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Virgin Mobile Big Plans Updated - Now Inc. Bonus 2GB Data!



Virgin Mobile have today updated their Big Plan range to include a BONUS 2GB of data for the life of your plan. This applies to Contracted and BYO based offers.

The Big Plan 29 now has $450 credit and 2.25gb of data, and the Big Plan 39 includes $650 credit and 2.5gb of data. This is in addition to the standard Virgin Features of Unlimited Virgin-to-Virgin calls and text, Free Voicemail and Rollover of unused credit.

Standout deals with a phone on this offer include the Samsung Galaxy S 2 for $5 extra per month on the Big Plan 29 or the HTC One X for $10 extra per month on the Big Plan 39.

Or if you already have a phone, grab the Big Plan 29 or 39 with the same great inclusions but with $10 off each month and no lock-in! (thanks for the reminder Hessian Sack)

If ordering selected plans online, don't foget to use the coupon code "fusion" to get 50% off your access fee for 5 months

Hurry… offer ends 1st July 2012, unless extended

UPDATED 6PM 28/05/12 - While some existing customers have had success in getting the extra data, it appears a memo has gone out now saying existing Big Plan customers CANNOT upgrade to these new plans without breaking their contract.

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  • Anyone knows virgin's plan for galaxy s3?

  • Great find.

    Hopefully, voda will do the same.

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      I have 3 GB of data with my vodafone plan. I use my 3G for about 90 mins a day. In 23 days of use I have only used 75MB.

      I think if you were to use your vodafone 3G 24/7 you would barely reach 200 MB because of how slow it is. So if vodafone does the same I don't think it would mean much. I believe it may get worse with more people using more 3G internet on their phone.

      • Hey, it was pretty good until last week from my experience. I mainly use it in Brisbane CBD and on the train home..

      • i am sick of voda too. but hos is virgin? my contract finally will expire in 2 months, cant wait to join the army of pre-paid….

        i only used up the value i actually pay ($50/month, wasting hundred of dollars of the plan "value"), i also have a company phone with Telstra sitting there doing nothing.

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    Don't forget that BYO gets $10 off per month on the Big Plans, so the Big Plan 29 is actually $19 per month for $450 credit and 2.25gb of data.

    BYO details: http://www.virginmobile.com.au/sim-card/

    • For this kind of PostPaid plan is that mean I have to give them my CC for them to debit $19 per month? If over they will debit whatever they want?

      • +3

        you don't have to do direct debit. you CAN set-up direct debit if you wish, but you can also pay via BPAY or a credit card payment through the Virgin Mobile website.

    • +1

      i almost forgot about that, thanks Hessian Sack, post updated

    • Uh-oh, sounds like there's something big (eg, LOTS of mobile data CHEAP) coming down the tubes to AU soon.

      So, wait for more (for less)…?

      Or, jump on VirginMobile's BYO variation…?

      Yet another trade-off decision to make… :-/

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    Thanks OP but I think I will stick with my outright phone with Liveconnected :)

    • +2

      Absolutely agree. Live connected has been excellent. I started off at $4.99, but switched to $12, because the data just wasn't enough.

      $11 for $500 credit (which I don't use) and 1.5 GB of data is more than enough.

    • How's the coverage/speed on LiveConnected? Is it pretty much the same as Virgin?

      • It is identical - in fact in some circumstances data speeds on LC are better because it uses the main Optus APN, as opposed to Virgin's comparatively more congested APN (although you can switch to the normal Optus APN now with no penalty, I think? The penalty used to be a much bigger chargeable data block).

  • TERRIBLE international rates, FYI

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      yeah rates aren't amazing but at least international calling comes out of your included value unlike some other providers…

      • +3

        Good point, looks like you can use the whole $450 or $650 of credit on international if you want to, right?

        • +1

          i don't see why not… best option in that scenario would probably be say the Big Plan 39 on BYO; use it for international calling and internet. $650 credit and 2.5GB… pretty good value for $29 a month with no lock-in

        • I'm thinking the same thing! It looks like the bonus 2GB adds to the 2.5 already in the plan, making it 4.5GB and much better than liveconnected for my uses :)

        • +2

          slightly wrong there… the 2.5 includes the bonus 2gb.. previously the Big Plan 39 only included 500mb

        • TPG $34.99 plan has $1000 which you can use all for international if you wish.. their rates are quite high but after a brief glance of Virgin's rates, TPG is still slightly cheaper

          You also get 3GB of data.

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    They can give you 10G of data and you are not going to be able to use it cos virgin network speed is just shocking.

    • +5

      I thought they use Optus? Not awesome but should be better than Vodaf…

      • +2

        "I thought they use Optus?"

        That's not entirely accurate, and a lot of people fall for it.
        Yes Virgin uses the Optus network, but Optus sells Virgin limited bandwidth… it's not just open field day on all their towers.

        I've got a Virgin mobile. Very happy with their phone coverage. But when it comes to data- and in particular speed, they are shocking. You can have 2 identical phones right next to each other. One optus, one virgin. But because Optus saves most of it's bandwidth for its own customers (which by the way is far less than what Telstra have), the speeds suffer.

        Dont sign up to any contracts without seeing for yourself. Get some prepaid cards and take note of mobile broadband performance. Telstra kick the crap out of the others (as much as I hate to say it).

        • That is what I have been telling all along and getting negged for it as well. TPG and virgin, virgin has better data coverage connectivity and speed. voda and crazy johns hell voda has full bar and 850mhz at my home but cj has a patchy 1 bar signal much less 3g.

        • Sorry UFO… but you're wrong there. Optus doesn't sell Virgin bandwidth… Optus OWNS Virgin. Virgin Mobile Australia has been wholly owned by Optus since 2006

        • +1

          Chux, youre right… Optus owns Virgin, but they are still a separate legal entity- ie two distinct businesses.

          Virgin most definitely buys bandwidth from Optus, Virgin doesnt just have blanket coverage of Optus bandwidth. Dont get confused with phone and data reception, I'm talking about data bandwidth. Virgin customers are limited to whatever Optus has provided them, whilst Optus customers have much better performance because they are only limited to hardware constraints not contractual selling of bandwidth between two companies.

        • Well personally I have done fairly extensive testing of this in the past because I'm looking at moving from Optus to Virgin at the end of July and when I've done speed tests using identical phones with both phones sitting next to one another the results have been a few kb difference each way, sometime virgin being a margin quicker. Might just be the case for me in my area… Could be different in more built-up areas. All I know is it's good enough for me not to be concered about loss of speed…

    • +1

      bit of a generalization syswong… speed is gonna be different for everyone and will differ a little phone-to-phone. Don't forget Virgin use the Optus Network for their coverage.

      Personally, I have an iPhone 4 on Optus and the New iPad with a Telstra pre-paid sim in it… and in some places i'll get a better download speed on Optus than i will on dual-channel Telstra NextG

    • +1

      I've gone over my 1.5Gb before, no worries.. did it in a day… ended up being a VERY expensive torrent!

      • +3

        Why were you downloading so much FOSS on your phone?

      • Torrent on your phone?

        Must be you used it as hotspot.

        • I torrent smaller files on my phone. Plenty of apps for it, I just dont want to chew up my allowance like scubacoles did

        • Nope, aTorrent.
          I was going on a road trip direct from work and thought I'd left my mp3 player at home..
          It was all FOSS music that I was downloading of course.
          After finishing downloading, I found my mp3 player in my other pocket!

        • Guess you had to face the music….:)

    • The Optus network is of varying quality depending where you are, I don't have any trouble doing 500Mb in a day.

  • Does this kick in for existing customers on these plans? Or only for new?

    • +1

      as far as i know it's actually a new rate plan… best bet would be call into Virgin Mobile customer service and see what they'll do for you… generally Virgin customer service is pretty good. 1300555100. Give em a buzz and let us know how you go…

      • +1

        Thanks for the number. I just called and this is a promotion and only available for new customers. I asked if he could "do anything for me today" and no joy unfortunately.

        • port out (to Optus) & port back

    • +1

      pretty sure if you call them, they can do the change. I did it once with the advise from allphones.

    • I called them and switched to the plan with a bonus 2GB data, but they would only do it because I am out of contract

  • Anyone know if you can get this if you are already on Big 29?

    Edit: Beaten by Chilled. Same situation.

    • -3

      I have just called them and rep said its only for the new connections. Not for the existing customers. and to upgrade you to the new Big 29 cap will incur cancellation charges on your current plan. Not so happy hearing that..

      • i have edited the post to reflect this. not really valid grounds for neg vote tho… just because it unfortunately doesn't work for existing customers doesn't mean it isn't a good deal for new customers

      • +2

        I was already on the $29 cap with BYO phone, so I pay $19 per month. I just called and said I wanted to disconnect (I'm not in contract) and then reconnect to receive the bonus data. It was done for me in minutes without a problem.

        • +2

          Key here is you aren't in contract. Unfortunately I still am for another six months. Bugger.

          Definitely not grounds for a neg, it's a good deal.

        • +2

          quick question chilled… are you in contract on the Big Plan 29 or 39? if you're on the 29… i don't see why you couldn't call em up and bump up your plan to the Big Plan 39 if you were happy to spend the extra $10 if you really wanted/needed the additional data. don't think they would stop you giving em more money each month :P

        • I'm on the Big29. Yeah that's a very good idea, and one suggested by the operator I spoke to. I'd really don't need to bump it up for calls but I could do with the extra data that's for sure. Might end up doing just that. Thanks.

          Can I do this online or do I need to speak to them directly?

      • Don't deal with the normal operator. I suggest you call them and ask them to transfer you to the loyalty team. They are the ones who can change the deal for you.

    • +1

      Don't deal with the normal operator. I suggest you call them and ask them to transfer you to the loyalty team. They are the ones who can change the deal for you.

      • +4

        direct number for loyalty department is 1300306787 as far as i know…

        • Thanks. Confirming I was on the BYO Big Plan $29 (ie $19 a month) and the loyalty team swapped me over to the new plan, confirming all features the same (no contract, $19 a month etc) except the data is now 2.25 GB :)

          Thanks Chux

  • +1

    Great offer, but unfortunately, City of Boorondara, vic is in the black spot of Optus as they told me, I had tried both TPG and AMAYSIM, no 3G connection during the working hours at all, but weekends and after hours are fine, don't understand why. Then tried the worst net - vodafone as all most everyone said, it is great as Telstra!!! Hope Vodafone will beat Virgin offer soon.

    • ah because bundoora is RMIT/latrobe uni territory = students hammering optus.

      • not bundoora, it is hawthorn, hawthorn east, camberwell, ashburton, glen iris, etc where has bad coverage of 3G by Optus

        • lol whoops - there's swinburne and others near there too though which are tech based uni's?

          just trying to provide an explanation as to why its bad during the day but ok at night.

      • Boorondara isn't bundoora. Boorondara covers from Kew down to Ashburton. I get ok reception around Boorondara on optus, it isn't great indoors but outdoors its fine.

    • Haha same problem here. I live in Ashburton, Amaysim is shithouse for me and vodafone is brilliant reception wise. Although cant say that about my trip to Sydney on the weekend. Still I live here so dont really give a stuff about three days of slower speeds

    • Google "Cell breathing"
      The range of a tower varies according to the number of users connected to it.. more users=less range..
      Yet another reason why Wireless cannot hope to be as good as Fibre in the NBN.

  • I was already on Virgin Fair Go plan paying $19/month, and decided to change to Big BYO29 since it would end up being the same price for more stuff. Can confirm that you can change from Fair Go19 to Big Plan29 without any problems.

    • +1

      In my experience you can always go UP plans with Virgin even whilst under contract…

  • +1

    So when does BONUS 2GB offer ends?

    • as mentioned in the post… the offer goes until 1st of July unless extended. if you sign up by then the bonus data will apply for your contract duration

  • great find, i'm on this plan now and just called to upgrade to the bonus 2Gb. Thanks!

  • so how does this compare to live connected and tpg plans for BYO? My vodaplan is ending soon, but i'm also heading overseas for several months. I know live connected does pausing, what about the other ones? Anyone know?

  • Since they both use the Optus network

    Could someone explain why this over the woolies plan which shows

    5GB data vs this 2.5GB both $29 a month
    45days expiry vs 30 days
    Call rates about the same
    Woolies is split $250/$250 All networks/Optus where as this appears to be $450 all networks

    • +2

      You can get a Galaxy S2 for an extra 5 bucks a month? ($120)

      • +1

        Ok so if I go on contract it maybe better but not if its a byo plan. Edit - saw update - its an extra $10 off a month . now that makes sense although its pretty much the same given 45 days vs 30 days

  • as good as it sounds, im moving away from virgin, their network in my area (Maribyrnong, Highpoint) is absolutely shiet, I often got no reception whatsoever. I know voda is no better but at least it has better reception there.

  • +2

    Excellent! I am already on Big Plan 29 with 200Mb of data, so I called them up and they upgraded me to 2.25Gb plan! The contract expiry date remains the same! Excellent!

    Of course I hardly use about 300Mb of data per month so I need to find ways to increase my data usage. Maybe need to stream more YouTubes etc.

    BTW I called 1300306787 to get the upgrade.

    • Good to hear thanks for reporting.

    • +1

      Can confirm that this works. Thanks ed!

    • i posted the loyalty department number earlier but i'll update the post now since a few people seem to be having results by calling up loyalty compared to regular customer service…

    • Called them, but didn't work for me. I signed up with a Bigcap $39 last Tuesday (22nd May). But they refused to give me the 2.5GB data allowance. Called them twice, once to their normal sales team, and then to their loyalty team. but no luck. I'm little disappointed since I was on a $49 contract with them for 21 months before re-contracting 3 months early (also had to pay remaining handset cost - $50); still they wouldn't let me have this offer for being 6 days late!!!.

  • +2

    Well I rang the 1300555100 again and did a bit of operator shopping and managed to get myself upgraded to the new Big29 plan and I'm still under contract on the Big29 plan! Call cap is pro rated so I only have $110 left to use until the 10th of next month, but no biggie really. Data is not pro rated and changes straight away after I turn my phone off and on.

    Woot! Free upgrade, cost nothing, no cancellation fees and an extra 2Gig data. Very happy :D

    Worth a call guys/gals : )

    • +1

      congrats Chilled. glad it worked out for you in the end…

      • +1

        Thanks for posting so quickly!

  • But you have to sign up to virgin for 2yrs…..they're not virgin by nature ;-)

    • Its a big commitment especially with some of the incredible pre-paid options out there.

    • Only if you want a phone with it is my understanding.

  • Called the loyalty number, been told they're waiting for confirmation from their Sydney office before they will move people on contract. Perhaps they're noticing an influx of calls…

    • sorry virgin, i claim responsibility for you being ozbargined…
      but just think off all the money i have made em today… even from traffic alone…
      they better be sending me a phone or something outta this… :P

    • Someone moved me across just a few seconds ago. Try again and get a different operator who is more helpful?

      • +1

        The difference might be that you're on a BYO plan, I'm not.

  • Thanks for this, blows my old Optus $29 iPhone plan out of the water. Is the $10 off for BYO plans also applied for the life of the plan?

    • +1

      That's what they told me but you should confirm it for yourself too.

  • Getting the message from loyalty that the deal doesn't start until the 1st of June…

  • Currently getting:

    Due to system error we were unable to process your request.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please do try again later.

  • I am currently on the Big Plan 29 and upon seeing this rang the loyalty number, I can confirm they upgraded my plan to the new data download limit, thanks!

  • Thanks a lot. I managed to get free upgraded to 2.5gb data for all my 3 service by speaking to their loyalty team.

    • Guys, be fast! who knows that virgins might change their mind, act now while they are still on!

  • Great find. Managed to get 2gb extra data for free on my existing byo 29 big cap. Everything stays the same, $19 a month, no contract.. but MUCH MORE data :)

  • +1

    My hats off to you Chux… I was planning to get the S2 anyway but waiting cause I thought the S3 coming out would make them do some cool deals.

    This is it!!

  • Hey guys just be wary. If you have recently signed up to a contract with Virgin and switch to this plan you will lose all promotions/discounts just rang and asked as I only signed up with them 2 months ago. Otherwise great deal

  • +2

    I'm not impressed with this. Not worth a neg though.

    I'm with Virgin and am paying $39/mo for $300 of calls and 1.5gb with a phone. Calls have credit rollover of up to one month. Contract is 18 months old, at the time it was the 'high end' SGS1 that came with it.

    The reason I'm not impressed is because virgin DECREASED their internet allowances drastically about a year ago. For example, new users on my plan got stuck with 500mb instead of 1.5gb. Now they are 'increasing' data allowances to where they used to be.

    I know I'll be taking my business away from Virgin when my contract runs out. Unless you get a phone with it, the price is a failure (Look up LiveConnected - roughly similar value at $12/month + $30 joining fee). And if you're getting the phone with virgins plan, it's average.

    PS: I was an existing customer and wanted to sign up for the 3 months free (it's now 2.5 months free, 5 months * 50%) and keep my old number. The customer service rep let me do it, but I had to call back for the first 3 months and get them to zero my bill. Was a LOT of hassle, didn't go smoothly because they stuffed up the customer notes file, didnt process one of the refunds, etc. But I did get there in the end.

    • Yep I agree with you, their data allowances are garbage compared to what they used to be. If you get a 12 month plan data pack you can almost hobble some decent data together but if I can score this off them as an existing customer I'll be happy for another couple of years :)