4-5 double shot cups a day

      • The pressurised basket gets clogged easily, so get an unpressurised or the delonghi pressurised baskets that you can flip the bottom off to clean

      • I will wait until it's back down to 125. The only machine I see cheaper than that is that budget Thomson on that occasionally sells in Coles as a special, it's around 79 bucks. Never know if it can make a decent cup for that price

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          Nope. You can get a cheaper machine from Kogan that actually has a boiler (not a thermoblock), and can pull shots through a non-pressurised portafilter. It also has a temperature gauge. It's a version of a generic machine that's sold in the UK as a "Swan Retro"…plenty of vids on YouTube about how to mod it. I've had it for 3 months, pulls shots that are the equal of my Breville Dual Boiler at work (once it's dialled in). People need to stop sweating the small stuff…machines are the icing on the cake…95% of the quality in the cup is beans + grind.

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    Couldnt rate this one highly enough. 2 cups a day been going strong for 1 year. For those who want to make latte with this machine, take off the metal milk froth snozzle and use rubber band or zip tie to tie the rubber snozzle inside, will be perfect for latte milk froth.
    Vid demonstrate:

    • Yeah, agree with others, the wand is pretty garbage, but definitely better with the nozzle off. You can make a decent latte with it.

      You can also DIY replace it with a rancilio Silvia wand for about $50 I believe Been meaning to give it a go, but planning to upgrade to BES500 when this dies, but it just won't die!

  • Using pre-ground so far its ok (better than instant and fuel stop coffees).

  • 5-6 coffees with this per day since covid.

    You need a decent grinder, it's pretty sensitive to the dose, grind, and tamp. Took a few days to get right at the beginning, since then it's been perfect.

    Bargain at this price, would buy again in a heartbeat.

    Never used the steam wand.

  • I bought it two years ago and spent $200, it is still working fine

  • Any owners of this have any tips on descaling? Mine is a pain in the ass to do.

  • I love mine! I have one at the office which has served 5-10 coffees per day for 3y without missing a beat.

    I purchased an automatic DeLonghi for home and hated it. Sold it and purchased another one of these.

    As far as I'm concerned this machine + a smart grinder is the best value for quality coffee.

    Just make sure to change the filter to something non-pressurized. We have this one and it's great!

    PS: Black coffee drinker so I can't comment on steam wand.

  • The only negative point is the button placement, it's hard for me not to press them when I'm twisting the handle on and off the machine. I now just turn it off when I'm inserting or removing.

  • Not a bad machine but won't make genuine crema with a pressurised basket. Just bubbles that look like crema.

  • FWIW: I hate this machine, even at this price point.

    IF you are going to get it, remove the "panerello" (google it) if you want not-shi t textured milk

  • I love this machine, had it for over a year and a half.
    People say the steam wand isn't that effective but I've found that it's done the job quite well if you know how to use it.
    The only thing I would recommend doing is customising the portafilter and basket. The stock portafilter has a pressurised basket that really impacts the coffee, so I've altered it to suit a non-pressurised basket and the difference is amazing and makes this machine well well worth it. Never tried it with the pods but it is a nifty machine for good ground coffee!

  • -1

    You get what you pay for with this machine.

    • a coffee machine? :)

      • It's a pseudo espresso machine at best, unless you do modifications to it.

  • How does the updated EC885 compare this this model.
    Just the updated Steam Wand?

    My Breville Bambino stopped working, looking for a replacement.

  • Bought mine from Amazon 4 years ago and still performing like a champ.

  • My first coffee machine was a dedica and it stopped working two weeks after purchase! Fantastic price though.

  • What are the odds Amazon will match? Wife is keen but hate dealing with Aldi for returns

    • Walking into a store then asking for your money back, is there something I'm missing?

      • Online returns are so much easier when you've got kids and live a bit from the local Aldi. Don't need to worry about fading receipts too

        • fading receipts

          Microsoft Lens app on the phone to PDF it. Just in case.

    • +1

      I don't think Amazon are selling the same colour unit? 3rd party sellers are unlikely to price match. JB, HN, and Myer are selling the black coloured unit for $229.
      So the price from JB for me is $169 after purchasing a $200 gift card from one of the previous Zip deals as well as the current $10 voucher.

  • Just bought one to replace a sunbeam unit that dies on the weekend and gave it a whirl - the standard wand seemed to make a very fine quality milk foam, not sure what all the hate is about. Can't comment on the coffee-making function as I don't drink the stuff.

    Edit: But I don't drink coffee so I am not the one to judge, great for babychinos and hot chocolates.

    • standard wand seemed to make a very fine quality milk foam

      Fine for home coffee. Coarse for cafe quality coffee. Not a criticism. I am happy about my unit.

  • Nabbed one from my local, get in quick if you're chasing one. The store had 8 in total, 4 red, 4 white, and had two dudes there at open grabbing two machines each.

    • My local had a heap still left today.

  • Just got a white one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP! This got me into looking for a cheap unit to have at work finally!

    Aldi Keysborough still has stock.

    But for those who want the better steam wand, the EC885M is probably a better option, plus you get the milk jug & metal tamper.

    You can buy it from countdown deals $274 (bricks & mortar store), or get it price matched. Good Guys matched it for me

  • Bought one in the clearance section for $125. There is water residual in the water tank seems to be one returned by a customer. Now I am unsure if I want to keep it.

    • Just wash it a few times. You'll be fine. Plus steam kills germs and I suspect so does the water temperature.

      • It is a dud. There is no water pumped through it to either of the steam wand or the group head. It has to be a faulty unit the customer returned for a replacement or refund that Aldi didn’t care put it back on the shelf.

        • That sucks. Would have been a good deal! Hope you find another one. Try using stock locator? They must all be going on clearance special by now.

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