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[eBay Plus] Boost 140GB $143.10, 280GB $214.20, Imoo Kids 4G Watch from $143.10 Delivered @ Auditech eBay


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  • Would recommend the imoo watches from my experience.

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    Anyone know if customer service still help you use a starter kit as a recharge? So to avoid the whole rigmarole of porting out and porting back in…

    • I would be surprised if they did

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        They do no fuss. Did it today.

    • They can. But official advice is no. More likely to get a no than yes.

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        Yeah, I am seeking feedback on someone who might have done it recently … because I had success with my last recharge in Dec'21

        • I was advised in April that they would. I ported out anyway because it was worthwhile

          • @justtoreply: Who did you move over to?

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              @kickling: Just port to a non-Telstra service for a day or two & port back. Who ever is selling cheap sims, like kogan, Coles,,etc. Last time I picked up a $30 Voda Sim for $8. Using that.

              • @M00Cow: No need. They will port from your number to your number (Boost to Boost) no fuss.

                • @spy: But did it involve customer service?
                  I don't want to deal with them.

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              @kickling: Voda for one month only
              (Because I got paid to receive the sim)

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      Yes you can, done 2 recently.

      • Thanks - anything special you have to mention or do?

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          Just jump on live chat and tell them you bought the 140/280gb pack and didn't realize it couldn't be used to recharge and you dont want to lose your number. They can port your existing number to the new sim with credit.

          • @LowRange: Perfect, thanks for the advice

          • @LowRange: I didn't bother with an explanation - just said I had a starter sim and wanted to keep my existing service number.

            The live chat operator knew exactly what I wanted and did it within a few minutes - activated the new SIM then transferred the existing number onto the new SIM.

            You do lose whatever credit you have on the old SIM.

            • @inick: Exactly what I did today. No explanation. He told me what I was doing and I just said yes. Done in 4 minutes. No credit roll over though so 120Gb lost. Meh.

    • I just messaged them on the weekend and they allowed me to port my old number to the new starter pack on live chat. Just had to wait 12 hours for the number to come across.

      • He said 1-4 hrs. Mine literally "ported" in 1 minute.

  • What's the expiry for the Boost SIMs? I'm due around November.
    Surely they'll run another promo for extra data?

    • Expiry date is in the product description, around 1-1.5 year.

    • If you click on the link you'll find out.

      • No need as you posted item description below

    • Surely they'll run another promo for extra data?

      They've pretty much run the offer non-stop since at least 2020, with the amount changing every few months. Even possible the bonus data will increase, like it did with the $300 SIM data increasing from 260GB to 280GB this time around.

  • Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit:
    Tri-cut SIM fits any phone
    $300 credit pre-loaded
    Activate before 5/2023
    Receive 40GB bonus data (280GB in total) if activate by 26 September 2022
    Keep your own number or get a new one
    Starter kit cannot be used for recharge

    Our customers also get:
    Order confirmation email
    Dispatch notification with PDF tax invoice
    Free shipping with tracking and signature

    About the Boost $300 12 month plan:
    240GB base data on the Telstra 4G network
    UNLIMITED calls & text to standard numbers
    UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 18 selected destinations
    3600 standard mins to 29 selected destinations
    3600 text to standard numbers to any country in the world
    Stream Apple music data free

    Boost offers 3G and 4G services on the Telstra Network. Outside of 4G coverage areas your device will automatically switch to 3G and speeds will be less. For a complete list of included calls and destinations go to boost.com.au/international

    • FYI I don’t think Apple Music streaming is data free any more

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    Thanks, 3x Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit

  • @Auditech , Boost has extended the bonus data offer to 26 September 2022 right?

    • Yes.

      • Thank you, Bought 3x Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit

  • too bad, mine exp in nov, will loose 40gb data

    • Not necessarily. Boost has kept the bonus data going since at least 2020, with the amount changing every few months. This time around, the $200 data stayed the same and the $300 data increased from 260GB to 280GB.

      • Sorry i didnt follow, are you saying even I port out and port in again in NOV I still get 280GB???

        • You will likely still get bonus data but the exact amount might change

  • Any differences between Woolworths and Boost for the network?

    • Yea

      • +1

        I read the comments below. Thanks, mate

  • Perfect timing as my woolworths prepaid ending in 17 days.

  • can OP confirm if boost still Streams Apple music data free?

    • not anymore

      • The eBay listing for the $300 SIM says at the bottom of the page "Stream Apple music data free". See my comment here.

        • but then the boost webpage said it doesn't provide free streaming anymore. which one should we trust?

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            @theoscat: The seller is responsible for accuracy of their listing.

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            @theoscat: You can complain about the incorrect ad listing to eBay

        • You are right, we are responsible for our listing accuracy. I apologise for the outdated information.

    • Apple music is no longer free, I apologise for the outdated information.

  • I bought the 140gb one, also get 5g with speeds close to 400mbps

    • I was hitting 800mbps the other day, pretty awesome. If only i could get that at home on the desktop.

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        Funny thing is, the closer I got to the CBD, the worse it became. Didn't even have 5g in the CBD, shows how much interference it can have.

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      Boost gets full access to Telstra 4g network, Woolworths only gets access to inferior wholesale network - unless something has changed recently?

      • interesting how the woolies site states "Woolworths Group Limited ABN 88 000 014 675 uses part of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G* mobile network." so i just naturally assume you get the full access and not just "parts"..

    • Boost grants you access to full Telstra network.

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      This one. Boost has been very good. I'm happy with the price, coverage and service. I find it hard to stomach that some people pay $30-$50/month for a phone bill.

      • The idea of porting to some people can be overwhelming, and also thinking they might lose their number might deter people

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          Valid points for sure about porting and losing numbers. Once you've gone through it you realise its not that scary. However I believe more people are trapped in the cycle of phones on plans or leases. They break up the RRP phone cost in nice installments but then lump you with a $40/50/60+/month phone plan. The only thing we really need is data. No one makes that many calls anymore. That s why every carrier has "unlimited" calls and only measure data usage.

          • @che_97:

            $40/50/60+/month phone plan.

            Yea a lot more expensive than prepaid at around $10-$15pm

            If these telcos banned prepaid they would actually make more money

          • @che_97:

            No one makes that many calls anymore

            Yep, based on what survey exactly?

            • @Trishool: I’m guessing based on unlimited calls offering now standard…

        • i thought the whole porting process is a bit better nowadays compared to ages ago? since alot of people port all the time dependent on plans available

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    When is boost going to get eSIM? Their CEO committed to weeks or few months ages back and nothing yet.

  • Currently on Boost, Can I use this to recharge?

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      The description starts with: (NOT FOR RECHARGE) Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit

      • Ignore description. Jump on live chat. They will port you from boost to boost, from your number to your number. No explanation. Just give em your new sim number.

    • it's possible. speak with customer service.

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      I have. Live chat works well

  • I understand its not for recharge but can someone tell me how long do i need to be ported out to another non-telstra carrier before porting back. Some people are saying 1 day and soem are saying 28 days. Can someone please clarify the time you need to stay our before porting back in?

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      Just did this over the weekend - I ported from Boost to Amaysim on Saturday afternoon, ported back to Boost on Monday morning and have the full inclusions with no issue.

    • There is no time frame. You just need to show your on a different carrier so that they can port you in as a new customer

      • Do you have to port to a non-Telstra carrier, or will anyone do?

        • Not sure, but it’s safe to say non-Telstra

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      it's possible to use these as a recharge. speak to customer service who will port your number to the new sim you receive.
      you will lose any credit you still have.

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        I've used a starter SIM to recharge an existing service (technically a SIM swap ) over live chat several times on different services with no issues

        • Yes that’s what I meant. Have done this for the last couple of years on multiple services.

  • Can anyone share their experience on porting out and in from Boost? If I get a prepaid sim card and port out then I should be able to use the starter pack to port in, is that straightforward?

    • Yea

    • Just get Boost to port your number directly to the new sim.

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    Boost is $18 per month almost . Is it even a deal considering only 20gb per month?

    • Well seeing most plans are
      $20 - 5gb data
      $30 - 20gb

      I'd say yes.

    • I mean it's on the Telstra network. Not bad to be honest. Not sure how cheap you want it to be but it's a good deal.

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      The big deal about Boost used to be no speed caps, full 5G speed (for now) VOLTE, VOWIFI, SMSWIFI, and able to use google messages 'chat features' . Used to only be on Telstra and Boost.
      This could have changed by now and these features are more available on other networks, not sure

  • Depends on the person answering the phone from Boost. At times the firs person that answered said no problem recharging from a current plan. Last time I had this ahole who absolutely refused. I then called back later got another CC person and he did it no questions asked.

    • I've used a starter SIM to recharge an existing service several times (I've got multiple services) over live chat with no issues

  • Anymore stock for the $200 sim?

  • $200 is OOS. Hope they restock more soon

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    Back in stock.

  • I am on Belong at the moment , can I port direct from Belong to Boost as they are both on the Telstra network ?

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      You can port directly from one carrier to another regardless of network.

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    Boost or amaysim?

    • +3

      Signal or no signal…

  • What I did last month was buy an Optus start sim for $10 but giving you $30 in credit port out of Boost to Optus. Use that for a month then buy a Boost starter pack like this and port back in.

    It ends up being about $17 a month, one month being on Optus

  • Darn, I bought the $200 starter kit from Boost’s site yesterday for $170.

  • Can I get it but not recharge after October? Thanks 🙏

  • +1

    Checkout returns an error saying the listing does not exist or quantity does not meet. Can this be fixed?

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