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Free $10 - $20 Credit for Club BCF Member (Activation via Link in Email Required) @ BCF


We’ve missed you %user% – here’s a $15 gift on us!
Not sure if targeted, or user specific. Can anyone confirm if they have received this in their emails? Received 1 hour ago roughly. Free $15, normally only $10.
Expires 10th of July for me.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    I got $20 voucher!!!

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    i never get these… 😢

    • Fixed it for you "I never get these"
      Is this the real jv?

      • Is this the real jv?

        yes. thank you for asking.

    • same bro

  • $10 for me

  • I just signed up to BCF online (selected send promo emails) and i immediately received a welcome to Club BCF email with a $20 voucher code in it. Valid for 1 month.

    But damn it says a $100 minimum spend.

    Oh well. It has been ages since i last shopped at BCF.

    • I think that one is a normal new member voucher. Only worth it if you were going to spend 100 bucks anyway

  • i feel robbed, didnt get one, even after spending so much on my fishing gear at bcf :'(

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      Well they don't need to encourage you into the store to spend, you do it without vouchers.

    • They are probably targeted to people who never shop there.

  • +1

    I got $10 but it didn't appear as a voucher in my account like it normally does. Weird.

    If it was more than $10 I would probably care, but stops me needing to go out to pick up stuff I don't need anyway

  • Does sound like they miss me then…

  • I got $15

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