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Referer Receives $10 or $15 Mastercard Gift Cards with Each Referral Signup (up to a Maximum of $150) @ amaysim


Earn $10/$15 Mastercard gift card per signup up to a total of $150 when referees sign up to one of amaysim offers below through your referral link. Check your emails from amaysim for the referral link and other details (mine sent 21st and 29th June).
From email:

1. Click on the button to receive a referral email
2. Forward the referral email to your family and friends and they must sign up by 3 July
3. You will receive your Mastercard gift card(s) via SMS for all eligible referrals on 28 July

Referee: $10 for 15GB per 28 days for first 3 renewals, then $20 per 28 days.
Referrer: $10 gift card.

Referee: $15 for 55GB per 28 days for first 3 renewals, then $30 per 28 days.
Referrer: $15 gift card.

What's included in the plan:
Unlimited Data Banking
15/55GB data + unlimited standard talk and text
Ongoing price is $20/$30, renews every 28 days
Additional data: $10 for 1GB
All for use in Australia on the Optus 4G Plus Network

Not sure if we can share the referral links here, or maybe anyone who wants a link can ask in the comment.

Referral Links

Referral: random (570)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee. Referee needs to provide referrer their email address.

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    Added my referral to this ages ago but never got any message despite a few clicks. Wish they'd just use referral codes because needing to provide emails is stupid as hell.

  • hi there, looking for a referral email - please DM me. Thanks

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      DM me. Your DM setting is off.

  • I have received this offer too if anyone is interested.

    • DM'd you

      • Replied

  • Hi op, did you read full terms and conditions? Is there any requirement that referees need to stay on the plan for 3 renewals? Thanks.

    • There's no mention of minimum active period. Only that it needs to be activated by 17 July.

      • Ok thanks. I couldn't download the full terms and conditions.

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