IKEA Hotdog $1.50 Vs Costco $1.99 Hotdog & Soda Vs Bunnings $3.50

I was traveling yesterday looking for tasty, value-for-money hotdogs for a lunch-date and came up with 3 options:
Costco $1.99 Dog & Soda: Largest portion size compared to other options, but restricted to members
Bunnings $3.50 Hotdog in homebrand bread: Supermarket sausage in supermarket bread
Ikea $1.50 Hotdog in gourmet roll: Unlimited sauce and mustard, tiny bun

What do you guys rate any why?

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  • 10
    Ikea $1.50 Hotdog
  • 109
    Costco $1.99 Hotdog & Soda
  • 9
    Bunnings $3.50
  • 6
    Why do all hot dogs look alike? Because they are in bread

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  • What makes the IKEA roll 'gourmet'?

    • +1

      The roll is in the shape of a mini AFL football.

    • It’s a sweeter roll and very fluffy/soft. The IKEA mustard is very good as well.

  • I ended up going to Ikea. Purchased a hotdog and put a heap of sauce and mustard. Because both condiments were thick you could add a tonne without it dripping. If I was a Costco member I would have gone there.

    • +16

      OzB forum posters are truly a special kind.

      • +2

        It's not just the poster… The comments too.

    • +3

      Was she impressed?

      • +3

        Was she ever. We rarely go out these days, and one of her favorite things in life is Ikea Hotdogs. On the way out she said 'Maybe I should have another',
        but decided against it as we also purchased the 480g bag of Daim mini chocolates.

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      FYI don't need to be a Costco member to buy from the food court outside. At least not the one in Lidcombe. There's even self service screens to put your order through yourself.

      • +1

        Sometimes ive been asked for membership to get into the food area (but only on very few occasions). Just depends on the person you go past.

        Maybe just pretend like youre going to the service desk then keep walking?

      • +3

        Not sure of at the moment, but during Covid my local one changed to make you go through the main entrance (where they check IDs) and past the checkouts to get to the foodcourt. Only reason to go enter through the exit was to get a membership card.

      • most Costco food court doesn't require membership card, and it's almost always behind the service desk so you can always said to the staff on entrance to go in and buy a membership and walk out with the hotdog. But whilst their hotdog is nutritionally most fulfilling, it's the most bland of the three.

        • Bland? are you adding the mustard, ketchup, onion and gherkin relish to your hotdog?

  • +4

    Costco $1.99 Dog & Soda: Largest portion size compared to other options, but restricted to members

    pretty sure non members can walk into the Costco food court area and buy
    in fact there is a separate payment kiosk in the food court and you do not have to show your membership card

    • +2

      Last time I went to Costco (I'm a member) they wouldn't even let me take my 4 year old through the door to the food court so he could use the toilet. Told me I had to go into the main entrance and through the store first.

      • +1

        The costco i go to is usually busy
        If ever i am stopped (hasnt happened yet) I will tell them I am going to ask about a membership- they cannot stop me from joining can they?

        Once inside I walk straight to the food court

        At the peak of covid they did check on memberships to enter the seated area of the food court but not the purchase area

  • I must be the only one but I like the Bunnings snag on a crusty roll.

    • +3

      Bunnings snag

      Did you know there is no such thing as a 'Bunnings' snag? The charities running the BBQ supply all their own ingredients, from wherever they want, but it a butcher, bakery or just a supermarket - each week you willl get a different product. This is Vic.

      • That being said, I’ve been going to the same Bunnings for sausage sizzle for maybe at least the last 5 years or so… and I don’t know if I can really tell the difference week to week - maybe I just like Heinz tomato sauce? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • never had any bunnings snags servved on a crusty roll, always had the sad sweet colesworth hotdog rolls at most bunnings I ve eaten at

  • +6

    The only thing that makes Costco dogs better is that onion grinding machine.

    • +6

      Except half the time it's empty.

    • Hell no, that thing absolutely stinks.

  • +1

    Reeeeeeeee! A sausage in bread isn’t a hotdog!

    I’ve never been to Costco

  • +1

    How much is your time worth, unless you live next to Ikea/Costco, etc.

    If not, why the f would you go in just to buy hotdogs.

  • +6

    Bunnings $3.50 Hotdog in homebrand bread

    This is not a hotdog

  • -1

    Bunnings usually do sausages on a loaf of bread in Newcastle. :(

  • +2

    Bunnings the money goes to charity or some local club.

  • Hi-5! Five in the air, Let's do it together…
    Good points, and the people serving are always nice because they volunteered for the day and are in it for the good times. You need to +1 for Bunnings for your vote to count.

  • Mr Onion Peeler would have had a field day with this post …….. perhaps one of the other personas can chime in?

  • +2

    If you can hire a costco electric cart and zoom over to the concession stand, you can really feel like an obese US citizen.

  • Bunnings here never or seldom use a “supermarket sausages” in their sausage sizzles. I can’t eat the coles/woolies brand “sausage” they always taste horrible. I can definitely taste the difference. Its always in hot dogs rolls and those are also probably not from the supermarkets.

    A sausage sizzle is totally different to a hot dog, so you can’t compare sausage sizzles to hot dogs. Hot dogs are made with frankfurts and sausage sizzles are made with beef sausages.

    I have never tried a costco hot dog (never been to a store). I assume its a hot dog?

    • Costco's is just one oversized frankfurt, which is the most boring sausage ever.

  • +1

    Ikea only have Mini hot dog size.

  • +2

    Costco hotdog is available to public for Costco Lidcombe (NSW) as the canteen is outside the member area. Something about relish pickle sauce, chopped raw onions and mustard makes a really tasty combo. Not to mention the drink is free to refill. What a value for $2

  • +2

    Costco sausage is a minimum 1/4 pound. These are proper American hotdogs.
    At $2 they are a steal - makes me feel better after I've just spent $500 impulse buying in their store…

  • It's a bit rough to compare the Bunnings snag with hotdogs from Ikea and Costco.

    1. Bunnings does sausages, not frankfurts or brats.
    2. All profits from the Bunnings sausage goes to the charity who does the cooking.
  • Bunnings for me.
    It’s a traditional snag for starters.
    It gives me an excuse to go to Bunnings.

    More importantly the proceeds go to local sporting clubs, etc, who staff and run the stall. It’s an important fundraiser for clubs to keep doing what they do for our kids and communities.

  • +3

    Costco for the win. The gift that keeps on giving. Hotdog burps for hours.

  • +2

    smoky flavour of the costco hot dog is excellent, pickle relish as well.

  • +2

    Costco Hotdog Hack:

    Sign up to Costco for one year, if you use the benefits, great. Bonus points if you get two cards, then cancel a week later for a full refund while also keeping one of the cards.
    Never renew and keep using the card to walk in just for the food forever more.

    Consider it an investment in cheap hotdogs :P

  • +1

    If you are in IKEA why aren’t you eating the meatballs?

    • +1

      The price is a bit steep.

      • +1

        Bang for buck. You get veggies and gravy as well :)

    • depending on which part of the world you were in, you could have tasted horse meat https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/25/172869585/ho…

      • +1

        In the UK they had a meat substitute scandal where horse meat was found in lasagnes in stores like Tesco. They found the remains of Richard the III in a car park near a Tescos. One of the UK comedians quipped that Richard the III had, finally, found that horse he was looking for.

  • +1

    IKEA has amazing mustard. But you can actually just buy it and bring it to Costco.

  • +3

    Say what you want about costco as a supermarket the food they sell at the food court is decent and very much value for money

  • +1

    The Costco frankfurts are available in a pack of @ 15 in their Frozen section.

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