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Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition $199 ($149 with Student Bean Code) @ Bose AU


This classic speaker on sale again. Personally this looks nicer than their current gen design.

Edit: Back in stock on 06/07/2022.

Can stack with Student Beans Code:


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    What is a studentbeans and what is the code?

  • I am not a student anymore can I still use the code?

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      If you know someone with an edu email address, you can ask him or her to register an account on Student Beans.

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    Don’t change what’s not broke. Good pair of speakers these ones.

  • Thanks I ordered one.

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    Subscribed just in case someone figures out a way to stack discounts again

    • Just bought one for $149.95…

    • Was such a deal, I only got 1 but should have gotten more lol

  • Pm me if you need a code

    • Code is gone

    • Can you share with me pls?

  • Anyone know if you can link 2 of these into stereo mode and can share the experience?

    • Not sure about Bose but you can definitely do this with JBL speakers. I've owned them for years and they're seriously good. The competitor to the SoundLink Mini would be the flip series. The price is about the same too. The JBL Charge is a slightly bigger option, I'd personally pick that over the Flip

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      I don’t believe it’s supported

    • No you cant. Bose app doesn't even support this one. Firmware Updates need to be done with a pc.

  • just bought one, thanks OP

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    If anyone need use mine:


    • Thanks for the code.

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    Member when this 100 ?

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      Yes. I grabbed one in Dec 2019 for $102. Absolute bargain and just awesome speakers for the size

    • Yepp, probably the best bargain on here I ever scored.

  • Now it’s gone before I activate the student beans account :(

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    Amazing speakers. Far better than the Nest Audio

    • Although nest audio is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye imho

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    Bought these when they were on sale for $99 sold them almost straight away. Very muddy sound.

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      Gotta agree I still have mine but yes.. muddy. Think people are distracted by the powerful bass.

    • I probably should've sold mine too but I simply returned it after being really disappointed with the audio, given all the online hype.

      I know it's not the same category of product, but I ended up buying an Edifier BT stereo pair for less money, with FAR superior sound.

  • If I buy this and also already have a Bose Portable Smart Speaker, can I group them together to play music in multiple rooms?

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    my code if anyone wants it.

    • Thank you bought one :)

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    The special edition has been around for so long that it is no long special. :D

  • STA-SB69-3XXB-9XPT-623X

  • Honestly for the price your better with a Marshall Emberton,

    When Bose took away our contract to sell consumer products, we added Marshall and the quality and sound is much better. Plus the amount of Marshall returns is low compared to Bose…

  • The downside with this is, its doesn't seem as rugged for outdoors as the JBL series - no waterproofing. One of my decision for buying a portable speaker was using it outdoors as well as in the house. Its great for picnics etc.

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