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Seiko Prospex 140th Anniversary LE SLA047J $3,980.00 (RRP $4,995.00) Delivered @ Un Aime


Weekend deal at Un Aime

Save $1,015.00 off the Seiko Prospex 140th Anniversary Limited Edition SLA047J1 by entering the promotional code " AJGRAMRE201P " upon checkout on our website.
Product: SLA047J1
Retail price: $4,995.00
Promotional code: AJGRAMRE201P
Promotional price: $3,980.00
* Limited stock available.

Starts on July 2nd 2002.
Ends on: July 3rd 2022, 11:30pm.

Each finalised order will be processed for delivery by Australia Post during weekday business hours.

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  • +15

    ahh yes that time (heh) of the week where ozbargain saves 1000 by spending 4000 💀

  • +20

    You could add a bit more to buy a Grand Seiko.

    • -5

      Why would you? To "upgrade" to a spring drive? I still don't understand why you'd want electrical components in your mechanical watch. Other than maybe Seiko themselves, who else would be able to fix it if the electronics fail in a couple of decades time?

      • +14

        True sweeping seconds, higher accuracy, yet still mechanically powered. The electronics are simple enough that they should last as long as any quartz mechanism, with none of the risk of a bad battery causing damage. Service interval is no different to any other premium mechanism, and for cleaning/lubrication not the electronics.

      • +3

        Should be okay, buy a new GS by then. Sub 10k GS with spring drive is good as a daily beater. Can buy a replacement or replace the movement altogether. It is not a collector's piece.

        For those that haven't seen a spring drive in person, put it next to a rolex date just to compare finishing and how smooth the dial "glides". Not to mention how accurate it is…

      • +2

        I would. Grand seiko are rad.

      • +1

        There are mechanical GS too you know…
        While the Caliber 8L35 in this watch is good, the Caliber 9S in a mechanical Grand Seiko is still a class above.

    • +3

      Or a Tudor blackbay 58, Oris Aquis or divers 65..
      Getting a bit expensive

      • Those options are better than this watch
        The oris Aquis calibre 400 is more accurate and has higher power reserve. Tudor black bag also more accurate and also the prestige of having a decent luxury watch.
        I love my watches but would never spend it on this even for current asking price.
        The movement is decent. But you don't get the beautiful refinement that you get on GS for same price (quartz) or slightly more for auto or spring drive.

        • Yeah I've got the original Aquis date, the newer 41.5mm would fit a lot better and has the Quick release strap/bracket too.

        • +1

          For the person who has negged me and has no insight on watches. https://www.gregoryjewellers.com.au/product/oris-aquis-date-...
          $120 extra gets you this far superior watch
          Or $15 gets you black variant which is equally superior

          • +1

            @maverickjohn: Yeah some people have no idea and just buy anything from here because it's a deal or x% off.

            Always worth checking jomashop too, although you'd get slugged with taxes on expensive watches which would eat up the difference. Worth asking local dealers what they can do or try and get the rubber strap discounted too.

    • +2

      The mm300 is practically a gs but the name…

    • +1

      At least double or more for similar spec GS.

      Not a fan of this particular watch personally, but good value for those looking for a bulky diver.

      If anything, Seiko Prospex LX line is the ultimate go to Seiko.

  • So much troll energy, op and comments.

  • +1

    People on ozbargain don’t have enough for this

    • +19

      realistically most people on here could afford the watch. but it doesn't really improve quality of life in any meaningful way, neither does it bring more utility than a $100 watch.

      • +1


        In fact I could buy even buy a AP or Hublot.
        But do I need to?
        Not really.

        But I still appreciate these deals should anyone want one they know its on sale now.

        • +11

          Watch out, mr big shot has arrived

        • +1

          wooooah… cool

      • Tesla?

      • +1

        Lol. People don't buy a >$100 watch to tell the time.

        • +1

          $30. I have my trusted caiso digital that is still going strong after 10+ years.

          • +1

            @Domicron: Casino Royale:P
            Meant to be great for 10y.
            Sold the one I bought as it wouldn't get much wrist time. Got two other G-Shocks. Funny how quartz needs to be adjusted every so often, the Bluetooth ones would be neat to sync correct time.

        • -1

          that doesn't even make sense

        • -1

          Err, yes they do.

  • +14

    I just want to put petrol in my car….

    • +18

      I’d settle For lettuce in my tacos

      • +1

        Are you guys living in Africa or some other third world continent? These posts look so wrong.

        • +12

          Mate we’re not all whirlpool forum members on 200k a year, super model gf and a 2022 AMG investment vehicle

          (It’s al joke pls don’t neg me)

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Mate, that's Whirlpool.

            • +1

              @quog: In case you don't notice. Many OzB holds a whirlpool dual citizenship. Possibly a third with ocau.

              • @Domicron: Really? Did not occur to me. I thought you could only be one place forever.

              • @Domicron:


                I miss OCAU - i was on the photography forums constantly for a few years but then gradually they just stopped getting posters/new content

  • +1

    @op any deals for the SBP143J ?

  • +13

    Nice! I got two, one for each wrist.

    • +9

      You've left out the legs?

      • +4

        All three legs, MisterTee!

        • +2

          The band isn’t big enough…

          • @MisterTee: Wow, this guy does not miss Leg Day!

            • @Kangal: See if we can find a magnifying glass deal for him.

    • Screaming eagle

  • +8

    To most people this would just look like a nice 500 dollar seiko

    • +4

      That's one of the beauties of this particular model…

    • -1

      $500 looking seiko > 3 in 1 Robot

  • +6

    I enjoy a good watch deal as much as the next. But an SLA047J can be had brand new for ~$4k pretty readily any time of the year. Not sure this is a genuine bargain.

  • +2

    Looks too much like my sumo I got for $650…. Personally cant see the value in paying the extra you will never get back on this.

    • +2

      In hand, they are nothing alike. Their case shapes are miles apart. Sure the dial is similar and no doubt they both have strong Seiko pedigree and design language. The Sumo is very nicely finished though and for the majority of people would suffice. There is just something special about the MM300.

      • Sumo is great. It is my alternate daily wear to the snowflake. Paid sub $900 at launch.

      • +2

        The MM200 is fairly close and probably more practical for many people. It lacks some of the depth (quite literally) of the MM300 look. The 8L35 is a blessing and a curse too. Only slightly better claimed accuracy and service costs are higher because of that and the front load. I've found that I can't get to anywhere near 300M when desk diving before I run out of coffee and have to surface anyway. I'd buy one but my watch budget is exactly $4000 this week and I really want one of the Steeldive SD1970's that WatchNerd posted.

  • +1

    Superb deal. One for me and one for you!

  • +2

    i will wear this with patagonia to impress the chicks

  • +6

    I'm a seiko fan and own several seiko automatics but at this price point there are simply better options.

    • +1

      Such as?

      • +2

        Oris, mido, longines, rado, tag heuer.

        • -2

          Similar spec with 300m?

          • +1

            @Domicron: Better movements, more reputable brands, Swiss made, etc.

            • +1

              @baldur: True. A black hydroconquest is loveable. Almost forgotten how good value is the hydroconquest.

        • +1

          None of those watches do anything for me, except maybe the Rado Captain Cook.

          Call me a sucker but there is something about Seiko, especially the Marinemasters.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: I now wear a seiko too. To each their own. Personally, I don't like captain Cook collection but it's well reputable somehow.

            • +1

              @baldur: Well Rado is a reputable brand, no? :) that’s the beauty of watches, you go with what you like, not what is “technically” better.

              I admit I’ve got a black marinemaster, the 023 version but prior to buying it, I tried on a white dial seamaster and a red black bay. After following all the hype and social media buzz around them, while they’re nice, they did nothing for me and made me realise you have to love the watch and not what everyone else loves. Some might scoff that I spent over $3k on a seiko but I’d rather that than any entry Swiss watch.

        • Tudor Black Bay

  • +3

    one thing that annoys me about seiko is they advertise watches as limited editions with limited edition pricing, but there are thousands of them available.

    • Yes. It is crazy how many "limited" edition they have launched of late… I guess it is all part of marketing… Even GS has been doing it too.

  • Where are these made

    • google it

    • +2

      the 'J' at the end would usually mean made in Japan. usually.

  • -3

    Get a 1/1 copy from china for $300 and spend the $4000 on something worth $4000

  • Only for the true Seiko fans. So close to negging this, but 20% off is 20% off.

    • On what basis would you neg this?

      • +1

        He meant it still a deal (20% off), just that it's not the best choice with Plenty of better options around for your $4-5 range.

        You could even get this retro reissue for less than $1500, with extra strap:


        • "Not the best choice" isn't a basis for a negative vote. It has to be the same product for it to be a case of "Cheaper price elsewhere". I don't agree with the restrictive voting guidelines (I think we should be able to neg for more reasons), but that's what they are.

          • +2

            @ak47wong: mate, he didn't even leave a negative. Lot of knit picking and squabbling lol.

            Assume you upvoted then with that logic?

  • I read this as "perspex" & thought they would at least use glass….

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