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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner $349 (RRP $499) Delivered @ AZeShop via Amazon AU


Currently on the market looking at robot vacuums and found this deal on Amazon.

Posting here in case any one is interested. Also if anyone has any experience with this, would love to hear it..

Same deal available at Catch and PCByte:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I bought one before. Its in the garage now.

    • That bad huh? Did you have carpet or tiles or timer floors?

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      Yeah, my garage gets dirty too.

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    Yeah we had one and it's terrible as far as pathfinding and not getting lost within the house. Don't recommend at all

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    FWIW save your money and for another $200 get a self emptying one.

    It'll be worth it.

    • Any recommendations?

      • +1

        Viomi s9
        Roidmi Eve Plus
        Uoni V980 Plus (pretty much a clone of the cheaper roidmi)

        • Viomi S9 hasn't been near $550 for a fair while…or at least that I can find. I have been waiting for it to come on special.

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    I'm using this one.. Not so great on the carpets but 80% of the place is tiles/timber for which this (both vacuum and mopping) is great

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      I'm in the same boat. For the price, I'm pretty happy with it. Has its quirks at times, but I don't hate it like everyone else seems to.

    • Used it for mopping in kitchen & lough area a few times a week, it worked well enough. Has it moments, but for <$300 & the "free" vacuuming & mopping, no complaints.

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    This has been <$300 so many times, buying for $350 is not a bargain. Also, lots of substantially better models are available around the $500 price point if you slightly stretch your budget.

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      Many time its been sold on $260 on ebay

    • Any links to current deals?

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    I have a different, self-empying Viomi. I can say, without a hint of hyperbole, that it's mapping software is the worst I have ever had in a robot vacuum. Not so much that it doesn't get a good initial map, it does. But if you then nudge, or pick up and put down, the robot, it thinks you've travelled to a whole new house despite having it's fancy radar that should let it see where it is. It then deletes your map, and starts again. It doesn't even seem to hold history, it will literally think 'well I guess you want me to redo the current map we're running, right?' and just erases it and starts fresh. So all those rooms you spent ages editing, splitting, merging and renaming - gone. Oh and of course any schedules - also gone, because they were for the old house, right?

    And if you have a closed door between rooms accidentally one time when doing a run, it will permanently decide that's a wall forever, and never go past that spot again even when it's open. Unless you nudge it and make it think it's in a new house. Then it, of course, will start afresh.

    If you don't want to do room-based schedules or zone cleaning, and just want to hit 'go' for the whole house every time, this won't be much of an issue at all.

    • If you don't want to do room-based schedules or zone cleaning, and just want to hit 'go' for the whole house every time, this won't be much of an issue at all.

      That what my mum does, who's an ageing techno ignoramus, and she loves it. To tell you how bad she is, she can't even empty it, I have to do it when I'm over.

  • Terrible product, now this one collecting dust 😉

    • If it's in good nick happy to buy second hand for a reasonable price

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    For those complaining this product is hopeless, any kind soul want to give it away instead of collecting dust in the garage? I would love to take good care of it, would love to test it in my tiles/floorboard area.

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    I wouldn’t recommend either - nothing but issues. It doesn’t even pick up the dirt from tiles. I got it for mopping function, probably used it once for mopping in almost last 2 years, found it was ok.
    I haven’t given up on it yet and still give it a go once In a while, only to get frustrated in return and just end up using a handheld.
    On a side note, I also have a different xiaomi from one of the original versions (roborock I believe) for over 5 years now and cannot fault that one.

  • I don't really know what everyone is going on about. I love this little robot. I haven't needed to vacuum for 2 years!!! On initial setup make sure doors are open to all rooms you want to be mapped and away or goes. Mopping function is good. It does get lost every now and then, but return to docking station (even remotely) and it's ready to go again.
    It has been sub $300 so this isn't really a bargain, for the price is amazing. Obviously you spend more, you get more, but I love it.
    I also believe you can connect with Google home if you go through the viomi log in instead of the mi home on Google, I just haven't done that yet.

  • I have one and use it weekly
    no issues and works fine, does the job it should be doing

    i got mine back in 2020 though

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