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[Oculus] Free Game - Yahtzee VR @ Oculus Store


A VR Yahtzee game for Quest 1 & 2, currently available on Applab for free. I've also played this company's Chess VR and Checkers games (got them both when they were previously free, but now paid apps). They all seem very well made apps with nice VR environments and gameplay.

Developer is also very receptive to feedback and suggestions, it only took them a few days to update their Chess VR app after I sent them some bug reports and suggestions.

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  • +15

    Those Yahtzee wenches appear NSFW and I will not click.

    • +3

      I like big butts and I cannot lie

    • +6

      Why are you playing Yahtzee on Oculus during work?

    • +15

      That's called female empowerment. They can wear what they want without evil, sex obsessed, animalistic (mainly white) men objectifying them. Besides, extremely tight fitting or revealing clothes are apparently comfortable. Anyway…there's nothing to reveal because it's just a body…not something men should notice nor be attracted to. I learnt that at DEI training at my work. 👍

      • +3

        "It's harrassment when it's unwanted" is our DEI's takeaway.

      • Bit racist and sexist mate.

        Edit … Err, then again you can never tell if there's an invisible /s on the internet these days…

      • What is the bet that men drew those women and mainly men enjoy playing that?

  • +8

    Hell yeah, Yahtzee Hoes

  • +11

    There's a warning that the game may "contain unknown issues," so seems pretty dicey to me.

    • Yeah, App Lab apps often have bugs and issues etc, that's why they are still in App lab and not on the main storefront. App lab apps can be paid/free/temporarily free. I suspect this app will move to a paid model shortly given that's what they have done with their Checkers and Chess VR apps (they are still on App lab though, havent progressed to main store yet).

      I think that things are getting harder for developers as apps need to be receiving a certain number of installs and be getting decent ratings/reviews on App Lab before Meta will even consider them for the main store.

    • +3

      seems pretty dicey

      I see what you did there!

  • +12

    That's a nice set of Yahtzees.

    • -1

      You may have just coined a meme.

  • -1

    From the game page:

    Throwing dice and getting high scores. Neither luck nor wit is dispensable on the table.
    Don't be shy at a party of such fun and revelry! Go invite your pals over and order a Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Then, drink it up! And what goes better with a drinking party than a couple of rounds of dice games with your friends? The collision sound of bouncing dice is just the reviver for your drink-blunted mind.

    Set up the scoring rules and team up to defeat your opponents. May the best prevail!

    New Updates:
    - Online mode:Playing with a stranger or playing with a friend
    - Avatar and Voice Chat

    - An immersing party atmosphere.
    - Simple rules & Easy to play
    - Real-time voice chat allows you to analyze opponents' strategy
    - You may hold up the scorecard at any time to check players' score

    We will continue to iterate and update our game and develop new features integrated with Quest2.
    Additional Details
    Warning: Apps from App Lab haven’t gone through the full Oculus review process, so they may include unknown issues relating to comfort, performance or other factors.

    Waiting for this to be banned on the Oculus Store…

    • +2

      It's not on the main store yet, App Lab is a preliminary testing ground for new apps. Once it moves to the main store then it's likely you get to keep it as a freebie.

      • +2


        • 372215

        • Perhaps more like 5103 80085 ?

  • +8

    I'm going to build my own VR Game with yahtzee and hookers! In fact, forget the yahtzee.

  • +4


  • +3

    Cool - now I can (virtually) spend half my money on gambling and hookers, the other half I'll just waste.

  • I don't think I will roll the dice on downloading this.

  • +2

    Lol did anyone check out the review on the page. 5 out of 5 stars

    • +1

      Yeah saw that oddball review. I haven't installed Yahtzee yet as don't have my quest with me at the moment so can't really comment on the game (other than the attract video), but the two other chess and checkers apps I tried from the same developers were pretty good. I've also never played Yahtzee in my life and not really into dice games… ha.

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