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Buy 1 Premium or Traditional Pizza & Get 1 Traditional, Value Max or Value Range Pizza Free @ Domino's (Online/Selected Stores)


Very good offer from Domino’s!

Pick up or Delivery!

6% Delivery Service fee applies to all delivery orders Monday - Saturday.
Minimum Delivery order $20.
Additional charges apply for extra toppings, half 'n' half & indulgent crusts. Limited area for delivery.
Excludes Half ‘n’ Half

Mod: Selected Stores / Online Only

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  • I’ve tried 3 Domino stores (Canberra Centre, Dickson and Fsychwick) in ACT and all don’t accept the code

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      Yeah thanks, BG, Mod's updated it now for me :).

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    6% Delivery Service fee applies to all delivery orders Monday - Saturday

    And 20% fee on Sundays. What the frick is going on with Dominos pricing.

    Not that it matters, none of these codes ever work at my local Glenelg store in Adelaide.

    • The delivery service fee was just implemented from today. Received this email from Domino:

      That’s why, from today, we are introducing a Delivery Service Fee.

      We have held off introducing this for as long as we could even as it has become standard in our industry, but this small fee will help our local Domino’s store owners cover the cost of operating a delivery business in the current environment and allow them to continue to provide the great delivery service you know and love.

      This means that a 6% Delivery Service Fee will now be applied to online delivery orders on Monday - Saturday.

      This amount, which will vary based on your order total, will be clearly shown before you confirm your purchase.

      This fee does not apply to pick up orders and will not change our commitment to offering delicious pizzas and the best value in town.

      To learn more about our pricing visit dominos.com.au/about-pricing

      • Wait. 6% on a $20 order is $1.20. Assuming that pizzas for delivery and pick up are the same price, it means delivery will be more affordable. Keen to hear someone from Domino's chime in on the pricing structure.

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          The 6% delivery service fee is on top of the already fairly expensive delivery fee (usually about $8, added to the cost of the first pizza).

          Minimum order for delivery is also $22.

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      You can avoid the service fee by phoning your order in.

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        Because an employee's time is worth less than a computer ordering system?! Dominos have lost the plot…

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      And 20% fee on Sundays.

      It's 10% fee on Sundays & 15% on public holidays. 20% is on Christmas Day only. However not relevant because:

      "The Delivery Service Fee will not apply on Sundays and Public Holidays in Australia, or on Christmas Day."


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    As a reminder - better deal tomorrow (pick up only though).

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    Works at Dominos Caulfield and Dominos Bentleigh (VIC)

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    Cheeky Brothers (WA) or most other fresh, full-sized pizza makers in grocers are now a FAR better value than the skimpy, BS Dominoes sends out. So what if I have to put it in the oven?

    If you're high AF, you might not notice, but if not, how can you even eat their pathetic stuff any more? It's honestly a sick joke what they deliver- tiny, no toppings, no sauce, no cheese….awful.

  • Can't get the code to work via app.


  • doesn't work in Eastwood dominos nsw

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