expired Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for £15.94 (~AUD $25.30) at The Hut

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for £15.94 (~AUD $25.30) at The HutAffiliate

The Hut has the Ultimate Edition of Fallout New Vegas (which has all released DLC's for the game, including the Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Courier's Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal add-on packs) for ~$25.30 shipped. Seems like a great deal given how much the DLC's cost on their own.

Edit: This is for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC version is ~$22. Thanks to Snuke for providing a link below to all the different versions available.

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    Link for all platforms

    PC is £12.95
    Consoles £14.95


      FYI: The PC version requires, and activates on, Steam.


    thanks, got the PS3 version. been waiting a while for the price to come down.

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    If total is over 60 pounds use JUBILEE for 6 pounds off. I just bought 3 games and a pair of shorts for under $100AUD.


      Thanks saved me $10