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Philips Hue White & Colour Ambiance 4 Bulbs [B22 Bayonet Cap] - 1100 Lumens (75W Equivalent) $176 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


To redeem the offer, once you have added 2 of qualifying Items to your cart the discount of 15% will be applied to the Qualifying Items at Checkout making $176.22 for 4 bulbs

  • $44 p/bulb

Valid until 04/07/2022 00:00 or until stocks last

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    Worth noting they're only 1100lm at 6500K. Down at 4000K they drop to 1055lm and back to 806lm at 2700K. Don't expect actual colours to be brighter with this, they're the same as the 800lm models.

    • that's interesting… where can I find out more about this?

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        Back of the package

      • The internet

    • Sounds almost like a software upgrade. Warm white, plus the blue LEDs and some green?

      For a moment I thought these were the new extra-bright Hue bulbs, but they are $107 each!

      Has any data ever been published for the colour brightness?

      • Like kawaii said - on the front of the package, bottom left.

  • I have those but I’d rather pay $100 each for 1600lm one (the latest model)

    • I tried to buy the brighter model a while back, but had to return as they didn't fit in my fitting…. I haven't been paying attention to know if they now have a brighter model the same size as the older ones.

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      I was super lucky to pick up 6$ BNIB colour+ambiance 1600lm ones off of Facebook Market for $200 a month or so ago. So much better than the standard 800lm.

      • Thought you were paying $200 per month

        But good to know. I need to replace two dead bulbs and will wait for the 1600lm

        • Ha no. Dunno how I typed the $ symbol after 6 but whatever haha.

  • That's a significant lumen improvement on most Hue White & Colour lights, usually being no more than 806 lumens,
    good for the bathroom or very small bedroom but not much else.

  • Strange.
    The new bigger brighter variant (although it is E27) is A67 with Philips website saying they give 1055lm @ 2700K or 1597lm @ 4000K.

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