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Crucial M4 512GB from Crucial for USD $464 Delivered


the 512gb has hit a new low.

you can get it at USD464 delivered ($439+$25) direct from crucial.com

Mod: removed amazon link as it is not available to Australia.

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    That's no doubt an awesome price. I recently got the 256 $200 from the last deal and after installing everything besides music and pictures I've only used 100gb.

    For those of you wondering what to install and what to leave out: I originally just put the system files and application files (I'm on a mac) so I left the home directory off. I wasn't impressed with the speed. The 2nd time I installed everything except the music and the pictures. It's now fast as.

    If you've been on the fence, get one. The speed is truly as good as everyone raves about!


      $200 for a 256 - where? I'm keen!

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    Forwarding delivery? I hope you don't mean a third party mail forwarder, they have been known to hold items hostage to extract extra hidden fees before forwarding, and you're going to have a nightmare claiming warranty because some of them hold on to your original receipt, requiring you to claim warranty through them (with a fee of course).

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      it depends on which service you choose i think.
      thus i mentioned the 2nd link of buying via crucial.com direct.


    Update the firmware and make sure all windows updates are installed. I had speed issues but that seemed to fix it. Most probably the firmware update.

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    And here's me with only one kidney left. Damn you!


    Doesn't using a forwarding service make warranty very painful?

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    meh, wait another month or two and it will be even cheaper http://camelcamelcamel.com/Crucial-2-5-Inch-Solid-State-CT51...

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      Wait 3 or 4 months and it will be cheaper again.
      Wait a few years and it will be really cheap!


    Buy.com has it for $399 + post as well (mail forwarder required), so looks like the wholesale price on these must've dropped.


    anyone found a good deal delivered on the sandisk 120GB? MSY were out of stock, PC case gear were around $137 delivered

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    Go to the crucial site via retailmenot and get 5% off


    Makes 512 US$418 , 256 US$220 , 128 US$126


    Anyone following this, the price has dropped again, I just got the 512Gb version with the laptop transfer kit for $440 (UPS Express International P1) shipped to Aus, great deal!

    (EDIT: I tried all the retailmenot codes and none of them worked, best I could get was $440 shipped, can't complain)