Blaupunkt 75" 4K Ultra HD Android TV [2022] $795 (Was $1295) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


SKU: 593198

Key features
75" 4K Ultra HD HDR DVBT Android TV
Chromecast & Google Play Store
Netflix / Stan/YouTube/Prime Video

Screen type
TV series
Blaupunkt LED (2022)
Screen Resolution
4K Ultra HD
Screen Size (Inches)
Resolution (Pixels)
3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate (Hz)
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Contrast ratio
4K streaming compatible
4K Ultra HD
Picture Modes
Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, Game, Energy Savings
Noise reduction
Sound Modes
Standard, Vivid, Sports, Movie, Music, News, User
TV Tuner(s)
HD Tuner
Digital Tuner(s)
Smart TV
Smart OS
Android TV
Streaming apps
Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube
Other apps
Via Google Play Store: Disney+, Stan, Binge, Foxtel, Optus Sport, Apple TV, Paramount+, Kayo Sports, Twitch, 10Play, 9Now, 7Plus
Voice Control
USB Recording
PVR Function
Record / Pause Live TV
USB Playback
Compatible video files
Compatible audio files
Compatible picture files
Parental Controls
EPG (program guide)
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac)
Screen Sharing
HDMI inputs
USB Ports
Ethernet / LAN ports
Component inputs
RCA Inputs
Digital audio output
Optical (Toslink)
RF Input
Headphone output (3.5mm)
Remote Control(s)
Wall Mountable
VESA Wall Mount Type
400mm x 300mm
Energy star rating
Estimated yearly electricity use (kWh)
Product Height with Stand (mm)
Product Width with Stand (mm)
Product Depth with Stand (mm)
Product Weight with Stand (kg)
Product Height without Stand (mm)
Product Width without Stand (mm)
Product Depth without Stand (mm)
Product Weight without Stand (kg)
Packaged Height (mm)
Packaged Width (mm)
Packaged Depth (mm)
Packaged Weight (kg)
Manufacturer's warranty
1 Year

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  • Anyone here rate these?

    • +13

      MacGruber does. MACGRUBER!

    • +5

      Yep - my sister & brother in law got one and its good. The Google TV UI is great and picture is good.

  • +3

    For the asking price, I'd wholeheartedly say, GO FOR IT! Don't Aldi usually carry this brand or am I thinking of some other brand? Can't recall atm.

    • +1

      They have the trusty Bauhn.

    • Aldi carries Bauhn brand line

      • Ahh that's right, Bauhn. Thanks fellas.

    • Australia Post carries Blaupunkt

    • +1

      Coles was also recently selling some Blaupunkt TVs and charging equipment

      • +2

        They ended up clearing out the 40" model for $39.

        • Whattt???

        • Why no one post?

          • @Bretttick: It varied from store to store. Some had the 40", some 32", some 55", or a mix.

            Depending on stock levels depended on if they got reduced to clear. Some sold out at full RRP, others (the 40" in my example) went down from $199 to $169 to $139 to $99 and finally $39 at some nearby stores to me.

  • Anyone know if it would be okay for gaming?
    Can't see anything about response times and nothing worse than input lag.

    • It mentions refresh rate 60. And mentions gaming mode.

      • Does it support 4K resolution and HDR CAPABILITIES IN Xbox series X??

  • +9

    Someone better NOT post a seperate deal for $10 cheaper with jbhifi perks

    • Why not?

    • +10

      It'll be cheaper when they are selling the returns of people expecting LG OLED quality from this thing.

  • punk price!

  • -1

    Anyone know what panel is in this one. LG, samsung

    • +1


      • Ok cool. LG are decent panels. Would be worth a look at this price.

        • +2

          I don't think it's an LG panel at this price, it is more likely to be a Chinese unit. The refresh rate is too low for this large size (ghosting), latency is going to be poor for gaming, and the interface is a mixed bag.

          The other units (EKO ?) similar to this one, that come with webOS from the likes of BigW those actually do have LG panels inside. But they're 55in models iirc.

          • @Kangal: I second this. If they did, I would be really surprised.

          • +1


            latency is going to be poor for gaming


            • @TEER3X: These Chinese units usually cut corners, sometimes smartly. One of the most common ones is signal/latency. If you don't need it, then fine, but if it affects your usecase then think twice.

  • I don’t know a lot about TVs other than that I need a new one.

    Aside from an OLED TV which is in a different range altogether, what’s the big difference between a TV/brand like this compared to say, Sony or LG 4K TVs?

    • The user interface has a big part to play. The cheaper TV's has woeful load times and are terribly slow . But saying that, it's an LG panel so once you get past the loading times and UI it shoud be fine. Go take a look i reckon.

      • I see.
        What in particular should I look at when I go to the store to see the UI and loading times? They don't usually have the remote out to play with the TV

        • Ask someone to test it out with you. In the shop it will most likely be quicker as it has been on all day.

        • +3

          Personally, I simply look if the backlight is dimmable.

          Makes a huge difference to power consumption, depth of blacks (and basically overall picture quality).

          I bought a cheap TV years ago (LG panel). Looks amazin for price. But every time you change a channel the backlight goes back to full power (massive amounts of bleed) and power consumption goes from 42 watts to 121 watts!

          DEFINITELY take in a low quality TV/ DVD file or similar and test the upscaling. This is where the cheap TVs shit the bed.

          • +1

            @tunzafun001: thanks for your input.

            I have an older TV now and I see what you mean about testing the upscaling. My current TV is currently very bad at it.

            Personally, I simply look if the backlight is dimmable.

            Silly question but what exactly do I look at? How do I tell the difference between the screen brightness changing vs the backlight being dimmable?

            • @Thranrond: The menu should have a specific setting for the backlight.

              The Big W ECKO and JVC TVs do, so this tv should have it. But check to be safe.

    • Many to look at. Refresh rate, contrast ratio, etc. They really matter. However, people have the ability to get used to whatever that is around them, so it really depends on how you plan to set up the screen device environment (e.g. phone, pc monitor, tv)

  • One year warranty is a shame, but could always pay for the extended for an extra 3years for like $60.

    • +4

      I had a tv of similar price range (eko from big w)

      After 16 months totally died, no power no response.

      Big w took it back with full refund after speaking but to online customer service and stating that it should be expected to have a greater lifespan than 16 months before developong a major fault.

      Next step was stating ACL etc.

      So don't be put off by 1 year warranty if your happy to pursue your rights in event of a major faliure.

      Timeframes are vague, but for a tv like this I would expect to be able to be refunded in the event of a major faliure up to 2 years, 2.5 years or so, without too much of a fight.

      Edit: that said 60 bucks is a decent price for 3yr cover, probably worth it

      • +4

        You will get 3 years with ACL anyway. Basically paying $60 to not need to fill in forms. So your call.

        • +1

          How do you arrive at that certainty? And what forms are you referring to?

          As I understand the ACL, they don't specify any duration, and merely say that price reflects quality and more expensive things should last longer. With this the cheapest 75' TV I've seen anywhere, that might well mean not to expect much from it.

          • @team teri: Nothing in life is a certainty (well maybe death…short of going faster than the speed of light.. maybe)'s a TV. Depreciation schedules etc are 3 years.
            ACL would look at the $1295 RRP and go…3 years..maybe 4 (assuming standard residential use).

            • @tunzafun001: What forms would you use to enforce your rights under ACL if JB / Blaupunkt disagree?

              Local consumer protection does squat, at least here in WA. You'd have to take JB/Blaupunkt to court. The filing fee alone is higher than the $60…

              • +1

                @team teri: Any reasonable large company such as JB would honour ACL. I used ACL with Catch for an air fryer that caught fire and broke after 18months old. Just remember to be upfront and acknowledge it's not a warranty claim but under ACLs any reasonable person would expect a TV to last at least 3yrs

                • +1

                  @julz: Good luck with Rheem. You'd expect a solar hot water system to last a tad more than 2 years. Friends had one where the tank rusted through less than 3 years in, in a suburb 30km from the coast, so no salt in the air.

                  Rheem did not budge. Consumer protection failed to help. I offered to fill in the court paperwork for them, but they gave up, too much stress for old people…

                  • @team teri: Oh sorry to hear. Just spread the word of the crap product to destroy their reputation. Those types of companies won't last long if they treat their customers like crap.

                    • @julz: Unfortunately they have an almost monopoly now after they bought Solahart too.

                      Let's hope with the switch back towards electric hot water systems they lose out, at least there's competition still in that segment, but seeing the ridiculous prices for heat pump hot water systems, I fear they are making deals behind the scenes.

                  • @team teri: Any major retailer of consumable goods will honor ACL as long as the request is reasonable/no customer at fault circumstance and within 2-3 years. Many people have success through to 4-5 years depending on what it is. Unfortunately, some retail staff are incompetent or dodgy and try to swindle customers out of their rights. The amount of times i've heard people complain of this or even in store overheard a discussion… it's still common unfortunately. I've had a few try it on me and they quickly changed tune (or i went around/above them) once they realize i know my stuff yet stay firm & polite. Never be discouraged if its a reasonable situation, go around or above them.

                  • +2

                    @team teri: Buy a Rinnai next time much better quality as per my builder mate

    • Where did you get the $60 from? Once I added it to the cart, it offered me a $119 'replacement cover'.

      That said: it shows a JB Hi-Fi Minimum Voluntary Warranty of 2 years.

      More details about their attempt to comply with ACL here

      For me that would be good enough to not worry.

      • ACLs are good and we're bloody lucky to have them. Skip on buying extended warranty crap

  • Is it Android 11?

    How is the support and do are they responsive to Warranty Claims

    I know Aldi also sells this tv

  • This vs Hisense UG7?

  • I don't play game with HDMI 2.1, I don't need smart function as we have too many dongles and smart devices, but picture quality is very important to me. Is it good enough to watch movies and sports? Like the same level as Hisense? I don't expect it is as good as Sony X90J, but very reasonable quality

    1. Anyone know if it plays x265 files?

    2. Looks like a generic JVC, ECKO etc (I used one remote in Big W and it worked on all their TVs, regardless of brand).

    3. Power consumption close to 700kwh per year is high for this size. But the backlights are normally massively too bright. I'd suggest turning them down to 50%. It will look much better and the power usage will halve.

    • Power consumption will depend to a very large degree on how many hours it is on.

      Just FYI, the 700kWh on the efficiency sticker are based on 10 hours a day. I average about 1/3rd of that. As energy conscious as I am in general, that means this doesn't factor in my TV buying decision.

      • +1

        Yeah, don't get me started on the stupid power rating (its like putting a sticker on a car that says 20000L per year).

        This TV is around 290 watts, which is way too high for my liking. That being said, turning the backlight down will likely make it just as efficient as a TCL (which has a lower default backlight setting).

        For reference (as I still watch mostly FTA), my 47" Pana uses 47 Watts. So this thing will use roughly 6 times more power than a 47" TV.

        I saw an 8K LG TV (that was hot to touch), that used more energy than my Air-conditioning. That is getting rediculous, and whoever buys one is in for a nice power bill suprise.

  • +1

    I've got the 50 inch version , it's OK, android system is snappy, remote is quite solid , sound is acceptable , it's ok for the $$$$

  • -2
    • +6

      The name originates there, but has long been sold off to grace cheap Chinese products.

      • Dude, flip your phone over and you'll be surprised.

        • I love cheap Chinese products, no surprise there. Value for money can't be beaten.

          Trying to appear like something different by putting on a label that is associated with a different county is just weird though. Never worked on me. But then I never bought an Apple product either.

          • @team teri: lots of companies registered different offshore subsidiaries and used them to transfer income to low-tax havens and reported expenses to high-tax hell. So most of company locations are fake, don't take it too seriously.

      • +1

        Yep, if you make electronics you can contact blaupunkt and licence their name.

    • Blackpink?

      • once you go black you will want pink

        • you meant open wide?

  • whats the ideal sofa to tv distance for this big 75" ?

    • +7

      sofa so good

      • +3

        sofa king good

    • curious to know this too

    • 3m, give or take. I sit about that from a 77 very comfortably, a little closer would be OK too.

  • Anyone know the boot up time?

  • Got one about 6 months back (sorry just checked and mine is slightly different model) . Like it a lot. UI slowed down a bit I thought over time but turned out to be low battery on the remote. Picture is very good. OS user friendly. For this price it's an excellent option IMO.

    I don't use it for gaming so can't speak on that. Also wish it had a bit more internal storage but not a deal breaker.

    • -3

      Does it support 4K resolution and HDR CAPABILITIES IN Xbox series X??. If anyone used reply to this..

  • Does anyone know what is the processor and built-in RAM?

  • +5

    This is the same as the EKO 75" Android 9.0 TV - Looks identical
    Plus the photo of the tv in the Blaupunkt manual display EKO in the bottom of the bazel!

  • +2

    2022 is very misleading as they seem to be selling the 2019 model rebadged as 2022 (Its Android 9 and not 11)

    EKO QLED 100Hz was $100 more in June

    EKO 75" 4K QLED 100Hz Android TV $899 (Pickup or + Delivery,) @ BIG W

    • +1

      Nice detective work, this sort of thing is against the law

    • Pretty poor viewing angles on the ECkO QLED. Straight in front or nothing on that one.
      But that, and even the non QLED look pretty bloody good when adjusted correctly.

  • +1

    That's a lot of TV for this price. Damn!

  • +1

    Sorry for the silly question, but this over say the Hisense 75 A7G or Hisense 75 U7G.
    I know both are downgraded versions of their US equivalent, 60hz, no HDMI 2.1, etc.

    • The Hisense u7g is quantum led panel and has full array as well.. way better than this model in the post.. obviously $400 more than this one but imo it's worth it, you will need a streaming box like Google TV or Nvidea shield if you prefer Android OS.
      And Hisense comes with 3 year warranty as standard.

      • My 65 P7 has decided to switch itself off all the time after 3.5 years….. Hisense are doing a goodwill warranty, no more parts for the P7….U7 should be here in the next week or 2.

  • Can this do 4k on the HDMI? Using the 4k Firestick as an example?

  • FYI - the price has dropped back to $795

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