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LiFePO4 Marine Battery 24V 100Ah or 12V 200Ah $1290 ($100 off) & Free LED Strip Light & Free Shipping @ Big Wei Battery


GET $100 OFF & A Free LED Strip Light by using coupon: BWBJULY2022


Class-A GFB Prismatic Cell (Brand New cells is guaranteed)

Rated capacity: 200Ah for P12200 / 100Ah for P24100

MAX. Charge & Discharge Current: 200A (30mins) for P12200 / 100A (30mins) for P24100

Standard Charge & Discharge current: 100A for P12200 / 50A for P24100

High Current Posts & M8 Conversion Terminal

BWB LiFePO4 Battery Model: P12200 / P24100

Warranty: 3 years (Lifetime Free Service)

Weight: 23KG

Dimensions: 52.5 x 23 x 21.8cm

Pickup is available at Big Wei Battery located at Unit4/17 Moss St, Slacks Creek, 4127

free led light will be this one: https://www.bigweibattery.com.au/product/led-strip-lights-12...

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  • Any deals on 12v 100ah?

    • Coupon code:obss12100n70

      Thank you

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        What does large trashed mean?

        • I thought the same lol

      • How many cycles at 80% DOD?
        2000, 4000?

        • In a Electrical Vehicle it is upto 3000 cycles, For energy storage system use it is upto 8000 cycles.

          • @BigweiBattery: Was about to purchase but
            Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
            Standard Continuous Discharge Current 50A

            I would expect at least continuous 100a for this price

            • @teacherer: we use DALY 24V 8S100A Smart BMS inside. It can discharge 100A continuously for 30mins.

              • @BigweiBattery: Could it take a 700w inverter with a peak of 1200w?

                • @teacherer: 600w loads with a peak of 1200w will be fine

                  • @BigweiBattery: Do you manufacture these at your slacks Creek warehouse?
                    Will it work okay with my 5amp 9 stage projecta charger for its first charge?
                    This has Bluetooth monitoring? I see 'Bluetooth capable'?
                    Where is the spec sheet?
                    Going to pull the trigger depending.

                    Thanks heaps

                    • @teacherer: yes, we have a workshop here. All these batteries are designed and made in Australia. You may come to visit our shop, we would like to show you how we make our BWB battery.
                      Or just take a look at this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbkD_AtQX5o&t=727s

                      Regarding the charger, it will work as long as it is a lithium-compatible charger.

                      Thank you

                      • @BigweiBattery: If it has agm setting, is that good enough for 97% charged?
                        This has Bluetooth monitoring? I see 'Bluetooth capable', does that come included?
                        Where is the spec sheet?

                        • +1

                          @teacherer: different chargers may work in different ways, using an AGM charger to charge lithium batteries is not recommended. It's hard to tell is it good enough for 97% charged. Yes, you can choose Bluetooth version or non-bluetooth version, the price difference will be $60. The Bluetooth can help you to monitor the status of the battery from your mobile phone. More specs is on our website.
                          Thank you

                      • @BigweiBattery: I didn’t know anyone was making prismatic cells in Australia? Perhaps you mean assembled from Chinese components?

  • Anything on a non marine battery?

  • Would these have the cca/mca to crack up a mercury 150 engine?

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      Only designed for deepcycle use. We dont recommend using this battery for Cranking purposes as it might damage the BMS with over current

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