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[Prime] $5 Credit on $75 Amazon Gift Card Purchase @ Amazon AU


Stay safe, and enjoy :)

The first 10,000 Prime members who either tap the “Apply code” button on the promotion landing page OR enter the applicable promotional code GIFTPRIME in the “redeem a Gift Card or Promotional Code” box at checkout when purchasing $75 or more of eligible Amazon.com.au Gift Cards in a single order will receive a $5 promotional credit that can be used on a future eligible order (“Offer”).

Offer available between 12:01AM (AEST) on 5 July 2022 and 11:59PM (AEST) on 13 July 2022. Promotional credit will expire at 11:59PM (AEDT) on 31 December 2022.

Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account used to make the purchase within two (2) business days after your order is shipped (for physical gift cards) or within two (2) business days after the order is completed (for electronic gift cards).

You will receive an email that indicates the promotional code has been added to your account. Your promotional credit can only be used for purchases of eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon AU and will be applied during checkout.

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2022

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    Works, got the card and the benefit/promo credit in about five minutes. Thanks TA. For the frequent questions:

    • Either click on the Apply Code button in the link or enter the code as a promo code on checkout. You can't do both and if you've already clicked Apply Code, you will get an error if you try to put in the promo code at checkout. It will still work though if you've actually clicked Apply Code.

    • Similarly if you put in the promo code at checkout then leave the page and try again, you will get an error. Presumably all it does is flag your account as being part of the promotion and can only do this once.

    • You should in theory get the code at the same time as the gift card, but allow two days max. Remember that it is not gift card credit, it is promo credit so it won't show on your balance. It will just be applied as a credit when checking out on eligible items.

    • +5

      2 things to add from my exp:

      • The credit email might not come at the same time as gift card, was around 10mins apart for me
      • The promo credit will automatically apply in the next Amazon purchase, but might be ineligible for any cashback (CR / SB), so for those cashback purchases remember to uncheck the promo credit during check out
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    Do you ever sleep, TA? :)

    • Ha.. ha

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      Rumour has it that TA is just a big Bot.

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    I am in my warm bed now, should I get up and turn on my desktop ASAP?

    • +6

      Just use your phone…. Stay warm and save money.

    • No need, what you need to do is do it on your phone to buy a Chromebook, so that you won't miss future deals and save electricity at the same time

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    Amazon giftcard promo code is always confusing
    has to click "Apply Code" but when manually putting the code in checkout it throws error

    • +2

      Just received the email of $5 promotional credit being applied to my account
      As long as the "Apply Code" button has been clicked, the promo should be opt-in

    • +5

      If you click apply code, the code is already entered thus it will throw an error.

  • +7

    The promotional code you have entered cannot be applied to your purchase

    • Same

    • Can anyone see this deal advertised anywhere on the Amazon home page apart from the link that OP has provided?

    • +6

      Apply code will activate promo. Entering promo code is simply redundant thus the error. I clicked apply code and purchased and got an email about the $5 credit

      • thanks! apply code works for me

        • thank you! I received as well just clicking apply code, purchased and received credit.

    • +1

      Confirm apply code will result in an email post purchase confirming bonus. Manual Input of code not required

    • +7

      For the avoidance of doubt, after you click "Apply Code", you need to see "Prime GC Promotion" under the checkout to know that it has worked. You don't need to enter the code in manually.


      • The “Prime GC Promotion” line never appears for me at checkout, despite the website telling me the offer had already been applied after I clicked the Apply button.

      • Not 100% correct as I did not have that line but received the credit

        • This is for desktop purchases.

      • Many said they receive email confirming they will receive the credit after 15 minutes. On the ad, it says will receive the credit after 2 days.

        • It just means up to 2 days. If it wasnt a busy period, you'd get the bonus almost immediately.

      • ty, I needed this! it worked for me after looking at your help :D

      • Thanks for linking this, I didn't notice it when I was buying a GC and was wondering how I could know if the promo worked. Legend.

  • Same

  • Where is the 75$ gift card?

    • +1

      Choose one with a custom amount.

  • Can’t be added…. Doesn’t work!

    • It's auto applied once you're enrolled in the deal and make the purchase. The code isn't required.

      • Yes, I know this too by now. Got it twice now. However it’s not a good look for Amazon. It’s very confusing.

        • Cool. Have a +1.

  • Hmm purchased, waiting on the $5 now. Pretty sure Amazon didn't bamboozle me.

  • +2

    Easy money, thanks TA. Smooth and seamless via my phone - didn't even need to leave the couch.

  • Credits ever expire when loaded?

    • +2

      It’s all in the OP:

      Offer available between 12:01AM (AEST) on 5 July 2022 and 11:59PM (AEST) on 13 July 2022. Promotional credit will expire at 11:59PM (AEDT) on 31 December 2022.

  • +1

    worked for me by entering the code at the checkout page.

  • +6

    Stacks with Amex spend $50 get $10 offer.

    • +1

      Holy… It does! Amazing offer timing

  • I tried to "apply code" again and this message comes up "You Have Already Enroled For This Promotion, Start Shopping To Use It" so I am guessing if I buy $75 or more on gift card, it should work?

    • +1


      • thank you.

        And thank you TA for great deal.

  • Worked by clicking the "apply code" on the promotion page. Thanks for posting OP.

  • +1

    FYI, Applied code on the link and in checkout when I tried manually again just in case but it said "The promotional code you have entered cannot be applied to your purchase". I went purchased anyway because it was like last time and now I got the promotional benefit email. Alll good.

    • Same issue, code stopped working after changing payment method. But when I press "apply code" now it says I already enrolled so it should be fine

  • +1

    Good deal TA

  • -1

    Also got the benefit confirmation email.

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    If you click apply code, no need to manually enter the promo code. It should work.

    If you dont click on apply code, manually enter the code and it works

  • +12

    This is equivalent to 6.25% off so lesser than the 7% off you would've got from those countless offers from Shopback with $5 bonus for $100 GC last month

    • +9

      10% or not worth my time

  • Thank you, TA.

    Love your skills.

  • Can you use gift card to purchase gift card with Amazon?

    • +1

      No, but you can use your Coles MC Gift cards if you've got any left.

  • Just make sure you see this line before you place your order:

    • +1

      That line is definitely not present for me, despite the site saying I’m already enrolled in the promotion.

      Your comments are confusing potential customers.

      • -1

        Then you should add the promo code in before checking out?

        • That doesn’t work - I’m told the promotional code cannot be applied to purchase.

          • @JeBs: Do you have prime?

            • @ATangk: Yes, I have Prime. Look, I’m sure Amazon will still honour it. We’ll see.

              • @JeBs: As below, mobile vs desktop difference.

          • @JeBs: For me, it never shows on the app, so I use the mobile website in desktop mode just to check that line is indeed there.

      • ATangk is correct though … that line appears if you either hit the "Apply code" button on the promotion landing page (in which case if you apply GIFTPRIME at checkout it will say the code cannot be applied), or if you just apply the code GIFTPRIME at check-out.


        I hit the "Apply code" button on the promotion landing page so I didn't need to enter GIFTPRIME (thus why it says the code cannot be applied) - but under "Qualifying offers" on the right, it tells me I am indeed eligible for the "Prime GC promotion".

        This is what all the confusion is about every single time a promotion like this comes up, because some people will hit BOTH the button and then try to apply the code on check-out as well. You just need to do one OR the other - and the qualifying line will appear.

        • I guess not everyone recognises the desktop format. It won’t appear the same on mobile.

    • Not in my case, the line did not appear but I still received the benefit email, anyway it's Amazon's fault for this poor experience

  • I went into the chat and they added it manually before I ordered. Then I ordered and got another $5. $10 for $75 gift card…

    • How'd you do that?

      • Well I got an error when adding the code like everyone else, didn’t buy and went into the chat. They said they add it manually. Then I bought it and got the manual added $5 plus the clipped on $5.

  • Promotional credit expires 31 Dec 2022

  • Just in case anyone panics like me. It took a bit longer, around 15mins for the $5 credit to be emailed to me.

  • +2

    Amazon US gives bonus US$12.50 for US$50 credit reload and we get A$5 for $75 Amazon gift card. With 256 votes and counting for this as a bargain, I think we're easily pleased - and that's why we get what we get.

    • +3

      Different markets, they also pay ~3x more for Prime.

      • +1

        Yeah but don't mislead people into thinking they pay 3x more for the same Prime package that we get. They pay a lot more but get a lot more…. We generally pay more and/or get less - and this is just another example. Amazon US providing 25% bonus on purchase of credit, Amazon Aus <7%

        • +1

          Of course they get more, as they should for what they pay. The better deals and promos like the one you're referring to is an example of that, which was my point.

          Personally I think AU Prime is pretty amazing, I would rather pay $59/year than ~$200(139USD)/year for US Prime, even with the better deal/promos and services.

  • Easy money 💵 lol I mean, now I have to figure out what I want for 80$

    • +2

      Prime day sales are coming 12-13 July.

  • Thanks OP.

    Click "apply code" on the promotion page and simply buy the gift card value of $75.
    got the $5 credit confirmation email after the delivery of the $75 gift card

  • Hope Amazon is reading all the feedback about their confusing enter code/apply code experience and fix it

    • +1

      Yes, Bezos has an Ozbargain account and is reading all of this.

  • Is it limited to $5 per account? I wonder If I purchase more than one gift card, probably not

  • Thanks OP. I also got the "cannot be applied" error when entering the code after applying the coupon. Purchased anwyay. Received confirmation of $5 credit about 15 minutes later. I'm guessing when the 10,000 have been used they are required to remove the promotion (?).

    • Tick the “apply coupon” in OP’s link and then buy the $75 gift card.

      Worked for me fine this morning.

  • Promotions applied:

    • Prime GC promotion

    It says this under your total amount during checkout if the promo is activated.

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

  • +1

    I still havent received the $5 coupon from last deal, and cant find a way to contact amazon tried to use their contact us link showing me order cant be returned.

    • Try their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AmazonHelp

    • same here I have now given up on Amazon Bonuses

    • +1

      It is not a $5 coupon so it won't be on gift card/coupon section.
      That's a credit which will be automatically applied when you place an order from Amazon AU.

    • Select "something else">"other Issues", after that there are two options "Request call now" and "Start chatting now".

  • Thanks TA. Jeff needs more of my money…

  • Thanks Tightarse.

    Edit: Name change

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