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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $313.72 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Excellent bang for buck, all round CPU, now at an all time low price for Amazon. Free delivery seems to apply regardless of Prime status. It's possible this is a brief sale associated with July 4 in the USA so the price may go back up soon.

Next gen AMD CPUs are expected maybe mid Sept and will be better but also more expensive and most likely require a new platform (i.e. motherboard and RAM).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    All-time low was actually $282.36

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      ? "for Amazon"

      Type Price Date
      Current $313.72 Jun 30, 2022
      Highest * $580.48 Dec 01, 2020
      Lowest * $313.72 Jun 30, 2022

  • Might spring for something in the 5000 series as I'm currently on a 3600 and I've heard that the new 7000 series will be on that new AM5 socket which'll only support DDR5 ram, and I'm not interested in forking out for a new motherboard and ram the next time I decide to upgrade.

    Anybody got any recommendations for a good value Ryzen 5000 that's got a little more grunt than their X600 CPU's, main reasons being that I'm looking for more stable frames in MSFS and for pushing VR titles, as the 3600 is starting to become a bottleneck in that regard.

    • 5800x second hand for $320-350, 5900x $400-450second hand?

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      Rocking a 3600 from the techfast builds late 2020, what's the big difference between the 3600 VS 5600X?

      I'm a scrub who looks at the wiki and sees the same fab process, both have 6 cores 12 threads, same sized cache*, socket pcie wattage all same

      I see the 5600X has different core config (1x6 instead of 2x3), 100mhz higher base freq and 400mhz higher boost. Also Zen 3 instead of Zen 2. The cache is the same but a full 32mb instead of 2x16mb from the core config. What makes it worth dropping $300 on it and selling the 3600 for $150 on the marketplace?

      • As someone who jumped from a 2600 to a 5600 there wasn't a huge difference in performance when gaming. Noticeable, but not huge, I would be happy gaming on either one. Upgrading my RX580 to a 3060 on the other hand, quite the improvement.

        • Yeah I saw a review saying the Zen 2 to Zen 3 upgrade was the biggest upgrade, 20% improvement on all synthetic benchmarks and better power effeciency. But not worth buying if you already have a 3600.

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        This vid done by Hardware Unboxed should give you a good idea about the real world gaming diff between the 3600 and 5600 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu2EbuYYvKM&ab_channel=Hardw...

    • Look into the Zen 3D series, which only has the Ryzen 5800X3D right now, but the rumour is there's more to come in the line-up.

      • Whatever this 3D hooha is that i'm too stupid understand, it does seem to make a difference, but looking at pricing atm, stock's pretty hard to find for the 5800X3D and an asking price of 700 bucks is pretty (profanity)' nuts, but, if stock picks up in the future and prices drop, or they come out with a 5700X3D, 5600X3D, etc, I'll definitely be keeping watch.

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          Basically they've made extra cache (think of it as small amounts of memory really close to the CPU), and instead of jamming it into the normal CPU design, they've put it on top and connected it in via a stacking process.

          That gives the existing design a lot more cache, at the expense of some clock speed and multicore performance (obviously heat dissipation suffers).

          I'd be expecting Zen 3D pricing to drop once Zen 4 hits, and I'm not expecting a huge difference for single-threaded and most gaming applications.

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      I upgraded from a 2600x to 5600 (285 at Amazon). Last hurrah for my aging AM4. If I need a little more processing power, i'd go for a 5700x (no fan included).

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    5600 is arguably much better value at $285

    5600X is also $5 cheaper at Kogan. Though you might need kogan + to eliminate $12 delivery to capital city metro.


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      And the all-time low for the 5600 (which performs all-but identically) is about $250… there have been CPU + motherboard deals with the 5600 that were lower than this price.

      Good info here, and well worth holding out if you're trying to scrape together a build.

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    Excellent bang for buck, all round CPU

    Not sure about this. I found the 12400f better at about $245. Will also have 13th gen upgrade options down the track.

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      Generally depends on pricing of motherboards

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        True that. Some very good b660 boards (e.g. The Aorus Pro) is down to about $190. A tad more than an am4 board, but feature packed.

    • New revision 660 mobos are coming out soon too where you can run them at 5ghz resulting in beastly performance as seen on Hardware Unboxed.

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    AM4 price drops have slowed down because of shipping delays from the factory

    5600X is old stock being cleared out, 5600G is oversupplied and any dud runs are sold by AMD as the 5500

    The one everyone actually wants - the 5600 with the full size L3 cache, lower TDP and guaranteed recent production - is in tight supply

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    Last week alot of shop sell 5600x under $300 delivered and considering prime day in 8 days might as well wait🤣

  • I got a refurb AORUS and a 5600 recently from JW for about $400 with shipping recently, haven’t had any issues. Giga software is a muffin though, there’s open source alternatives for fan control and RGB. Probably should have waited for this, but oh well

  • Hope 5700g getting thia price soon.

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    Wouldn't recommend this compared to a base 5600. This costs 10% more money for maybe 3% better performance.

    • to be fair; this deal is 10% more than other 5600x deals

    • but the x makes it sound cool

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    Last time I needed one of these it cost 279.
    Not a bargain.

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    5600 is much better value than this.

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      Yep. Looking into prices versus performance, the 5600X costs ~10%-20% more compared to the 5600, but you get only a 1-3% performance gain for that cost. Thanks for helping me with my decision.

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        5600x is about $284 AUD @ newegg au with coupon NYFPC2769AUS
        You need to order something else for $5 more to get free delivery over $280 as they only count the amount before GST is applied. This would mean it's probably coming out of their US warehouse.

        So you if you get 5600x + something like this cheap flash drive, the total is about $293 which is about 3% more expensive than the normal price for a 5600.

        • Man, that's an excellent price. Thanks.

          Very tempting, but I prefer to buy parts from a nearby local retailer. That way if there's a problem, I can grab my PC and take the whole thing to the seller's store for them to diagnose which part is the problem. If I buy a CPU from NewEgg and there's an issue, it's a lot harder for me to determine if it's the CPU, motherboard, power supply, etc. to know which part to send back. I could do it if I had spares on standby, but that undermines those great cost savings. There's also the turn around time for sending parts back and waiting for replacements. But I'm happy to be corrected/informed if there's a better way to do things.

          I'm also fortunate enough to be within 20-minutes drive of some of the cheaper Australian retailers with decent service warranty reputations.

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