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Bosch Blue Kit - Hammer Drill, Angle Grinder, Impact Wrench/Driver, Two 5ah Batteries Plus Redemption $499 @ Bunnings


Price lowered on the EOFY promotional Bosch Blue starter kit, down from $599. All brushless motors, 6-year warranty on both tools and batteries. The GDX impact tool is pretty handy taking both 1/4" hex bits and 1/2" square drive sockets without needing adapters.

GDX 18V-200 - Impact Wrench / Driver combination tool with both 1/2" square drive and 1/4" internal hex drive.

GSB 18V-85 C Hammer Drill - 13mm chuck, 110Nm

GWS 18V-10 - Angle Grinder 125mm

GAL 18V-40 - Charger

GBA 18V 5.0Ah - Two 5Ah batteries

Plus an online redemption of one of the following:

GWT-20 - Tool Bag


GLM 400 - Laser Measure

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  • Are you sure about the redemption? I can't find the model number 0.615.990.M9T anywhere in the list. Even without the dots

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      The 0.615.990.M9T SKU is a "guaranteed gift" (bonus item in the box) unlike kits like the 0.615.990.M1E which offer a "limited gift" (by redemption).

  • -3

    I just purchased this at bunnings and refunded it.
    Because it won’t come with the Grindr, the redemption period ended at 30 June

    • Are you sure that you purchased the 0.615.990.M9T? This is a specific SKU created just for the promotion and the box definitely includes the grinder (no need to perform a redemption when the item is a pack-in).

    • +6

      Your comment doesn't make any sense to me, it's a 3 piece kit, the grinder will be in the box not via redemption.
      It's like going to KFC, ordering a 3 piece feed and only getting 2 pieces of chicken.

      Also this promo just started, redemption purchase period runs 1/7/22 until 30/9/22. If you're talking about redeeming a grinder via the promo, you need to spend $1499 to qualify as seen here. The 'bonus' grinder in this kit runs until 31/8/22 as seen here so if you didn't get it, you should have just complained, not returned it.

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      If you are after Grindr you bought the wrong product.

      • +2

        He was hoping to meet someone named “hammer drill” on grindr.

        • Brushless too…

  • Would this be a great purchase as a beginning labourer for a construction site?

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      The Blue series Bosch tools are aimed at professionals and are great tools. I have had the predecessors for over 10 years and still going strong.

      This is a great price.

      • I concur with Ozitravel. They are great tools. Most of the "tradie" brands are all really good, all with various pros and cons. I'm in the Bosch eco system because I bought a drill and driver combo through a deal on here maybe 10 years ago and they are still going perfectly after years of abuse. the original batteries are still going good too. They also have a 6 year warranty and the tools will easily have paid for themselves by the time that is up.

    • See what others are using first.

      I bought a drill from an apprentice who had to change manufacturers because he changed location.

    • Bosch Tools are great and this is a good deal. But like the others said wait to see what others are using, my Bro and BIL both got given second hand tools on job sites from people replacing with those large kits of tools so scored free makita and milwaukee. Even just being able to charge on other peoples chargers would be handy.

      A good youtube channel for comparing tools is Project Farm, but US prices brand to brand vary wildly compared to Aus.

      TLDR: Good tools, good price but maybe wait

  • Great kit, $478.80 if you have Powerpass

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      You won't be able to claim the redemption if your total spend on Bosch items is less than $499

      • Good point!

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    Batteries alone are $155 each, twin pack $288.

  • Mighty tempting as close to what I've been looking for…just the 5ah batteries are likely much bigger than I need for home so surplus weight!

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      The 5ah is a great capacity for the drill and driver in my own experience.

  • Noob question, how does these compare to Ozito PXC range? Seems pretty pricy in comparison

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      The differences in quality and performance are just like that in price. You got what you paid for.

      • +1

        yeah I've certainly found just to handle the Bosch stuff is much nicer whereas the Ozito is made as cheaply as possible so can be more unwieldy, larger and edgy.

    • Worth every penny though…
      I had 5 piece Ozito set and while ok, would cut out quickly. 4 years on the circular saw gave out, Bunnings wanted the whole kit back, so now i have AEG, but this Bosch set would be, well is better..

    • I have a mix of Bosch Blue and Ozito 18V. There are things that I'm fine to save with Ozito, especially garden tools like trimmers. But for anything serious, I'd reach for Bosch.

    • I was building deck and started with Ozito.
      It really struggled to tighten 150 mm screws. So I ordered Bosch blue from Blackwoods. 3 days later, it went like hot knife in butter. Bosch is so much better.

      • Were you using the drill driver or impact driver? I've driven plenty of 150mm+ screws into a range of timber using the Ozito impact driver. It will snap the screw before the torque gives out.

        • Impact driver. Ozito did use 4.0 Ah vs Bosch 5.0 Ah though. So not 'True' comparison.
          Still even 100 mm screws were flawless with Bosch vs Ozito.

  • Anyone got a gutfeel on what the angle grinder would sell for?

  • These are very good cordless powered tools, as I got them 6 months ago from this deal. Way better than my Ryobis and I sold the green ones after I bought these.

  • -1

    Unfortunately, GDX 18V-200 is nothing comparable to GDX 18V-200C.

    The C missing here is for Capable.

    I can't remember exactly what happened(I think it was not able to drive a SDS hex nut into 1.5mm stud, where older model did with ease) , but I returned mine immediately after one use(multiple attempts to make work).

    PS: I remember now, there should be two phase, drive(drill) phase and impact phase, unfortunately drive phase wasn't capable, and impact phase always kick in before screw was able to drill through 1.5mm metal stud, thus destroying every SDS screw, and not able to do the job.

    • That's disappointing. Thanks for the heads up. Were you pre-drilling pilot holes? I've got the much older "Impactor" Bosch driver, and while I have snapped a few screws and bolts in my time, especially working with hardwood. I wouldn't consider there to be a major issue with my older Bosch driver. Either I haven't pre-drilled well enough or not at all, or I've been driving to far and hard etc. I'll definitely look into the "C" model.

      • -1

        Yes, I have older model GDX18VC.

        GDX18V200C is definitely better, but GDX18V200 is not even close to the older model.

        With self drilling screws, we don't predrill holes, as screws itself have it own cutting edge(good for 2-3 runs, but mostly get thrown away if fail first time, or dropped, since workers time is wirth way way more than the screws), so when in drive phase, impact should not engage, or else it destroys the edge. Only after the screw drills through, impact drivers should detect the differences in change of torque, then engage impact to drive the screw further in.

        There is a lot youtube videos that explains this better than me, also explains the technology behind this.

        • Yeah I understand the tech.I've just survived using the older model for 10 years not snapping screws so much, but it would be due to my pre-drilling pilot holes most of the time, even for self tappers, as besides screw and bolt heads snapping I'm worried about splitting. I work a lot with hardwood renovating older homes so pre-drilling helps. I'll definitely get ahold of the "C" model, as it is time consuming pre-drilling pilot holes all the time and it would be great to not worry so much about snaps. Thanks again for the heads up.

    • +1

      I have both units. But both models are basically the same, with the 200 model non-adjustable in break away torque.
      C = Connected - Bluetooth model. This C model allows you to adjust the break away torque. Setting soft start and up the torque till the hammer kicks in. i.e. your situation.

      • You reckon the C unit is worth paying extra for the added features?

        • +1

          If you have very specific needs. i.e. like vattys - multi stage fasteners then Yes.
          Can imagine pain in having inconsistent results when you're doing doing 1000s of drives a day.

          If youre not in the trades then take the 80-90$ savings. the 200 is sufficient.

  • The DeWalt combo with only one battery but with Impact Screwdriving Set is now $399, not as good as previous deal but it is worth considering over this.

    • +1

      you get impact wrench with this bosch kit tho,

    • +1

      No angle grinder, no extra battery, no bonus laser measure…

  • Should I go with the Tool Bag or the Laser Measure?? Hmm…

    • +1

      Laser measure for sure.

  • I bought AEG COMBO KIT CORDLESS AEG++18V LI 3PC COMPT BS18CK3-202B for $217 from Bunnings 5 years ago and all gear and batteries are still going strong.

    Use is mostly weekend home maintenance jobs.

    Is the Bosch kit a worthwhile upgrade from what I have, or is it overkill?

  • Bummer looks like it's finished

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