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Surfshark VPN 2 Years + 3 Bonus Months $91.77 (Save 83%) @ Surfshark


I originally signed up to SurfShark during the cash rewards 3 years with 97% cashback deal a while back, I thought this deal might be good for existing customers looking to extend a little further. Now my subscription goes all the way to 2025.

CashRewards 30% cashback will only work for new customers.

EDIT: There’s a 97% cashback at ShopBack. Approved codes listed on SB are: sharkspecial or SHOPBACK

Deal expires midnight 4 July (GMT-7)

🚩 2-year Surfshark subscription + 3 free months

🚩 Free Antivirus - protect your devices from viruses 24/7.

🚩 Free access to Alert - get notified if your personal info is leaked.

🚩 Free access to Search - get purely organic search results & forget about ads and tracking.

Referral Links

Referral: random (147)

Bonus 30 days of Surfshark for referrer and referee. Referrer gets extra 6 months of Surfshark after 3 referrals.

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  • +6

    i paid less than $10 after cashback for 2 years + 3 months during the regular upsized cashback deals.

    just wait for the next upsized cashback deal from cashrewards/shopback

    • +4

      There’s a 97% cashback at ShopBack

      Approved codes listed on SB are (for a 2yr plan, only for new SurfShark customers):

      • sharkspecial
      • SHOPBACK

      Better to lose the bonus 3 months that OP mentioned and get an upsized cashback instead

      • Does one get the full shopback, even though you are paying monthly? How does it work? Excuse my ignorance.

        • I’m not too sure how it works. I guess if you’re getting the 2 year plan, it would be 97% cashback from it

          Prolly be the same method if you’re on monthly

      • Site doesnt let u input the shopback approved codes. It selects sharkstart coupon as default

    • Agree, even with these "deals" from the VPN provider, they are only worth getting when there is a cashback running

  • Bought 10.

  • +1

    Any windscribe users here? Proud to say that i bought the lifetime deal about 4 years ago and its still going strong.

    • @I Smell Pennies

    • I think surfshark is better.

      • Although I can't get Netflix to work with Chromecast.

      • perhaps….maybe on functionality, but with price factored in it's debatable. But if surfshark works for your needs, stick with it :-)

  • +3

    No no and more no!

    Wouldn’t touch it again if you paid me. It’s literally useless if it can’t do the one thing it’s supposed to.

    Been an ongoing ‘bug’ that they keep allegedly ‘fixing’, that keeps coming back again and again. That logs you out of the app randomly, looses your VPN connection, and what’s even worse, is their supposed ‘killswitch’ that supposed to kick in, doesn’t, because you’re not logged in. What a joke.
    Surfshark did this to me atleast once a week for a good 4-5 months, each time I would update if there was one, still kept on happening. I’ve still got almost 1.5 years left on it, but haven’t touched it in 3 months since switching to PIA. PIA’s been solid as a rock, and it’s kill switch works as intended.

    • +1

      Not to mention you cant even get Argentina VPN server to work properly for the popular youtube premium deal on Surfshark. I had to use free tunnelbear to get it working. So never touch surfshark again.

  • +1

    I hate that you have to write to them to cancel. Mine is up in 5 days. Never going one of the big VPNs again

  • +2

    Problem: now it forces you to install bloatwares… Antivirus ( i dont need it ). They wont work if you dont install extra features in the latest version. Not continuing this time.

  • So which are the top VPNs?

    • +1

      Mullvad VPN. No Info asked. Just VPN

  • Been using SurfShark for years and the only issue I've ever head is that the login credentials seem to timeout and become useless.

    Having to constantly update the country login info is a bit of a pain

  • I know these guys are crappy for windows clients and AV bloat, but using this on my raspberry pi and binding the torrent client to this.. no issues, use the code REDDITSPECIAL for a much better price :)

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