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COB XPE LED 350lm Rechargeable Headlamp - AU Plug US$8.90 (~A$12.99) Delivered @ XIWANGFIRE Store AliExpress


On sale and cheaper than last time is this rechargeable headlamp. It has a flexible COB LED strip going across the front with an XPE light on the side. Each light can be toggled on or off with different brightness levels and there's a sensor on the side that when turned on allows you to turn the lights on/off with a gesture.

Inside is a 1200mAh battery lasting 3-8 hours, USB-C port for charging, 350 lumens, 10W power and IPX4 water resistance. There's multiple bundles available on the listing with additional accessories.

I use mine quite frequently when exploring the city underground, working in crawl spaces and camping. It produces a good amount of bright light and runs for a long time.

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  • +5

    not good quality. mine lasted two months before the device no longer charges.

    • Any other recommendations?

  • +2

    quality is shit, mine arrivel dead, the LED strip has 2 tiny little wire connected to the mainboard, expect the solder joint failed.
    i just quickly resolder it then it works perfectly. but doubt the whole thing gonna last long, definity not heavy duty at all.

  • Is it good if you go for a jog in the dark? Like sweat resistant and stays on the head? Thanks.

    • +2

      I bought it exactly for this. I wear it over a baseball cap, so it doesn't get all sweaty and gross. The brim of the cap slightly reduces the benefit of lighting up right at my feet, but it's good enough.
      I'm very impressed, and the on/off swipe sensor is great for quickly turning it on/off, even if wearing gloves. Occassionally it turns on as you run near low-hanging branches.
      I've probably used it 20 times and had no problems with it.
      (Note: I don't know if I bought it from this exact store, but it's the same product.)

  • +3

    You can't adjust the angle, so you're like a floodlight. I know as I went camping with someone wearing one of these.
    Normal headlamps you can tilt, but with this, the light just goes everywhere, even when sitting beside the person,
    you can't adjust the direction, or tilt it, it's difficult to see the persons face when talking to them. It's ideal for loners or narcissists (VIP's).

  • +1

    These are rubbish, please dont buy them.

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