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Oral-B Professional Care 500 Electric Toothbrush $19.95 (after $30 Cashback) - 80% off RRP


As you may know, Woolies are having 1/2 price sale on Oral-B electric toothbrush range.

So, I went to a local Woolies and grabbed a PROFESSIONAL CARE 500 for $49.95 ($99.95 RRP) to replace my 6-year-old Oral-B electric toothbrush, which wasn't doing a proper job this week.

Until early October, there is a $30 cashback for PROFESSIONAL CARE 500/1000/3000. Here is the URL for the redemption form:


Paid with my WISH gift card for an additional saving of $2.50.

I got a $100 electric brush for $17.45. Yay!

Might be a good idea to grab Precision Clean 5-pack refills as well for $18.49/ea.

Additional Info

A similar deal has been posted today (5 June 2012) with the following info:

Oral-B CrossAction Power - 50% off $7.69 @ Woolworths

Saw these at woolies today. They aren't in the catalogue or online.


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  • +6 votes

    Good value, but it's not a $100 brush.

  • this is an exceptional value. thanks op. great first post.

  • are the sensitive refills more or less expensive than precision refills?

  • All sold out in Woolies Mordialloc. Good find OP

  • how to get additional saving of $2.50 by using wish giftcard?by purchase online or in store

  • I purchased the oral B PC or personal care 500 from ebay for $19.95 plus postage from the UK, I need it as a replacement for my unit with the what I call pressure wash facility and in Australia the cheapest I could find was $80 at Billy Guyatts in Vic so I agree it is not or should not be $100 in Australia so that's a great deal and I will try and but one as a spare… Thanks

  • According to the Oral b site, there isn't much difference between the bottom end and top end that I can see. The lowest model cleans teeth, this one has more modes and the top end adds user feedback. Wow! If it wasn't for the outright savings through the cashback and half price special, is there be any compelling reason to get anything but the basic model?

    See http://www.oralb.com.au/products/electric-toothbrush/

    • I have had my oral B PC 500 for over 15 years and since I had it my dentist thinks its great, he was the one that recommended it. I note that the different models offer different speeds and pulsing, to what benefit I do not know as my dentist thinks my teeth are great since I have had the older PC 500 at half the rotations of the 3000 model.

      Now I have severe arthritis I find even more important in my daily oral hygiene as it is much easier than a manual toothbrush. So in the end I think whether is an Oral B 500 or a 1000 I think they all work well excluding the Oral B vitality that I bought once to travel overseas, it was less than half the weight of the 500, if you put pressure on it, well it stopped, did not hold a charge like my 500 model that lasts on one charge 30 days+ and well the vitality model just stopped working after 6 months :(

      • That's because Professional Care comes with a better NiMH battery. Vitality comes with a NiCd. NiCd doesn't mean it's bad. However, if you keep charging partially discharged NiCd batteries as many do with these electric brushes, you will notice the memory effect within a few months.

        My wife and I had two Oral-Bs with a NiCd battery; we bought two in order to alternate and discharge as much as possible before recharging. Even with full discharge-recharge cycles, they lasted probably three years. On the other hand, our last Oral-B with a NiMH battery lasted six years (over 2000 cycles) before the battery charge became an issue.

        • My PC 500 lasted 15 years and the only reason I replaced was because of multiple floor bruising

    • i've already got a vitality but i don't see any advantage in buying a professional care 500. it's been going fine for a year or two now.

      if you put pressure on it, well it stopped,

      brushing is supposed to be gentle, otherwise your gums will receed

      • I use Vitality but they only last a few years before the battery becomes really bad

    • The top end (Triumph and Professional Care) brushes oscillate faster, and clean better than the bottom end (Vitality).

  • Thanks op, excellent first post !! Bought 2 for family.

  • Gr……!!!!haha….I bought two bottom range oralB brush, which is $19.95 each, and I have opened both, now I saw this deal!!!! Can I return these two to them (oralB) with 30 days money back policy??? Haha….and get this one!!!

    • That is what I am thinking! You can return ('must be sent in the original packaging' with receipt) as long as postmarked within 30 days of purchase. But the postage on 300g + packaging will cost me 1/3 cost of brush. Still, with a better battery & longer life of this one, it would be worth it. Off to Woolies!

      There is also… Oral-B 180 Day Trial Offer
      only applies to the following products, which must be purchased on or
      between 1st February 2012 to 31st January 2013: Vitality range, Professional Care 500, 1000, 3000, 3000 Dual Handle, 4000, Triumph IQ5000, Triumph IQ5000 Dual Handle, Sonic Complete
      2 & 3 and Pulsonic.
      2. Refund via Citibank Giftcard will only be provided once the Promoter receives: (1) the Product (2) the original purchase receipt; (3) the original barcode; and (4) the completed coupon attached to these terms and conditions.
      3. Refund does not include postage costs for the return of the Product.

    • Tried my luck & returned Vitality to Target (bought 9/5) - showed the 30 day money back offer, & got $20 refund! As I got 10% off this deal with Rewards card - came out ahead with a better brush.

  • Woolies at QV Melbourne is sold out of all Oral B electric toothbrushes.
    The Carlton store has 1 left of the 500 model when I left there at 11pm tonight.

    • +1 vote

      Back in stock, just asked them to go out the back and get them for me!

  • Reckon they can do a raincheck if the store is sold out.

  • 1 left at Melbourne's Forest Hill Woolies.

  • Good deal, but I just bought a Braun Oral-B Advanced Power 400 for $20.
    Its the same brush but takes 2xAA batteries which I prefer.

    But for the price of this deal, after cash back its a really good deal.

  • Can you use regular Oral-B brush heads on the Professional Care 500, or do they need to be Precision Clean refills?

  • For those who are still out and hunting but could not locate one in your local store, it might be a good idea to get it from woolworth online but it comes at an extra $13.00 for delivery

    • or you can pickup for free at selected stores only like Bellavista, Prospect etc in NSW.

  • Woolworths are seling the PROFESSIONAL CARE "5000" for $49.95, not the "PROFESSIONAL CARE 500 for $49.95"
    The cashback offer is valid on the 500 and NOT on the 5000 model.
    correct me if I'm wrong, because I bought two today @$49.95 (down from $99) only to realize I cant get cashback.

    • I should also add that Woolworths QV Melbourne CBD have stock of all toothbrushes and heads, I had to ask them to go out the back and get more stock, which they were happy to do!

    • The Professional Care 5000 is a typo on the online shop, if you click on the product pic, it says 500 on the packaging.

    • Hmmm, on the Woolworths online shop, product description is: Oral B Profesional Care Toothbrush Electric Power 5000, but the photo shows Oral-B Professional Care 500

      • +4 votes

        Ok, So I called Oral-B, and it is a 500 model I bought, the only 5000 model is Triumph.
        Cashback $30 in the form of a prepaid VISA which can be cashed out Citibank, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne and bank SA ATM'S.

        Great Post OP! Thanks!


    • It's definately the PC 500 that Woolies is selling.

      Typo in Woolies' advertising/database.

      I got one from Woolies Westfield Liverpool. There were 3 remaining on the shelf.


  • For multiple purchases, do they have to be on seperate reciepts?
    Also, any one know of the Triumph ones on sale anywhere?

  • …..sorry for my lame comment - but seriously I can get my teeth clean to an extent that my dentist think/ believe that I have healthy teeth by simply using a 2 dollars brush since so many years….The trick is only to brush twice ( before and after the bedtime)daily…..Why spend more if its just a simple practice….

    …just my 2c.

    • I find the smaller head of an electric gets to the very back of the back teeth where the manual brush can't. The manual brush has longer and stiffer bristles. I use both. I also recommend a waterpik.

  • OP - can you confirm that what ozy is saying is correct, in that Woolworths aren't selling the 500, only the 5000, which you cannot get cash for?

  • Woolworths is selling the 500, but it's coming up as 5000 on the receipt (for me anyway). So everyone that has bought one, do check that.

    I rang up to double check (they're probably sick of OzBargainers calls by now!), and they said just to note it down on the receipt.

  • Photo
    Glen Waverley's all out. I got the last one.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks for posting.
    Still few availabe in woolworths marayong..

  • Woolworth emerton has some. Not on the shelf though. Ask the staff. Got 2 for myself. Says 500 on packaging but has 5000 on receipt.

    • +1 vote

      Isn't this going to be a problemwhen we try to claim cashback?

  • Thanks OP :D

    Still 6 left in Wagga this morning if anyone is out that way.



  • thanks. just got 3 from Baulkham Hills (on seperate reciepts!). btw, there are > 6 on the shelf.

  • damn u ozbargain!
    and here I was happy to have picked up the last vitality toothbrush last night at my local woolies for $20 :/

    • here I was happy to have picked up the last vitality toothbrush last night at my local woolies for $20 :/

      That is still a great deal…I paid $29 at The Good Guys 3 weeks back.

      Got my Woolies printout now though - 120% cashback (and after using TGG gift cards) makes it $12.40 :)

      Edit: Actually, for those with gift cards, price matching at TGG would make the PC 500 $10.

  • A few of these are now listed on ebay. Does that mean they r claiming the cashback and selling the product…

  • also 3pk sensitive refills @ $12 = $4 each

  • Where do you get the gift cards?

  • I have photocopied the front of the packaging which shows Oral B 500 and will send that in with the receipt to ensure there is no confusion that I bought the 500 model not the 5000 model.

  • Awesome post! Did not think that Woolies sold the 500 Models at all, would have happily paid 59 with the cashback.

  • For those in Sydney west and north west Woolies Toongabbie have stock of the 500 and also Baulkham Hills are getting new stock of the 500 tonight. All the woolies I called only stocked the models up to the 500 the more expensive ones they do not stock at all

  • Thinking of replacing my vitality twin pack - is there any problem with charging these Professional Care models on the Vitality charger base? Will they even fit?

    • +1 vote

      will fit & work

      • For anyone wondering, it was in fact not compatible (different shape on base of handle). Not to worry, just wont have the convenience of the double charger with one power plug.

  • Plenty in stock at Dandenong Plaza Vic

  • Bought the last one at our local store and yeah the receipt says 50001PK, so I wrote "It is 500 x 01PK not 5000" on the photocopied receipt.

  • thanks OP - bought 2 X 500's last night (his and hers :P)- now the admin pain of dealing with redemption cashback form (all part of basic training for an ozbargainer…)

  • All Oral B products are half price at the moment including replacement brush heads. I bought The Vitality model yesterday for $19.95-Personally I think the speed of the 500 is a bit too fast. I reckon it could take your lip off if you accidently missed your teeth!(They had Demo models in the store)

  • Availability, in Melbourne??

    I tried my local woolies, and all out of stock.

    Anyone tried rain-checking it?

    • Was able to get a raincheck for this. Tried Ringwood, Croydon, Blackburn (Canterbury Rd) — all sold out.

  • sold out at my woolies

  • Just a tip for those out there got one of these plus 3 packs of 5 refills and used my everyday rewards card for an extra $10 off.

    Not sure if it is because i got all this oral b stuff or if it is because i spent over $100 but a handy extra $10.


    • Most likely you had got a personalised (exclusive) offer email from everyday rewards earlier this week. They send us various offers depending our circumstances (style of shopping)

      • I have 2 cards, and got 2 different offers - 10% off & double points. You did not have to activate the offer - was applied automatically. Used the one with 10% off to bring the price down to $15 after cashback, and saved on the week's shopping. So guess treeman got the 10% off offer.

  • Just doing the cashback form and wondering where you get the receipt number from???


  • I have a raincheck for 2x pro 500 for woolies in Melb QV if anyone wants it. I managed to get mine elsewhere.

  • If you're interested in knowing the differences between the toothbrushes.

    Vitality - 7600 oscillations/min
    Professional Care 500 - 7600 oscillations/min, 20000 pulsations/min
    Professional Care 1000+/Triumph - 8800 oscillations/min, 40000 pulsations/min

    I found mine on the second Woolworth I visited, first one wouldn't let me get a rain check though. Combined with the everyday rewards card (I got 10% off) this makes it $14.95!!!! Extremely happy!

  • My local woolies had one Professional Care 5000 and 2 Professional Care 500s.
    My wife bought all three and they both came up the same on the docket (50001PK).
    The Professional Care 5000 is not labelled as Triump as mentioned earlier.
    I'm not sure if the 5000 is any better or worse than the 500,does anybody know?

    • what colour is the 5000? I didn't know woolworths stock the 5000, which woolies was it? The 5000 is top of the line with more brush modes and higher oscillations/pulsations. Could you post a pic of the package for the 5000?

    • Hey, in that case, your wife may want to go back to return the toothbrushes ASAP before the promotion ends.
      She would also want to buy them back in the following transaction, but separately.

      Condition No.10
      Multiple entries permitted, subject to the following: (a) only one (1) entry permitted per specified purchase requirement; (b) each entry must be submitted separately and can be verified by a separate proof of purchase and in accordance with entry requirements; and (c); maximum of five (5) entries per household is permitted.

      From this, it looks like you might not even be able to submit all the receipts together in one envelope. Forcing you to fork out the extra 60c/stamp :P

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