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30L Rovin Portable Fridge/Freezer $169 Shipped ($164 with Targeted eBay Plus Coupon) @ Jaycar via eBay


Excellent price for good portable fridge/freezer, I purchased when $220 and was great price then.
Maybe targeted coupon
Plus get $15.00 off your purchase of AU $150.00 or more for eBay plus members
Shop the eBay Mid-Year EOFY Sale and receive a $15 voucher

Original Coupon Deal

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    I tried to post this deal this morning but it wouldnt let me, said it was a repost. Never mind.

    $169 with SNSJULY ebay coupon for non-Plused members

    It's not an Engel (as Engel owners always chip in) but also doesn't cost $1200. It's a smaller fridge with the compressor in an odd position at the top of the box, but they dont come much cheaper and with a 24 months warranty from Jaycar, which has stores all over Australia.

    • thks for voucher

    • This deal would have triggered it. Would have been fine to share as the price is now lower :)

    • I see it states :
      Jaycar warranty period is 3 months from the date of purchase.
      Where does it says 24 months warranty ?

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    Good price, but 30L isn't very big. Wouldn't be good for camping trips unless it's just yourself.

    Also not a fan of Jaycar and their business practices, so wouldn't buy from them anyway.

    • Can you clarify RE your second sentence?

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        Jaycar stole the IP of an Australian entrepreneur whose product they had been previously selling, dropping his product to sell a home-branded copy that went as far as copying the guide he included with the kit.…

        • +4


          I will never forget this story. Absolutely shonky.

        • +10

          Thx, ditching them from this point onwards.

        • +4

          Thanks for posting this. Had no idea. Won't shop there again. Will make sure to buy from freetronics if I ever need that sort of stuff, and I'll happily pay more for it.

        • That is screwed up. Thanks for sharing

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          Cheers kapone, keep up the good work! Needed a reason to not buy this.

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          Have they ever responded to this?

          • +1

            @Solario31: Not sure if there was ever an official response, but they discontinued the product (but didn't pull the product off shelves, so still continued to profit off of it).

            It's been replaced by a similar kit, with a completely different manual (not a rip off of the Freetronics one) and completely different packaging (because again, they even ripped that off of the Freetronics kit).

            More info from the owner of Freetronics and the creator of the kit here

        • Wow. Thanks for this.

        • +1

          Another thanks. Time to unsub from their email list.

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          Wow, I didn't know about this either. Thank you for informing us. I thought Jaycar is a trustworthy Aussie company, why do they behave like this? All these years many have accused China for copying other countries' intellectual properties, so this just makes us Aussie look like hypocrite.

        • OOOF. Feelsbadman

        • The former owner of Jaycar that was behind this theft became ill and died last year.

        • -2

          I can't believe that someone can do this in Australia. In China, India or any third-world country - I would believe. But I am so sad it is possible in Australia.

    • +5

      Would never had known about this - thanks. I do not think I will be spending my electronics budget at Jaycar any more.

    • +5

      the fact u showed me this, i'm not purchasing anything from jaycar again. Ebay is far cheaper anyway.

    • +2

      Thanks for sharing, now going to avoid giving them any business.

  • Our communal fridge at work is always jam packed - was thinking about something like this to put under my desk in my office. Can probably get a bar fridge for as cheap but this takes up a lot less space.

    • +1

      Great idea. Add a microwave too. Communal kitchens in offices are always gross.

      • If your work has had the same microwave for a while have a look at the roof of the microwave, ours was melted in and rotting.

    • +1

      Get a 43l bar fridge. This one from Kogan is good value at $159 but preorder only.

      Otherwise you can often score some good working ones from marketplace.

  • Cheers, grabbed one.

  • Good for summer 2023!

  • You can get 40lt and 50lt versions for just a bit more $$ on special also.

    • I see the 40 litre but only for exxy prices. Link?

      • +1

        jaycar website, not ebay

    • i also looked at the specification.
      looks like the 40L and 50L have much more efficient compressor that runs at 45W instead of 60W.

      Might be worthwhile upgrading to the 40L or 50L if power is an issue in your setup.

      • Yes, I saw that too but wondered it it was correct or not. It seems a little strange that the smaller fridge uses more power than its larger brothers. The housing looks the same from the outside. Anything is possible, I suppose

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    At first glance, I thought it’s a printer deal.

  • -2

    Does this have google assistant?

    • Nah, but some of their models have a phone App for setting temp

  • Geeze this is cheap for a compressor fridge. Grabbed one thanks.

  • As somebody who likes hot foods, does anyone have recommendations on an electric hot pack to keep food warm?

    • -3

      I recommend the airport runways in Europe in recent days.
      Extra large space for you to cook or re-heat whatever you want including yourself.
      Best Teppanyaki! lol

  • Got one thanks, for around $150 I’m sure it would be good for a couple of camping trips 👍

  • How much for removable battery as it is NOT included?

    • +2

      More than the cost of the fridge, basically, depending on which battery you buy.

    • +1

      $79 for 5.2ah, $129 for 7.8ah and $229 for 15.6ah

      • +1

        Fridge runs from 12V to 24V, so you can just use any power tool battery to power it up if you know how to wire it up.
        Keep in mind this draws 60Watt when the compressor is full throttle so that would be ~4A/hour at 14.4V (lipo in 4s configuration), obviously if its already cool, it would be throttling so you' most probably get a couple of hours with the smallest battery pack.

    • +4

      You would probably be better served by buying a generic 12v that can power anything.

      • +1

        when it cost $229 for 15.6A, you might as well by one of those ebay lifepo4 100Amp batteries for $300-400.
        Much more value for money.

  • +5

    Good this is electric..
    Don't buy a LPG camping fridge and keep it inside your tent. Many people have never woken up..

    Died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Is it tall enough for milk or a beer bottle to stand up?

    Definitely can't get much under the compressor part (which is inside, at the top of one side).

  • sold out already ….

  • They look very similar to the Brass Monkey fridge/freezers, seems like they would take a similar battery. The compressor at the top I have heard is considered good for beach use, better than similar products with the compressor down the bottom of the unit due to the compressor air holes and sand etc.

  • What compressor does this sport? Secop, Danfoss, LG, China brand?

  • Anyone know which courier Jaycar uses? They gave a tracking number last week but no results with Australia Post.

    • +1

      Try putting it directly into their site:

    • Hi, if you don't mind me asking, how long did you get your package (portable fridge)/delivered from jaycar?

      I ordered from 2nd of August, just now contacted customer service and they gave me untracked able tracking number.


  • +1

    If anyone is interested, I bought one of these last week and was it delivered in four days Syd>Melb but alas it was DOA. The electrical panel worked but the compressor just refused to start up. I contacted the seller about fixing it or taking it to a Jaycar store, they just sent me a return post label. So I posted it back free from my local Aust Post agency and I'm awaiting a refund.

    Now it's out of stock, though not sure I'd buy another one anyway. It was a good size for a car fridge, fitted easily in my Camry boot or on the back seat, but even though my experience may just be luck of the draw, it doesn't augur well for reliability.

    • If you don't mind me asking, when the fridge came , did you let it sit up for 12/24 hour before you plugged it into power?

      • Sure did. I read the manual, which said to leave it for six hours before first power up, so I unpacked it, measured it up (only 28L not 30L) and worked out what I could fit in it, but didn't power it up until the next day. Plugged it into 240V, set it to 2 degrees and waited. Nothing. Tried all the settings, DC, even a solar panel. The compressor just wouldn't kick over. Left it another 24 hours and tried again, hoping that might reset it. Nada. This thing was dead.

        • Which page does it say that on? I skimmed through but couldnt see that and only waited a few hours.

          • +1

            @ricerocket: Under Safety p4: "The product can be powered on only after being unpacked and put on a flat level surface for over 6 hours".

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