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Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD $350.10 Delivered + Surcharge @ Computer Alliance


Interface PCIe Gen 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.3c
Sequential Read Up to 7,000 MB/s
Sequential Write Up to 5,100 MB/s
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year
Manufacturer PN: MZ-V8P2T0BW

1% surcharge on card and PayPal payments

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    FOMO time or… Amazon, where are you?

  • Don't know whether to bite or wait for Amazon. The steam card via redemption last month would've been nice but of course I didn't need an SSD then

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    Still cannot beat mWave's offer:


    • mWave is out of inventory?

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    does this need heat sink to run?

    • Yeah, in a laptop, too?

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        Not recommended to install 980 pro in a laptop since its limited space.

    • Need to install heatsink for long time read and write access.

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      I have Windows on a 980 Pro 1TB under the included asus motherboard heatsink, and a 980 1TB (non-pro) without a heatsink. There's currently a 3 degree difference between them while not doing much, and just to try to make it fair I opened a movie from the regular 980 to try to make up for the Pro running the operating system/open applications.

      The only time I've noticed either get hot was when I was copying hundreds of gigabytes of data onto the pro sequentially when I first got it. I've also copied a few hundred gigabytes onto the non-pro one without a heatsink and never saw it get hot, but it was somewhat limited in speed due to the slow HDDs it was copying off of. They're meant to throttle themselves if they get too hot anyway.

      Generally no they don't get hot at all, and it would only be under very rare cases where you're moving tons of data sequentially for a long time that they might, and they're meant to just slow themselves down if so. My case has 3x120mm intake fans blowing not far from the regular 980, and one 120mm outtake, so is probably decently cooled but far from the best. My fans are also only running at about 30% so nowhere close to top-tier cooling.

      As I made this post they actually dropped to 1 degree difference with the one without the heatsink being cooler: https://i.imgur.com/jytt9W2.png I'm using Fan Control which you can find on github to control my case fans by a combination of CPU, GPU, and SSDs, so that if they do start to get hot the fans should ramp up.

    • No, they'll throttle to regulate if necessary, and it's only relevant for highly unrealistic workloads or benchmarks.

  • need amazon to price match

  • Looks like this is on the PS5 compatability list too.

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    PCIe Gen 5.0 is around the corner.

  • Are these compatible with and/or easy to install to ps5's?

    • installing a NVME in a PS5 pretty simple and will not void your warranty. YouTube a guide, Linus Tech Tips has one.

  • Sorry for a newbie question. Is this suitable for HP Omen 16?

    Was looking to add a storage to the HP, but not sure what is suitable. Doesn't need super high speed, just looking for good balance of cost and speed

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      it would work yes, ive done a similar swap for a dell xps 13. take a look at this site before you do though assuming you have a newer model, it has 2x m.2 slots, so you can add it in addition to your current boot drive or swap it out entirely. But only 1 of the 2 slots is gen 4 speed though, but you wont really notice any difference doing day to day tasks

  • Its not bad, But can't wait for the day 2TB M.2 NVMe get to around $200.

  • Spewn just bought one from BPC

    • Same here. Got one from BPC for $359

  • Nice, I paid more than this for a 970 EVO a couple years back.

  • thats actually a good price I remember paying about 420 for it last year for my ps5 ssd upgrade.

  • If I put a gen 4 SSD to a gen 3 slot. Would it still work but only getting lower speed?

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